From Congo to Nigeria: A list of African sitting presidents defeated by opposition

In Africa, you would go for decades before hearing of a sitting president being ousted by an opposition leader in an election.

Yes the opposition leaders attract international headlines thanks to their relentless fights to free their countries from bad governance which result to various social economical challenges.

In Kenya for instance, no opposition leader has ever managed to defeat a sitting president since independence.

However, there are a few opposition soldiers across Africa, who have fought tooth and nail and succeeded in defeating the sitting presidents.

Take a look at some of the few opposition leaders.

  1. Adama Barrow defeated Yahya Jammeh in Gambia

Adama Barrow

On December 1st, 2016, Presidential elections were held in Gambia and in a surprise result, Adama Barrow an opposition candidate trounced long-term incumbent Yahya Jammeh, marking the first change of presidency in the country since 1994.

2. Akufo-Addo defeated John Mahama in Ghana



Still in 2016, Akufo-Addo defeated incumbent John Mahama in a hotly contested presidential election.

Akufo-Addo, the son of a former president, had lost three runs for the presidency before — in 1998, 2008 and 2012.
3. Buhari defeated Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria


In March 2015, Nigeria held one of the most expensive elections in Africa where opposition leader, Buhari defeated Goodluck Jonathan by more than 2.5 million votes.

The election also marked the first time an incumbent president had lost re-election in Nigeria.
Michael Sata defeated Rupiah Banda in Zambia

michael sata
michael sata

After ten years in opposition, Sata trounced incumbent Rupiah Banda to win Zambia’s presidential election in September 2011.
4. Felix Tshisekedi defeated Joseph Kabila in DRC Congo

Felix Tshisekedi wins DR Congo's presidential election
Felix Tshisekedi wins DR Congo’s presidential election

In the recent concluded elections, Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi won the Democratic Republic of Congo’s tightly contested presidential vote.

Provisional results put him ahead of another opposition candidate Martin Fayulu, and the ruling coalition’s Emmanuel Chaudhary.

Tshisekedi became the first opposition challenger to win since the DR Congo gained independence.

Fascinating!! Animals you did not know are in Africa

When people hear of Africa, they mainly think of the wildlife and diverse cultures located here.

When it comes to wildlife, they majorly know the big 5 and other animals which might be commonly known. However, there are certain animals which many people might not know are found in Africa or maybe even might not know they exist.

1. Greater Kudu


The great Kudu is mostly found in the Savannah and woodlands. It avoids open grasses and is known to be swift and amazing jumpers. Only the males have horns, which take a spiral shape .

2. African Civet


Its mainly found in the Lowland, highland, forests, swamp and open Savannah. Each Civet has a different pattern of brown and black spots on their fur.

They are usually able to camouflage well due to the fur.

3. Guereza Colobus


They are usually found in closed forests and unfortunately has one of their species getting extinct. They have no thumbs and have stomachs which are divided into pouches that are usually three or four.

They rarely come down from trees hence have the ability to leap from one tree to another. The hair on their body and tail help them be able to balance while leaping.

4. Lelwel Hartebeest


The Hartebeest is usually found in the Savannah and grasslands. They usually live in herd and are known to be really fast as well. They started getting endangered in 2008 as there numbers started reducing greatly.

5. Klipspringer


Usually found in rocky areas with short vegetation. The Klipspringer is the only antelope to walk on the tips of their hooves.They are known to be monogamous meaning they stay with one partner until one of them dies.

6. Dwarf Mongoose


Usually found in the Savannah, woodlands, mountain scrub brush country. The females are usually the dominant ones when it comes to Dwarf Mongoose. They co-exist with rough-scaled plated lizards, which live in the mongooses’ homes and eat their dung.

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Some of the most visited countries in Africa

Africa over the years has been receiving many guests from different parts of the world, this is due to the diverse cultures found and rich wildlife as well.

Africa also has favorable climatic conditions making it a great destination to many Europeans and Americans since their countries mainly experience winter at that time.

Every week, millions of people from different nations visit these countries making them even more popular.

1.South Africa


The country is the most visited African country. With its beautiful infrastructure, great wildlife and diverse culture. The country is beautiful and has breathtaking sceneries. It has a lot to offer with quite a good number of amusement parks. If you visit South Africa, going to the Table Mountains she be on the list of activities.



Kenya which is known for its rich wildlife and amazing sceneries is the second most visited country in Africa. It also has amazing beaches which have been the most visited in Africa for the past three years.

The infrastructure has also greatly improved making it have numerous facilities where guests can enjoy and relax, amazing cuisines served in different restaurants and also great cultures.



Tanzania which is in East Africa has also benefited greatly due to its numerous visits by tourist from different parts of the world. It is known for its great hospitality and also diverse cultures. It is famous for its rich wildlife and also some of the greatest parks in the world.

It is also home to Africa’s highest mountain, Mt.Kilimanjaro.



Home to the great pyramids of Giza, has over the years stood out due to its rich cultures and great infrastructure. It has been able to maintain different sites and cultures that have been there for thousands of years making it one of the most visited countries in Africa.



Being one of the only countries to have never been colonized, Ethiopia has managed to maintain great numbers of visitors over the years. The country offers travelers an abundance of outdoor adventures, scenic landscapes, flourishing wildlife, historic landmarks and unique culture.

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Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa

Africa which is known to have be the most visited continent when it comes to tourism and has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Some of the waterfalls are known to be the largest while others just by the very look of it one is left in awe cause of its sheer beauty.

Their surroundings are home to many wildlife species and you won’t lack one or two of some rare species of animals around there.

1. Victoria Falls

victoria falls

It is found along river Zambezi which is found at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is among the wolds largest waterfalls and the scenery is just breathtaking. An estimated 1 million liters of water thunders down the falls every second.

2. Lumangwe Falls


It is found in Zambia and is rich flora and fauna of the surrounding Miombo Woodlands make it an attractive tourist destination. The water capacity is great and the fall drops 35 meters.

3. Ruacana Falls


The water drops at 107 meters and is among the largest waterfalls in Africa. Located in Northern Namibia the Ruacana falls are known to have great amounts of water which is mostly experienced during the rainy season.

4. Kalandula Falls


Located on the Lucala river in Northwest Angola the water drops at 104 meters. The fall is usually seen to have the shape of a horseshoe and is one of the largest waterfalls. It is surrounded by different types of vegetation and has breathtaking views .

5. Blue Nile Falls

blue nile falls

It is a waterfall found on the Blue Nile and is one of the most visited sites in Ethiopia. The quantity of the water varies with the different seasons experienced.

6. Ouzoud Falls

ouzoudFound in Morocco the fall is one of the most visited sites in the country. The bottom of the falls is accessible through a shaded path of olive trees. At the summit of the falls, there are a dozen old small mills that are still in valleys, mills, orchards and a superb circuit of the gorges of the El Abid River.



Countries with the highest HIV/AIDS rates in Africa

HIV/AIDS has been a scourge around the world. One of the most worrying things is that it is highly prevalent in Africa. However, different organisations have risen up with the task of fighting it to the fullest as scientist look for a cure.

Below is a list of African countries with some of the highest rates of HIV prevalence.



The country has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world with up to 27.20 % of people living with the disease. The disease has been transmitted due to low condom use in the nation, sexual violence and transactional sex.



It has the world’s second highest HIV/AIDS rates with up to 21.90% of the population living with the disease. It was seen that most female sex workers are greatly infected with the disease in the country.

Other things like forced marriages and sexual violence have also contributed to its high spread.




The country which has over 2 million people has 25 % of its population being infected. It was seen that the disadvantaged in society are the ones who have been greatly affected which include the poor and those who have little to no say in society.

4.South Africa

south africa

The most developed country in Africa has also been greatly affected with 18 % of its population being infected. Misbeliefs about the disease and lack of education are one of the reasons why the infections greatly increased.

Sexual violence has also led to the increase of the disease.

African countries with the highest population

Having a high population at times becomes difficult for a government if the budget is not well planned. This is because with an increase in population, a lot of commodities and public sectors have to be enhanced in order to be able to deal with the increase in population.

Failure to do so may result to increase in crime rates, unemployment, increase in poverty and poor health care.

Certain countries in Africa have managed to do well even though their population is high.

  1. Nigeria 


The west African nation which has the largest economy in Africa has the highest population.n Its total population is 195,875,237 .



Ethiopia which recently elected its first female president is the second most populated country in Africa.It has a total population of 107,534,882.



Egypt which has one of the biggest economies in Africa is also one of the most populated. It has a total number of 99,375,741 people.

4.DR Congo


Being one of the largest countries in Africa which is full of so many  resources. Congo has a total number of 84,004,989.



The East African nation has also had its population increase over the years. It has a current population of 59,091,392 people.

6.South Africa


One of the most developed or rather the most developed country in Africa is also one of the most populated. It has struggled over the years with the high rates of HIV/AIDS but it doesn’t seem to have caused any decrease in its population.



Being one of the fastest economies in Africa, Kenya has had a growth in its population since its last census. It has a total of 50,950,879 people.

Miti muhimu! Largest forests found in Africa

Since time immemorial, forests have always been one of the most protected treasures in the whole world, since they are home to so many wildlife species as well as people. Without forests, the world would start dying, hence the reason why governments all over the world spearhead forest conservation.

Africa is home of some of the biggest forests in the whole world.

1.Congo forest


It is the second largest forest in the whole world and home to a wide variety of animal species. It also supports over 10, 000 plant species.

Over 100 different human cultures are also supported by the forest and it is a water catchment area. This swamp-struck tropical forest covers portions of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

2. Mau forest


The Mau forest which is found in Kenya is the heart of the nation. It is the source of most of the country’s water and also has a great variety of animal and plant species.

The government began plans of saving it from destruction.

3.Cross-Niger Transition forest


The forest is a tropical forest which is located in south east Nigeria.The forest is home to a number of wildlife including drill monkey, African buffalo, cheetahs, warthogs, hippos, caracal, leopards, lions, baboons and elephants and red-capped mangabey and more than 900 species of birds.


4. Ongoye forest


The forest is found in South Africa and covers over 4000 hectares. It has over 10 types of vegetation and is home to a wide variouty of animal species.

5. Budongo forest reserve


The forest is found in Uganda and is the biggest Mahogany forest found in East Africa. It’s situated in three different districts in Uganda and is home to a wide variety of animal species with some being Rhinos, lions, leopards, buffaloes, hippopotamus, cheetah, elephants, giraffe and zebra, chimpanzees and birds include puvel’s illadopsis that roam the forests.

6. Newlands forest


The conservancy is found on the Table mountain in Cape town South Africa. It has a wide variouty of animal species that include chaffinch, cape white-eye, grass bird, southern double-collared sun bird, African black swift, alpine swift, black saw-wing swallow,white-rumped swift,greater striped swallow, African olive pigeon, cape canary, monkeys,  ground horn-bill and African wild dog .

7.Mount Cameroon and Bioko Montane Forest


The forests covers a Volcano chain  that extends northeast along the border between Cameroon and Nigeria, and southwest towards the Guinea islands of São Tomé, Príncipe and Annobo.

It is home to a variouty of plant species and animals.

8. Arabuko Sokoke Forest


The forest found in Kenya is the largest remaining section of dry coastal forest found in Eastern and Southern Africa.It is filled with butterflies and birds, the trees full of monkeys and the floor home to many smaller mammals.

Over 260 species of birds have been recorded in the forest including the six globally threatened ones: sokoke scops owl, sokoke pipit, east coast akalat, spotted ground thrush, amani sunbird and Clarke’s weaver




Mutacheka Mulie! Some of Africa’s best comedians

Being a comedian isn’t an easy job and it isn’t hard as well. It is a talent that one must have and if not an ability that one must master because coming up with jokes and maintaining your audience time and again isn’t an easy.

1.Trevor Noah

trevor noah

One of Africa’s most loved comedians is known for his unapologetic approach to race, apartheid and politics. He is South African but a mix of both Swiss and Xhona.

His jokes usually revolve over things happening in every day life and that helps him relate well with his audience.

2. Bright Okpocha


Born and raised in Nigeria, Bright AKA Basketball mouth is the first African comedian to host a show at the Apollo in London. He has done an incredible job of maintaining his audience and also reaching out to more people.

3.Anne Kansiime


Kansiime is a Ugandan comedienne, entertainer and actress. She is referred to as “Queen of African Comedy.” She first broke into the scene with the YouTube Series, Minibuzz, in which she made fun of Ugandans’ experience in daily public transport.

Since then she has been taking over the comedy scene in East Africa.

4.Celeste Ntuli


The South African comedian is known as “The Queen of Zulu Comedy”. After getting exposure from different shows she has performed, the former bookseller has since worked with big names in comedy like Loyiso Gola and Kagiso Lediga, making appearances in shows like the Emmy Award nominated Late Night News, The Bantu Hour and Laugh out Loud.


5.Eric Omondi

erick omondi

The Kenyan comedian is well known for the crazy videos he does. He got his breakthrough in the industry after making his appearance on Churchill show.

Since then he has done different kinds of comedies and has been making headlines.

African countries with the most powerful armies

When it comes to the army, different countries have tried their best to enhance it. This is because they are very important when it comes to securing the nations’ borders and its people. Different armies have advanced differently due to the kind of training they receive and advancement of technology.

  1. Egypt


Egypt has the best army in Africa due to its number and advancement in equipment. It has nearly 500 000 army personnel and has over 10 000 armored fighting vehicles.It also has  60,000 logistical vehicles, 900 aircraft.



Algeria has ensured that its army is top notch, even its air force and navy as well. Algeria’s active front line personnel number more than 127,000 troops and it has nearly 2,000 armored fighting vehicles at its disposal.

It has the second most powerful army in Africa.



Since Ethiopia is landlocked, it hasn’t focused on having the navy. It has ensured that its army and air force are one of the best in Africa.

Its huge number of people also helped with the big number of army personnel.

4.South Africa

south africa

Being one of the biggest economies in Africa, South Africa has ensured that its army is among the best as well. Its aircraft and naval vessels are notoriously well equipped with the latest technology, and though the country has less than 100,000 active front line personnel, it has the capabilities and manpower for much more.



Nigeria having the biggest economy in Africa has also ensured that its army is top notch.Due to its abundance in oil it has been easy for it to maintain its big number of army personnel.

Nigeria has more than 1,400 armored vehicles, 360 tanks, and 6,000 logistical vehicles at its disposal, as well as nearly 300 aircraft and 25 high-powered naval vessels.



Kenya has established itself as a vital participant in international peacekeeping missions, and is able to do so due to its merchant marine strength and an enormous labor force.

With the army having one of the best training in Africa and the country’s leaders being strong, this has helped the army improve . They have even been able to push away the Al-shabab from its borders.



The military has at its disposal 2,120 armored fighting vehicles, 1,348 tanks, 323 total aircraft pieces, and a total naval strength of 121.They have also been involved in a good number of peace keeping projects.



The Tunisian Armed Forces is composed of three mechanized brigades, one Saharan territorial group, one special forces group, and one military police regiment. They hold 900 armored fighting vehicles, 350 tanks, a manpower of over five million, 139 pieces of aircraft and a total naval strength of 50.



It has the army , navy and air force .It owns 920 armored fighting vehicles, 140 tanks, 270 pieces of aircraft, and has a navy of 56 craft.



Its strength comes from its large number of equipment even though the troops might be little. The country still has available 2,500 armored fighting vehicles, 500 tanks, 600 towed artillery pieces, 6,500 logistical vehicles, and much more.

A list of the times Parliamentary sessions have ended up in fights

We are no longer surprised when we see our leaders fight after a heated discussion in chambers.

From your favorite MCA’s to MP’s here is a list of those leaders who have been seen on video fighting.

At times one tends to wonder do these mps remember they have families watching them and friends as well, or do they only think about themselves?

1. South Africa 


Radical mps in South Africa threw punches during one of their parliamentary sessions. It was when the former President Jacob Zuma was to give the State of the Nation address that they stood up to cause the chaos telling the former president to resign.

2. Uganda 


When the parliament in Uganda wanted to change the issue of presidential age limit. This is because their constitution stated that a president should not be 75 years and above. However, their current president passed that age limit which later ended up with a fight.

3. Kenya


Fistfights and scuffles broke out in the Kenyan parliament in 2014 as members approved sweeping anti-terrorism laws that rights activists warn pose a draconian threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech.

The Speaker was thrown for books and other objects by some members of parliament.