Man hacks father to death over mobile phone dispute

By Musembi Nzengu

Police in Kyuso sub-county in Kitui County are holding a 41-year-old Jacob Ngui who clobbered his 77-year-old father to death in a dispute over a mobile phone.

The killing took place in Kilulu village Kakongo sub location on Kyuso district on Thursday when an infuriated Ngui hit his 77-year-old Musili Musyimi severally with a piece of wood on the  head crashing his skull. The old man collapsed in a heap as blood oozed from his head.

The Kyuso sub county police Commander Charles Machinji confirmed the incident. He added that the injured man was pronounced dead on arrival at Kyuso sub-county hospital. The body was preserved at the hospital morgue.

He said the police would charge the suspect with the murder of his father.

Machinji said the incident occurred at around 10 am on Thursday, when suspect approached his father who was chatting with his wife and daughter outside the family house and borrowed a mobile phone to make a call but the father declined.

“It was at that point that the man who was already armed with a wooden plank pounced on his father hitting him several times on the head until he fell on the ground. The man’s wife and daughter raised the alarm,” said Machinji.

He said once the man was done with the father who lay unconscious in a pool of blood he turned his wrath on his mother and sister and chased them out of the home. He also stopped neighbours who came to answer the cries of help from accessing the compound, he added.

The sub-county police boss said police later however stormed the home, arrested the attacker and took the badly injured old man to hospital.

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