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Man confesses to sleeping with pastor’s wife in front of congregation (Audio)

On his ‘story za Ghost’ segment, breakfast presenter, Ghost Mulee never ceases to amaze his audience come rain come sunshine.

On Friday, Ghost narrated of how a young man from Kandara, Murang’a shocked the entire congregation after an altar call, when he revealed that he was sleeping with his pastor’s wife.

The young man was doing so as part of repentance to God and to the people he had hurt in one way or another.

When the young man received the microphone he first started by thanking his pastor who had been mentoring him on his spiritual journey, before he dropped the bombshell.” Narrated Ghost.

So he asked for forgiveness from his pastor because he was having an affair with his wife. Upon hearing it the pastor passed out and his wife could not help but weep bitterly before confirming that she indeed was cheating on her husband with the newly born again christian.” He added.

Listen to the clip below.

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