Kenyan celebrities who have survived road accidents in the past

Road accidents have taken some of the best celebrities and public figures. However, some were able to pull through and survive the ordeal.

1.Betty Kyalo


Former KTN TV presenter Betty was once involved in a grisly accident in CBD Nairobi. The accident saw her spent two months in hospital as she also got hurt on her face and neck.

One thing for sure it was a miracle.

2. Nameless


Well known musician nameless got involved in an accident with his best friend E-sir. Unfortunately E-sir didn’t survive. However, Nameless lived to tell the tale.

3. Bien


Even though most people may not know this, Bien was involved in a car accident whereby he was hit by a bus. He got bad injuries from it but was able to make it through and now him and the Sauti sol members are one of the most loved musician groups in Africa.

4. Linus Kaikai


When four Nation media group members had an accident in Mai mahiu- Narok road Linus was among them.

Even though they got hospitalized he was able to pull through and even got back to his feet.

5. Lulu Hassan


Citizen Tv presenter Lulu was also involved in a road accident which made her end up in hospital with an injured leg.

She pulled through it and got back to work after and is one of the best Swahili anchors in Citizen TV.

6. Wangechi


Kenyan rapper Wangechi was also involved in a road accident with her best friend. She survived but unfortunately her best friends died.

It was a great blow for her having to mourn her best friend and at the same time nursing her injuries.


Photo Credits: Instagram

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