Moi International Airport Police officers admit to assisting drug smugglers

Three police officers, who remain anonymous because of fear of reprisal, manning the airport admitted that they sometimes allow drug trafficking and smuggling.

This is how they make easy money that helps them get by their everyday lives as they can’t fully depend on their very low income and the” poor treatment “they get from Kenya Airport Authority.



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The bribes they get come are very tempting as they range from Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 200,000 maximum. Then they usually divide equally.

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The officers refused to say what exactly they have allowed to go through illegally.

They are forced to relocate 10km away from their workplaces because that’s where they can get houses that they can afford.

They accuse KAA (Kenya Airport Authority) of not giving allowances for special duties. ‘We feel demotivated’ they said as they relied on those allowances but they stopped.

The Star tried contacting the KAA but they have not responded since it was on a weekend.


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