Man sells wife and daughter to ritualist for Sh89,000

A woman who was recently spotted on the streets crying and pleading with a man to tell her where her daughter and grand daughter are, caught the attention of the public.

It is believed that the Nigerian man was her son in law and had apparently sold a woman and daughter to ritualists for Sh89,000.

A social media user shared the sad story, where the man revealed that the deal was originally N200,000 for the wife alone as the ritualists asked whether he could add his daughter for N70,000 – a deal which he agreed to.


The man’s mother-in-law can bee seen in the picture asking for the whereabouts of her daughter and granddaughter.

According to Ada, the man scaled more than ten fences before getting to her estate, he ended up in a church and God arrested him.

After receiving mild beatings from the wife’s family, the man was finally taken away by the police in a patrol van.

Photo Credits: instagram

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