‘My lady to be, you must make good chapatis’, Dennis Itumbi (Audio)

Itumbi was but a mere blogger with an eponymous blog that boasted a tagline that went ; Facts, First and Fast.

He quickly became of the Country’s most eligible bachelors and had the whole female species of Television throwing themselves at his golden feet.

His online presence became bolder. And his Facebook followers multiplied overnight. Within months, the dashing son of Embu was now commanding thousands of followers who waited, in bated breath, for his daily updates, musings and idle rants.

Well, in an interview with Annitah Raeh, Itumbi shared part of his life journey;


Dennis Itumbi was born in Kakamega, then later he moved to Kirinyanga before settling in Embu.
“My mum started as a caterer and later she became a teacher and now she is a principal.
He comes from a family of boys only and therefor he learnt cooking at a very young age.
“We did not have a sister, and therefore I learnt how to cook while still very young so, she was also a home science teacher and so I can cook very good Chapatis. I can also bake cakes. My lady to be lazima uchomoe chapo poa.”
Itumbi did not have dramas like in high school like many boys would have.
“I discovered so much after college. I used to play basketball and did not experience so much hype in secondary school like most people do.
One day I resigned as a school captain and I was expelled for resigning.
That was the only time I made a mistake as a student.”

Listen to his story below;




Photo Credits: elizabeth ngigi

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