“I Am Sorry” Sonko Apologizes For Calling Peter Kenneth Albino On TV

Mike Sonko has apologised for his behaviour on national TV on Sunday, when he referred to Peter Kenneth as “an albino or whatever” and a criminal.

In an interview with Citizen TV, the Nairobi Senator lashed out at the former Gatanga MP saying their feud was personal.

“I’m not ready for consensus with this person (Kenneth). We know what he did in 2013…he refused to step down for my boss,” he said.

“Let him feel what we felt at that time…I will not accept it even if he steps down to become my running mate.”

The Senator accused various people of frustrating his Nairobi governor bid and used abusive words against fellow politicians.

He barely allowed host Hussein Mohamed to ask questions as he took control of the session.

But he apologised via Twitter on Monday saying he was angry.

Kama niliwajamisha interview ya jana poleni nilikuwa na hasira…my opponent aliniita hooligan in public…wenzake wakaniita mbwa ndani ya kanisa,” he said.

This loosely translates to: “I am sorry if I angered you in yesterday’s interview. I was angry. My opponent called me a hooligan in public and the others he was with called me a dog in church.”

Kenyans on social media scolded Sonko for his behaviour some saying it was uncalled for.

-The Star

Photo Credits: mpasho

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