Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime is struggling to understand Sauti Sol’s ‘Kuliko Jana’ and ‘Isabella’

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime thoroughly wows her audience whenever she performs.

The 29-year-old multiple award winner has caught our attention after she posted a video asking boy band Sauti Sol to help her understand two of their most popular hits, so that next time she can sing along, and enjoy the songs just like Kenyans do.

The two songs on her mind are ‘Kuliko Jana’ and ‘Isabella’. In a video posted on her social media, the funny entertainer has caught the attention of the boy band who have now promised to help her.

I always assumed she knew Kiswahili, but I guess I was wrong. Did you know she can’t speak Kiswahili.

The trio shared the video below, where she is describing how much she loves them, as they are the best musicians she has ever had.

She said; ‘Kansiime Ia have lied to so many people I can speak kiswahili so many times, they don’t know I have lied. I love their songs but they are in kiswahili, it would be so nice if I could sing? I love their music, but I’m bothered. I have inboxed them several times to tell me their words.’

It’s worth noting that she really can sing.


This Is What Anne Kansiime Had To Say After Being ‘Busted With Cocaine’

After Tanzanian superstars were arrested in connection to the drug busts Tanzania is trying to do, attention was called to Anne Kansiime after a story surfaced on these Internets claiming she had been arrested at Heathrow airport with 2kilograms of cocaine.

According to a dubious site called Metro UK (honestly, the levels people sink to to perpetuate false stories is crazy), she was searched by the customs and border police upon suspicion and her luggage was found to contain a small bag containing white powder.

They conducted a second search and found a second similar bag which was tested and turned a positive result for cocaine. The estimated worth of the cocaine she was caught with was 80,000 pounds. Upon receiving wind of the fake story, Anne Kansiime issued the following statement:

Anne Kansiime’s Semi-Nude S3x Scene From An Old Movie Leaks Online And Goes Viral

Tonight, our @funfactory show was amazing! Thanks for showing up in big numbers my ninjas. It was valentines all over again on stage.
And about the online story going around that this your ninja girl is currently detained in some prison cell in London for being in possession of 2kgs of Cocain at Heathrow airport….. heheheheheheh this world is not my home indeed!?
Thank you my ninjas for being the first to doubt such stories and Let’s spread more love to eachother my ninjas.
Trust me, they are #sharedblessings.