Mca Tricky

Meet The Hot Girlfriend Who Warms MCA Tricky’s Bed At Night

Paul Njoroge Kimani popularly referred to as MCA Tricky is known for his rib cracking jokes that literally leave you on the floor whenever he goes on stage. Born in 1993 he was raised up in the coastal region in a family of three. Tricky become a street child at the age of 12 years and got introduced to the harsh street life by his peers.

In February 2016 he went for the the auditions and his life took an unexpected turn that saw him rise from rags to riches. His persona revolves around portraying the life of street boys, but puts a twist to his stories to entertain and educate his fans.

Judging from the photos he shares on social media he sure is living large and has found a person to share his wealth with. Here comes the heart breaking news especially to the ladies.”He is taken”. The comedian is said to be dating a hot Kamba lady known as Asha.

Could she be the famours ‘Katunge‘? Here are photos of the lady who has stolen his heart.




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