Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru shows Kenyans how to move their waist

A video clip of Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru dancing has excited Kenyans on Twitter.

The clip of Waiguru together with other county officials was recorded during the launch of a market in the county.

Kirinyaga Aspiring Governor Anne Waiguru. /FILE

Kenyans on Twitter were stunned by Waiguru’s moves.

“Kirinyaga Got Talent!! DG, MCAs and I got to dust off our dancing skills with this talented youth group from Mwea,” Waiguru posted.

A video of the governor moving her foot and her waist left many Kenyans wondering how talented she was.

With her short skirt and high heels, Waiguru was seen dancing better than the organizers as they threw their hips and hands in the air.

She twisted her waist effortlessly, descended and ascended and had her steps in perfect sync with youthful dancers who performed during the event.

“Wow, you did great for real. I bet you do this at home alone,” @ItsMorrisNdegwa said.

@muushepherd said “When will we ever open our eyes…Kurogwa tulirogwa aky.”

“Putting best foot forward. Nimeona unaeza zikwenda,” @harris_karis

@chimbawarui1 said “Nice one, I visited your county from Nyandarua to a place called Kimunye you have some work to do on your rural roads though seems there are some positive strides noted.”

 “Nice move from my constituency,”@nkeenzy said.

@Uastruly said “And you can really dance.”

“You are a good dancer,” @Annetnjeeri said.

@NeshhNesh said “Wah, real talents am telling you.”

“I love this . Job plus fun,” @GiTarRay1 said.

@paulinenjoroge said “Weweee! You’ve got moves!”

“A good dancer you are boss,” @DamarisSyombua said.

@martinmutugi said “When you know your job … You dance with wanjiku… Proud of our governor.”

“Apart from Kizungu Mingi n Catwalking u can also Dance so well. Congratulations Madam Governor,” @thomskan82 said.

@Timo_Utd said “You are quite the dancer it has to be said! Looks like Theresa May should borrow a leaf from you.”

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