Maskini Akothe!Mwanamziki aomba mashabiki wake msamaha wa dhati

Jambo linaloudhi sana wapenzi wa miziki ya moja kwa moja au ukipenda ‘Live Music’ ni kufika ukumbini na upate  msanii hajafika na usha lipa langoni.

Mwanamziki stadi Akothe alikasirika sana hivi majuzi alipoenda kuwatumbuiza mashabiki wake na kucheleweshwa na maneja.


Ni wazi kuwa staa huyu alikerwa sana na kuwasili kwakhe akiwa amechelewa huku mashabiki wake wakionekana kutofurahishwa na hali ilivyokuwa.

Masaibu ya Onyango: “Rudishia bibi yako poster yake!”

Kulingana na Akothe, alikuwa tayari kuwatumbuiza mashabiki wake saa 12:00 lakini kwa sababu ya maneja wake akachelewa sana na kufika takriban saa tatu baadaye.

Hisia zilipanda baada ya shabiki mmoja wa Akothe kuandika kwenye mtandao wa kijamii kuwa bado mwanamziki Akothe hajapanda jukwani na kuwa wanamsubiri.


Hivyo basi,kupitia mitandao ya kijamii, Akothe aliona ni vyema awaombe radhi  mashabiki wake  na kuwaambia kuwa yeye hayuko kama wanamziki wengine ambao huchelewa kuwatumbuiza mashabiki kwa sababu ya pombe au anasa.


Madam Boss aliandika,

It hurts, really hurts, what fans ought to know is that , an Artist is at the mercy’s of a promoter and the management, whenever there is a show 🤷‍♂️ I personally don’t drink or smoke, nor carry women to the room or men to keep me busy🙏🏾 that’s why I insist on a bathtub or jacuzzi if possible, that’s where I have my fun, to keep me awake ! The alcohol on my rider is for my team. I don’t drink before I step on stage so there is totally nothing to keep me in the room awake until 2.33 am. I always wish to perform by 12.00 am that’s when all human beings are awake, the rest is autopiloting, we are all human for that matter 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ but most promoters always have a problem with either balance, or wanting people to drink more before an artist come on stage ” if an artist comes now ,watu hawata nunua pombe” so let her wait till around 1.00 am, fans also come late, with the notion of ooooh, the show will start around 1.00 am, we are all suffering in this platform Artiste/fans .


Wikendi imefika watu waserereke! Orodha ya nyimbo za kuskizwa wikendi hii

Vilevile,alizidi kusema,

It did hurt me seeing elderly women in the crowd who waited until 3.00 am 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, I was so ashamed and decided to compensate by having a photo session, which was not in my program 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, just to learn later that there was an extra charge for personal photo for VIP, sorry I didn’t know this!

Let me take the opportunity to apologize for all my fans who never knew things are different on the ground! I am not a signed artist, this is purely my investment solely, I would not tamper with it at any given moment! That’s why I stay awake, sober and direct! I have spent over 650,000 USD to build this brand! I will do anything to protect it! Including running away from myself. I have no record label doing things for me! I am nobodies investment but me, I value and respect my fans, any time any day, but that doesn’t give some of them an account to disrespect me, or utter rubbish to me, I am human with blood and flesh too! I give it to you just like you served it , it’s my nature. Lying is not in my dictionary, that’s why most people can’t keep up with me! Don’t share your family struggles with me! My own is messed up with so many baby daddies, how can I help you🤷‍♂

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