Remember this? The wedding speech from a Man United fan getting married into a family of Man City fans

Some man, who is a Man United fan found himself smitten with a Man City fan and the two were wed back in September 2013.

This groom is giving what appears to be (and actually might be, in the end) a very heartfelt toast about an important person in his lifethat is “no longer with us.” When he asks his new family—who are apparently all Manchester City supporters—to stand and toast this influential person, he pulls the rug right out from under them.

The best part is how the bride sits down, refusing to partake in toasting Sir Alex Ferguson, the longtime manager of Man City’s bitter rival. Bonus points to the groom for setting the joke up on a truthful premise, since as of this May—in a manner of speaking—Ferguson is no longer with us. The groom then goes on to mention someone named Kenny who, though he may have passed, would have preferred the joke to any sappy sentimentalizing.




Photo Credits: dailystaruk/videoyoutube

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