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Nigerian Governor Shocks Many After Appointing His Sister As ‘Commissioner of Happiness’

Like I always say, Africa is the best place to be in in the whole world. This is thanks to the good people, cultural diversities, talents as well as the bizarre or rather strange happenings that always crop up.

Speaking of strange happenings, one Nigerian governor has shocked many after he appointed his own sister as…wait for it… ‘Commissioner of happiness’

The name by the name of Rochas Okorocha unveiled the post during the swearing-in of 27 other new commissioners for Imo State.

But his sister Ogechi Ololo later rubbished initial reports stating she would also be in charge of “couples’ fulfillment” – saying it was actually “purpose fulfillment”.

Either way, the announcement has been met with derision on social media.

Many questioned the need for such a role, and wondered what it would entail.

It also comes hot on the heels of other unusual decisions made by the governor in recent times.

Mr Okorocha raised eyebrows across the continent in October after he unveiled a statue dedicated to South African President Jacob Zuma – a man who has no apparent links to the south-eastern state.

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