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KICHAPO CHA UMBWA: Matatu Tout Gets a Thorough BEATING From His Supervisor For Showing Up To Work Super DRUNK (VIDEO)

A Kenyan matatu conductor faced the wrath of his boss for coming to work drunk, and to make it worse, it was early in the morning, when everyone is supposed to be sober more so with his kind of job.

If you have ever encountered a drunk tout you know how annoying it can be especially if he comes and leans in front of you with that filthy alcohol breath coming out of his mouth.

From the video which has surfaced online, the bus conductor is continuously assaulted by his supervisor because of his misconduct, as he staggers in what looks like a bus terminus, in his full official uniform.

Surprisingly, the tout does not defend himself in any way even as the supervisor takes off his belt and thoroughly beats him up, repeating this question; “Kwanini unakunywa pombe mchana?” (Why are you drinking alcohol during the day?)

At some point, the angry boss tries to get him to enter a Probox that has been parked there, but the drunk man is so wasted that he falls down on the ground, as the supervisor continues with his flogging and kicks.

The man shooting the video then urges the irritated man, by the name Munene, to stop with the battering, as the tout looked really weak. Well, watch the video for yourself below, this man is one who doesn’t play around with his work.

Well, watch the video for yourself below, this is a man who doesn’t play around with his work.


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