Pay attention!!! Things you should not do on Valentine’s day

It’s just a few days to probably one of the most overrated dates of the year, in my opinion. Valentine’s day. Don’t get me wrong I believe in love, it is a beautiful thing.

But honestly, why sweat over what you will do or be done for in the name of being appreciated in a one day event? Can’t we treat each other on a regular basis? Was your love bred on the 14th of February? In my case I would shout hell yeah!

Anyway, I decided to come up with a list of dos and don’ts as we look forward to marking the day we are supposed to ‘Paint the town red’. See what I did there?

Over gifting

I know you are probably in cloud nine, making a mental list of the things you are expecting from your significant other. Well hold up! Do you have an identical list of the things you are getting him?

To the people in love, do not break your back and your bank altogether in a bid to make your partner happy. It’s the little things that counts!

Wearing Red

Like I said are you planning to paint the city red? As in walk around in town looking like a walking blood sample?

It’s 2019 and you still want to do that? Why not don your decent little black dress or that blue jeans that calm your nerves and still go out with your lover?

As much as red is my favorite color, C’mon! Are you an Arsenal or a Man United player? Even them don’t do an all red kinda kit.

High expectations

Do you have high expectations ahead of Valentine’s day? Well if you do, squash them!

Imagine sitting in the office looking at the reception waiting to be called because the delivery guy just dropped a banquet of flowers, only to receive a short sweet love message.

If he is not your man, just cuddle yourself

This is a message to those young women who have already grabbed themselves a few sponsors here and there. Well news flash! You though that monied kitambi guy was lonely when he met you? He’s probably married with a bunch of kids.

So in case you think you will his priority that day, remember his queen still watches over the castle when he’s wasting his pocket change with you. So at least let him give back to the lady behind his success, meanwhile, buy yourself a teddy bear doll or get yourself a movie.

Going out on a date

Well I know this sounded like the only legit plan for that night but listen, many restaurants tend to offer packages on that day and truth be told they are a bit exaggerated.

Then again if your love is real why not wait till the weekend and treat your lover instead of doing it once in a year like it’s Christmas.

Forwarding texts

I am sure most of you have either been a victim or a perpetrator of this trend. I mean you can’t in your own words express your feelings to the person you so much claim to love?

Why wait for those long googled love messages so that you can press ‘Forward’ to your ‘girlfriends’ ? Yaani you can’t make an effort?

I hope my touch of wisdom will help you find and keep that person who makes your heart skip a beat.



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