Pastor crashes woman to death while attempting miracle

Horrifying stories of Pastors attempting to perform all manner of miracles will never end.

The problem of rogue pastors is not just in Kenya. Remember the guy who ate grass? Or the congregation who were put inside a fridge for some miracle?

It seems that our brothers and sisters in South Africa are suffering alot, just like we are. And it all has to do with pastors gone rogue.

According to several online reports, controversial South African pastor and founder of the Mount Zion General Assembly church was  teaching congregates about the demonstration of power and was trying to emphasize that if Jesus could walk on water, then he too could do anything with the power of faith.

Congregates of Mount Zion General Assembly, a Christian church in Polokwane, South Africa, were left in shock last Sunday, after a woman lost her life during a failed miracle attempt by Pastor Lethebo Rabalango.

The pastor had made a deal with a certain woman  to perform a real life miracle. The woman was ordered to lie down on the floor and the ushers then put a giant speaker on her body. To make matters worse the pastor sat on top on the speaker thus adding more weight, while the woman helplessly lay down motionless.

After a short while, the ushers removed the speaker and the woman was ordered to stand up. Shock on them! The woman continued to lie unconscious, and that’s when everyone scrambled to help her up.

It was rather obvious that something was wrong. So what did they do? Soon-after she was rushed to hospital but due to internal bleeding, she was pronounced dead.

And to add insult to injury, the Pastor had the guts to accuse her of having little faith.

Perhaps it’s time we were all a little cautious about promises made by our mchungaji? This is just my thought.

What do you think?

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