Atwoli: Kenyans will hunt down corrupt officials

Kenyans will take the law into their hands and hunt down people looting public resources and punish them if the government fails, Cotu boss Francis Atwoli has said.

Atwoli said people who “are taking advantage of us and stealing the resources meant for our children seek to make our children languish in poverty as they swim in wealth” must be stopped at all cost.

He spoke on Wednesday during the Pan-African Trade Unions conference held in Hilton Hotel, in Nairobi.

Atwoli said workers in the country toil to earn resources which are hardly enough for them and it is unfair to have a few people looting a way easy.

The vocal trade union boss also blamed unnamed politician with presidential ambition of being “linked to every corruption scandal.”

“You cannot surround yourself with every corruption person and also be named or suspected to have a hand in every corruption case and still expect to be a leader,” he said.

There have been unending reports of mega corruption scandals in the country running to the tunes of billions of shillings involving senior government officials, including Cabinet secretaries and even the aide to DP William Ruto.

He said workers will take matters into their own hands if people accused of corruption are left to roam free.

“If some of them will not be put in jail, I can tell you, your Excellency, that citizens are going to take action,” Atwoli said.

Atwoli told the participants from various countries in the continent that the workers support President Uhuru’s war on corruption.

“I want to tell the President of this country that workers are behind him in the fight against graft,” Atwoli said.

The conference was attended by AU envoy Raila Odinga who opened it.

Others included Education CS Amina Mohammed and the labor chief administrative secretary Abdul Bahari.

Siaya senator James Orengo also attended.