‘She will be so mad,’ Nigerian man scared of informing Kenyan wife he was in an accident (VIDEO)

There was drama in Nairobi when one man refused to call his wife to inform her that he was involved in a car accident, for fear that she would be pissed off.

In the undated video below, the man, a Nigerian national who was visibly shaken by the ordeal, was lucky to escape with a minor bruise on his right hand after the car he was driving lost control and rolled into a ditch.

The unknown man went on to reveal that the destroyed Toyota Demio car belongs to his Kenyan wife.

When good Samaritans went to offer assistance, they asked him to contact his next of kin to inform them of the accident but he was adamant when they suggested that he calls his wife. He refused to either call her or her friends claiming ‘She will be mad.’

He said he lived with his wife in Athi River and he was on his way to pick their family friend’s kids who were set to attend their baby’s birthday party.

I stay in Athi River I was going to pick some kids for a birthday party. He said adding I don’t want to call her she will be sad, I have reasons.

It is my wife’s vehicle, that is the reason she will be sad and today is our baby’s birthday.

Watch the video below.


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