BREAKING NEWS: Heavy Fighting As Al Shabaab Seizes KDF Base In Somalia

Al Shabaab militants have reportedly seized a remote military base from KDF soldiers serving in the African Union force during an attack early this morning.

The group, which once ruled much of Somalia, wants to topple the Western-backed government in Mogadishu and drive out the peacekeepers made up of soldiers from Kenya, Djibouti, Uganda, Ethiopia and other African nations.

“Two mujahideen rammed suicide car bombs into the base in Kulbiyow town before storming it. After hand-to-hand fighting, we have taken over the base,” said Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab’s military operation spokesman.

It is said Kenyan troops are currently in defence mode as the number of casualties is currently unknown.

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Al Shabaab Militants Chop Off Hands Of Two Accused Thieves

Al Shabaab militants cut off the right hands of two alleged thieves in a region of Somalia controlled by the al Qaeda-affiliated group, a senior al Shabaab official said on Thursday.

Two men, Farah Bile Mand Quri Osman, admitted at a trial to stealing money from a shop and a judge ordered the right hands of both to be cut off, the al Shabaab governor of the Galgadud region, Sheikh Hassan Ali, told Reuters.

The order was carried out on Wednesday, he said.

The terror movement has been fighting for years to drive out African Union peacekeepers, topple Somalia’s Western-backed central government and impose its brand of sharia (Islamic law) in the Horn of Africa country.

In areas under its control, al Shabaab has carried out executions, floggings and single-limb amputations after summary trials on charges including theft or espionage.

The terror group once held large swathes of Somalia including Mogadishu before being ousted from the capital in 2011 and losing further ground, though they continue to pose a formidable threat with bombings in Somalia and neighbouring Kenya.

Kenya’s military forms part of the African Union peacekeeping force that props up Somalia’s central government.

Al Shabaab has sought to disrupt Somalia’s protracted parliamentary elections – part of efforts to rebuild the fractured nation after decades of civil war. The three-month vote is due to end on December 29.

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SAD: Six Perish In Mandera Al Shabaab Attack

Six people have this morning been killed in a suspected Al-Shabaab attack on a residential plot in Bulla public works in Mandera Town.

The incident happened at about 2am as the tenants were asleep.

Those affected were non locals. Police said the attackers shot at the victims randomly after they had broken into the plot.

The gang used a grenade to break the entrance of the plot before they shot at those who were sleeping in there. They escaped soon after the incident.

Police said there were 33 people at the plot at the time of the attack and that one was seriously injured and 25 others rescued.

Two people were still missing hours later.

Residents said police response was swift and that the attackers were heavily armed.

Mandera governor Ali Roba termed the incident a sad attack.

Terror suspect jailed for 20 years

A 24-year-old businessman, who operates a car hire service, has been jailed for 20 years after being convicted of being a member of the outlawed Al Shabaab terrorist group.

Abdirizack Muktar Edow, who is the owner of a vehicle that was allegedly found with eight hand grenades in Mandera Town on May 31,2014 was found guilty on 7 counts of terrorism. Senior Principal  Magistrate Joyce Ngandani said that the prosecution proved it’s case against the man.

According to the DPP, Edow was in constant communication with an Al-Shabaab linkman identified as Sheikh Hassan on May 3, a day before the vehicle was intercepted at a roadblock in Mandera.

“It is clear that sheikh black was not in possession of grenades for innocent reasons, but they were heading to carry out a terrorist act. He was found with pictures and videos of Osama Bin Laden, Samantha Leithwaithe” she said.

He was charged with sending invitations, allegedly found on his cell phone, for a radicalization meeting scheduled for February 2 at the Masjid Musa ”to further the cause of a terror group.”

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KWALE: Former GSU Officer Linked To Al Shabaab Arrested

Police On Tuesday arrested a former GSU officer, who is among the most wanted Al Shabaab members and behind the killing of Nyumba Kumi officials and reformed returnees in Kwale.

Alfan Rashid Mtsumi alia Juma Mwakambirwa was arrested and a hand grenade recovered from his house after months of being trailed.

Kwale OCPD Patrick Oduma he was arrested within Kombani area and led detectives to his house in Ukunda where they recovered the grenade.

According to reports, Mtsuma retired from GSU in the rank of a constable after serving for 12 years in the most disciplined police force.

Police believed he was recruited to join al shabaab cells where he assisted in training and killing of state informers and security agents in Coast region.

“We are still interrogating him before he is arraigned in court, we believe he will assist detectives with information to arrest other key al shabab members on the run.”said Oduma.

Mtsuma was among eight wanted terror suspects whom their photos and names were circulated by police for allegedly terrorizing the public within the coastal region on May 30.

His accomplices includes Ali Haji Kolagwa, Ali Salim Mwagutsi, Said Athman Mjinga and Said Hassan Seti, Ali Hamisi Mwaligulu, Ali Musa Mwagutsi, and Hamisi Musa Mwaligulu .


One Feared Dead In Mandera Al Shabaab Ambush

One person is feared dead after Al Shabaab militia men ambushed a civilian vehicle in Mandera County on Saturday evening. The Star reports.

Reports indicated that the ambush occurred between Fino and Sheikh Barow area.

A tweet from Red Cross says that the private car had six people and was on it’s way to Lafey before it was attacked.

The attack comes a day after 21 people were admitted at Elwak subcounty hospital after they were allegedly beaten during a military operation on Friday morning.

The operation was conducted in Harwale Village, which is is alleged to be a hideout of al Shabaab members.

However, KDF spokesman David Obonyo said no military operation was conducted in Mandera that day.

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LAMU: Four Al Shabaab Killed By KDF

Four Al shabaab militants were killed by Kenya Defence Forces as they tried to launch an attack in Lamu County.

KDF Spokesman David Obonyo says rifles and an improvised explosive device were recovered from the militants, after they were repulsed by Kenyan troops. One KDF soldier was injured in the incident and is receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, the three terror suspects arrested, while their accomplice was killed in Malindi, have been handed over to anti terror police officers for further interrogation in Mombasa.

The three who include wanted terror suspect Abdullaziz Ali, were allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in Mombasa and Malindi.

Mombasa County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed says security has been heightened to avert any terror attacks by the Al shabaab.


Al-Shabaab Member Killed In Kwale, Three Arrested


Police on Monday thwarted a terrorist attack and killed a wanted Al-Shabaab member in Kwale.

Regional Police boss Francis Wanjohi said the officers arrested three other suspects and recovered a hand grenade and a motorbike. He said detectives were acting on intelligence information on a planned terror attack within Kwale County.

Wanjohi said the officers raided the hideouts of suspected al shaabaab returnees and killed one of them

According to reports, wanted terror suspect Idris Aden was among the three arrested during the operation.

Aden was dispatched from Al-Shabaab stronghold in Somalia to coordinate terrorist attacks in the Coastal Region.

Police are investigating if the group was behind the recent killing of three Nyumba Kumi officials and a reformed Al-Shabaab returnee in Bongwe area Kwale.

The four had come out openly to oppose the extremism ideologies of the Al-Shabaab militia group, which has managed to radicalize hundreds of youth mainly from South Coast for decades under the watch of security agents.


Tight Security In Mombasa Over Terror Alert

Tight security measures are in place to deal with any terrorist attack in Mombasa. County Commissioner Maalim Mohamed is assuring both visitors and locals of security during this holy month of Ramadhan.

He says their intelligence team is aware of a planned attack by the Al shabaab during the holy month.

Still in coast, six suspects have been arrested in connection with the death of a chief Mohamed Shee in Lamu. Police say he was slashed with machetes on his way to work.

Meanwhile, police say several chiefs in Kwale County have fled their homes in fear, following the killing of three nyumba kumi officials by Al shabab returnees.


Police pursuing gunmen behind police post attack at Kenya-Somalia border


Police and military officials are pursuing gunmen who attacked a police post along the Kenya-Somalia border and escaped with a police vehicle and mortar Sunday morning.

The incident happened in Diif Town, Wajir South in Wajir County. Police say no one was injured but the gang, believed to be Al Shabaab militants, escaped with a landcruiser and a mortar. They also burnt part of the structures that were at the station.

This is the latest attack after a lull of almost four months. Efforts to trace the car are ongoing. Survivors said the attack happened at about 2 am.