Mercy Masika

Mercy Masika speaks about how song, ‘Mwema’ changed her life

Mercy Masika was recently interviewed by playhouse and revealed some anecdotes about her life and how she had struggled with her music career, almost giving up.

She says that she had done so many songs at that moment, many in English, with the song, ‘Mwema’ being written by Mr.Vee.

The song she says was considered average by her sister and she also did not expect it to have much success. The song now has at least 10 million views on Youtube.

Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika

She also says that she trusted in the Lord during that period when her career was floundering and that He would continuously come through for her.

She says that a few prophets had told her that God would be doing something great in her life in the near future before the song’s release.

Mercy admits that she didn’t see the song becoming so big, telling the interviewer,

It was so shocking how ‘Mwema’ went. I didn’t push the song. I didn’t do media interviews. It was miraculous, people would share themselves, it was amazing I still don’t understand what happened. It hit me hard.

After 6 years of releasing songs without much success, 2015 was the year that she finally made it big with the song. She says that she even earned Ksh. 800,000 shillings from MSK the next year.

She also won the Skiza award for the most downloaded song in 2016 and a Groove award for female artiste of the year soon followed!

The power of one song! Amazing! Check out the interview below:



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