Nani Ataokoa Jahazi? Meet 28-year-Old Mother Of One Who’s Desperately Looking For A Husband

Photos of a woman dressed in a wedding gown, holding a placard with a message, “I need a husband” have gone viral on social media.

The 28-year-old mother of one who identifies herself as Nyambura, was spotted walking along Tom Mboya street with her 7-year-old daughter with hopes she might land her prince charming.

Need for a husband. Pris Nyabura 28-years. I have a girl child 7 yrs. 0737350766. Read the placard.

Her photos elicited a number of reactions from Kenyans, some who supported her move while some were against her courageous move.

Apollo Wokabi:  Welcome Isaiah 4:1- This one oh God help her…Better this than prostituting.

Imbugwa Atonya Wycliffe: Nyabura looking for plan B.

John Herviy: Have you ever seen such posts in the western region??? Wanaume waluhya wanatambua there duties.
Kedogo Velky Kigwiru: She has a wedding gown already and the daughter has a radio…entertainment sorted.

Will Miss Nyambura land her prince charming?

See the photos below.

jahazi1 jahazi



Photo Credits: Twitter

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