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Robert Mugabe’s step son mocked after he’s detained at border with 3 luxury cars


Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s stepson Russel is reported to have been stopped from leaving Zimbabwe with 3 vehicles.

Russel Goreraza, a son from Grace Mugabe’s first marriage,  who is reported in other news to have had an accident with one of the vehicles is currently detained at Plumtree Border Post, after failing to enter Botswana. Goreraza is reported to have said he is taking the vehicles out for servicing.

The 3 vehicles are a Rolls Royce, a Porsche and a Range Rover.

The news of the arrest has been widely shared on social media, and people are mocking the son of one of Africa’s most powerful former Presidents.

Check out the lavish vehicles and the comments from online users.

mugabes three luxury cars
Photo courtesy myzimbabwe
Alyson Hall ….Moving assets now lock him up

Paul Dururu …Charge him for malicious damage to property as well,pouring champagne on an expensive watch

Schomani Andrew Ncube …Give him life sentence fuckoff those spoiled dogs deserved

Spiwe Chiparausha …Cars are not reported stolen. Let him pass. Madhaka is gone it’s good enough

Peter Hambira …Put the car on a scanner , diamonds, cash gold or other valuables, y did they fly

Izzy ICee …How can new cars go for servicing?

Alfred Skade …I like that.. Let them feel how life behind bars is..

Ernest Vurayayi …Good news, batayi vanhu. At least the number of thieves will be reduced to some extend.

Photo Credits: myzimbabwe

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