miguna miguna

Matatu bearing Miguna art set to rock the streets of Nairobi!

Miguna Miguna has been the most popular name on many peoples lips this past week. After his drama in JKIA that ended with his forced deportation, the man has gained a cult following among some.

A photo has emerged online of a matatu bearing the image of Miguna Miguna on its rear window, which could soon be rocking the streets of Nairobi, just days after the firebrand lawyer was deported.

It also includes Miguna’s famous “Come baby, come” tagline, and has been shared on a popular Matatu culture Facebook page. In what reads like a script from Hollywood, upon arrival in Nairobi on Monday afternoon, the government made a failed attempt at deporting a kicking and screaming Miguna that night.

Thereafter his 72hour ordeal slowly played itself out inside a ‘tiny and stuffy’ toilet at the airport until Wednesday night when he was forcefully put on a flight to Dubai.Miguna, who is still marooned in Dubai, has been recounting his ordeal online. Which explains all the interest he’s been getting on the mainstream and social media.

Photo Credits: The star

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