Never-Before-Seen Video Of US President Obama’s Visit To Kenya Emerges

A never before seen video showcasing what US President Barack Obama experienced during his visit to Kenya back in 2006 has emerged courtesy of his half sister, Auma Obama.

The video focuses on Obama’s well documented trip to his father’s homeland in 2006, just two years after he was elected into America’s senate, to represent the state if Illinois. Kenyans went into a frenzy after he won the seat and even though many of us didn’t actually understand American politics, all we cared about was that Obama held a title close to our hearts, ‘Senator’.

VIDEO: Summary Of US President Obama’s Memorable Moments During Kenya Visit

Well photos of his trip to Kogelo village and Maasai Mara circulated like wildfire but thanks to Auma Obama, we can now go back in time to see how the man who had no idea he would one day become not only the United States first ever black president, but also the world’s most powerful man for a decade!

Then a senator, Barack Obama is pictured here in Kenya in 2006 with Maasai 'mamas.' Basecamp Masai Mara in Mara National Reserve in Kenya is a Scandinavian initiative that aims to develop a partnership with the native Masai people. Obama will visit the country again in July, the White House announced today - his first visit to Kenya since becoming president in 2009

In the video shared by one Albert Brands on Facebook, Auma who captured every single moment of her brother’s trip, narrates how they never thought they would get along with Obama since the two families “came from two different worlds”.

She captured the moment Obama narrated how he met his dad, Obama senior, as a two-year-old before he divorced his mum, Ann Dunham prior to Obama senior’s return to Kenya.

According to the younger Obama’s memoir ‘Dreams from My Father’, Barack Obama Sr. met his wife Ann Dunham while attending college in Hawaii.

The couple divorced in 1964 after three years of marriage, and the President saw his father just one more time after that before his death in a car accident in 1982.

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The President’s first known trip to Kenya, as detailed in his book, was in 1988, where he spent five weeks visiting. DailyMail reports.

He returned to Kenya in 1992 with Michelle, then his fiancé, and again in 2006 during his first year in the U.S. Senate.

Auma also captured their challenging trip to Nairobi where they introduced him to more members of his extended family before he returned to the United States.

Watch the video below.

Photo Credits: dailymail

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