Francis Atwoli

‘One thing I cannot do is to have an affair with somebody’s wife,’ – Francis Atwoli

COTU boss Francis Atwoli on Monday refuted claims that he snatched another man’s wife.

“Somebody has been trying to tarnish my name on social media by claiming that I took his wife. That is madness.”

This was in response to a blog which claimed that the COTU leader was involved in an affair with a married TV anchor.

“One thing I cannot do in my life is to have an affair with somebody’s wife. My late father warned me never to fool around with someone’s wife,” he said.

Atwoli said he married his wives after “serious investigations” on their character. The COTU secretary spoke during the official opening of an ILO workshop in Kisumu.

“Of my several wives, I asked their parents if they were single before I married them,” he said.

The outspoken secretary general said he married his youngest wife legally after getting consent from her parents.

Atwoli said Francis Wangara, a long-serving workmate, “helped in arrangements to get the girl”.

He said he has several daughters and is willing to give their hand in marriage to suitable suitors.

“I’m willing to give any man, irrespective of age, as long as they are in love. Let them pay dowry, and we bless them to start their lives,” Atwoli said.


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