‘Laughing’ boy, 15, stabs teacher to death and fatally injures another pupil

A ‘grinning and laughing’ teenager stabbed his history teacher to death and killed a fellow student during a knife attack at secondary school in Belarus, reports said.

Vadim Miloshevsky, 15, allegedly stormed into the class of Marina Parkhimovich, 50, and stabbed her twice in the neck at the school in Stowsby.

Two students, believed to be 16, were then wounded when they got up from their desks and attempted to stop the attack, reports said.

Miloshevsky then reportedly ran into another class and stabbed a 17-year-old pupil, identified only as Alexander, from behind.

The teenager died in his father’s arms minutes after the man ran back to school when he heard it was under attack.

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Miloshevsky then ‘ran around the school, waving a knife and making petrified pupils barricade themselves inside classes’ before fleeing from a second-floor window.

He was later apprehended by armed police.

A pupil said: “Vadim came into a class with a broad smile on his face. His eyes were red. He was smiling when he stabbed Alexander in the neck.

‘He laughed at the end of the attack, before leaving the class with the lifeless body.”

The two wounded pupils were treated for knife wounds but the hospital said it is ‘too soon’ to comment on their condition.

“They are currently in operating theatres with knife wounds,” a spokesman said.

“It is too soon to say anything about their state of health,”

“My blood chills when I try to contemplate what happened,”said a neighbour of the alleged attacker.

“I know Vadim’s family. He is a nice, peaceful boy who never said a bad work let alone hurt anyone.

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‘His parents are the loveliest couple, also nice and welcoming, two hard-working people who always talk in a nice way and help whenever they can.’

Police were carrying out forensic work at the school and had sealed off the teenager’s flat after the attack.


Photo Credits: daily mail

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