Kenyan Footballer Allan Wanga’s message of never giving up will inspire you

Kenyan footballer Allan Wanga made his appearance in the Kenya Premier league for AFC in 2012, after having played for HAGL striker in Vietnam. He stayed with the club up until 2014, when his desire to be the best at the sport pushed him to Sudan, where he horned his skills upto 2015.

Later that year he moved once again to Tanzania, until sometime last year, when he returned to Kenya to play for Tusker FC, where he helped the team to carry the league.

Allan Wanga ajiunga na Azam ya Tanzania

His effort saw him crowned the player of the month for August and September 2016.

Allan Wanga, Lloyd Wahome Bag Player Of The Month Awards


He accomplished his mission in Tusker FC by scoring 13 goals proving to his coach he was a sportsman to reckon with. He has been a source of inspiration for many youth including his peers who have attempted to imitate his style of playing.

Wanga has never given up on his ambition, which should serve as an inspiration to  many Kenyan youth who also have a vision to become a sports athlete.

This is what he says about not giving up. He posted the following moving message on his social media.





Photo Credits: instagram

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