Waiguru ampongeza Imran, asema ni ‘zao la Handshake’

Gavana wa Kirinyaga Anne Waiguru amempongeza mbunge mteule wa Kibra Bernard Imran Okoth kwa ushindi katika uchaguzi mdogo uliofanywa Alhamisi.

Kupitia mtandao wake Twitter, Waiguru alimpongeza Imran Okoth huku akisema ni “Zao la Handshake’ katika uchaguzi huo mdogo.

Makosa Aliyofanya MacDonald Mariga, Angembwaga Imran Okoth

Waiguru ambaye ni miongoni mwa wanasiasa wa Jubilee waliojitokeza hadharani kumpigia kampeni Imran Okoth wa ODM licha kwamba kulikuwa na mgombeaji McDonald Mariga wa chama chake.

PATANISHO: Baba Alibomoa Nyumba Yangu Na Kupeleka Mabati Kwa Chifu

Gavana wa zamani wa Kiambu pia alimpongeza ushindi wa Imran.

IEBC imemtangaza rasmi Imran Okoth wa ODM kuwa mshindi wa uchaguzi mdogo wa Kibra. Okoth alipata kura elfu 24,636, akifuatiwa na mwaniaji wa Jubilee McDonald Mariga aliyepata kura 11,230.

Eliud Owalo wa ANC alipata kura elfu 5,275.


Pesa tamu! Tazama picha za nyumba yake Anne Waiguru

Wakenya kwenye mitandao ya kijamii walipatwa na mshtuko baada ya kuona picha za nyumba yake Anne Waiguru iliyo kwenye mtaa wa Kitisuru.

Inasemekana kuwa, nyumba yake Anne iligharimu shilingi milioni 150.

Ng’ang’a awasuta wanaosambaza video zake, asema wana mapepo

Wakenya waliweza kushuhudia uzuri wa hii nyumba baada ya wakubwa wa kundi la Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission kuenda kwenye nyumba za viongozi 12 wa National youth Services.

Taharuki kuhusu ongezeko la visa vya mimba za wasichana wadogo Murang’a

Waiguru alikuwa mwingoni mwa viongozi walitembelewa na kundi hilo la Ethics mwaka wa 2015.

Tazama picha zifuatazo.

waiguru 1 waiguru 2 waiguru 3 waiguryu 4 waiguru 5

PATANISHO: Awache kunisumbua wanawake ni wengi Kenya!



Honorable love! Everything you need to know about the Lawyer who’s won Waiguru’s heart

The lovely Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru has found love in City lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo to the excitement of many Kenyans especially those she leads.

On February 16, Waiguru and her love – Kamotho Waiganjo – held their ruracio ceremony in Kirinyaga.

Only family members and close friends were invited and none of the guests were allowed to take photos.
Ruracio is a dowry payment ceremony among the Kikuyu people.

Anne Waiguru has three lovely sons namely: Ian, Don, and Wabu from her previous marriage, while Waiganjo has three children.

Anne Waiguru

Despite being a public figure Waiguru has managed to keep her love life a private affair.

Here are things you did’t know about Waiguru’s new love.

  1.  Kamotho Waiganjo is a senior partner at Kamotho Maiyo & Mbatia Firm.

According to the KM & M website, he’s a constitutional lawyer and is most known for his tenure as a commissioner at the Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution (CIOC), where he was the Chair of the Public Finance Committee and also Co–Convened Devolution Committee.

2. Columnist

Waiguru’s man is a newspaper columnist with the Standard. He writes articles on various topical issues, mostly politics.

3. A father of three

He has two daughters and a son from his previous marriage. His daughters are called Nyambura and Nailantei Kamotho, while his son is called Waiganjo Kamotho. One of his daughters is the marketing executive at the Kenya Diaspora Alliance – KDA.

4. Law schools he attended

Kamotho studied at Kenya School of Law LLM (Master of Laws)

He studied International Finance Law and LLB at the University of Nairobi.

waiguru lover

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru shows Kenyans how to move their waist

A video clip of Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru dancing has excited Kenyans on Twitter.

The clip of Waiguru together with other county officials was recorded during the launch of a market in the county.

Kirinyaga Aspiring Governor Anne Waiguru. /FILE

Kenyans on Twitter were stunned by Waiguru’s moves.

“Kirinyaga Got Talent!! DG, MCAs and I got to dust off our dancing skills with this talented youth group from Mwea,” Waiguru posted.

A video of the governor moving her foot and her waist left many Kenyans wondering how talented she was.

With her short skirt and high heels, Waiguru was seen dancing better than the organizers as they threw their hips and hands in the air.

She twisted her waist effortlessly, descended and ascended and had her steps in perfect sync with youthful dancers who performed during the event.

“Wow, you did great for real. I bet you do this at home alone,” @ItsMorrisNdegwa said.

@muushepherd said “When will we ever open our eyes…Kurogwa tulirogwa aky.”

“Putting best foot forward. Nimeona unaeza zikwenda,” @harris_karis

@chimbawarui1 said “Nice one, I visited your county from Nyandarua to a place called Kimunye you have some work to do on your rural roads though seems there are some positive strides noted.”

 “Nice move from my constituency,”@nkeenzy said.

@Uastruly said “And you can really dance.”

“You are a good dancer,” @Annetnjeeri said.

@NeshhNesh said “Wah, real talents am telling you.”

“I love this . Job plus fun,” @GiTarRay1 said.

@paulinenjoroge said “Weweee! You’ve got moves!”

“A good dancer you are boss,” @DamarisSyombua said.

@martinmutugi said “When you know your job … You dance with wanjiku… Proud of our governor.”

“Apart from Kizungu Mingi n Catwalking u can also Dance so well. Congratulations Madam Governor,” @thomskan82 said.

@Timo_Utd said “You are quite the dancer it has to be said! Looks like Theresa May should borrow a leaf from you.”

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Election Tallies Shows Victory For Passaris, Waiguru And Journalist Mohammed Ali

Anne Waiguru, journalist Mohammed Ali and businesswoman Esther Passaris are likely to win the seats they vied for in the national election.

Waiguru, who once served as Devolution Cabinet Secretary, had 108,736 votes, by 6.50am on Wednesday, against Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua’s 77,874.

JUJA: Mgombeaji Francis Waititu Apige Kura Huku Akiwa Amepiga Magoti (PICHA)

Bedan Kagai had 6,599 votes while Governor Joseph Ndathi trailed at 3,033.

Waiguru and Karua battled it out for the governor post in the county that has 349,836 registered voters, and is position 23 in the list of counties with the most voters.

Waiguru resigned from her minister post in November 2015 following the Sh1.8 billion NYS scandal while Karua was Justice minister in former President Mwai Kibaki’s regime.

The former CS trounced Ndathi during the Jubilee Party primaries.

The public had expected President Uhuru Kenyatta to endorse Waiguru or Karua during their rigorous campaigns but he said the people would make the choice.

Governors Rutto, Munya And Kidero Could Be Headed Home

Ali, known for the Jicho Pevu show, wants to take over from Hezron Awiti as Nyali MP. He went independent after ditching NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s ODM party.

The former KTN journalist had 20,768 votes at that time and was followed by ODM’s Said Salim (12,643), Jubilee’s Ashraf Bayusuf (7,556) and Wiper’s John Mcharo (2,586).

Passaris had 639 470 votes and was followed by incumbent Nairobi woman representative Rachel Shebesh who had 514,790.

Passaris is in the orange party and Shebesh in Jubilee Party.

If You Think Voting Is A Waste Of Time, Here’s A List Of How One Vote Changed The World

-The Star

Anne Waiguru Joins Politics And Reveals Her Big Plans For Kirinyaga County

Former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru has officially joined politics and shelved any ambition to hold any position as a technocrat  in the government.

According to The Star, Waiguru, who announced her admission as a member of the TNA party on Friday August 26th, is touted to be in the race to occupy the Kirinyaga governor seat in the 2017 general election.

She was presented with a gold membership of The National Alliance, therefore becoming a life member.

“TNA is the first party I have ever become a member of in my move from being a technocrat. I am excited now that I will be part of the team,” Waiguru said.

TNA is one of the entities that are waiting for the national delegates meeting that will see at least 13 parties merged to form Jubilee Party.

“I am also going to the grassroots to consult with the people of Kirinyaga before I can finally announce what we agree with them,” she said.

Waiguru is said to be seeking to oust the incumbent Governor Joseph Ndathi. Kirinyaga Central MP Joseph Gitari has also shown interest in the seat.

-The Star

CORD Leader Raila Denies Defaming Waiguru

CORD Leader Raila Odinga has denied allegations that he defamed former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru for suggesting she was involved with the theft of 791 million shillings –NYS money.

In his response to the petition by Waiguru that is seeking damages from the CORD principal, Raila says that Waiguru has failed to give a satisfactory explanation regarding the NYS scandal, adding that Waiguru was the overall responsible officer for the said losses.

“I deny each and every allegations contained in the petition by Waiguru, ”states Raila.

Raila further denies receiving a demand letter and notice of intention to sue over the said defamatory allegations.

“The defendants denies that the words complained of were in any way, malicious and calculated to bring the plaintiff into public scandal and further denies that she suffered any loss of damage,” he argues.

Raila now wants the case dismissed saying that it does not disclose any reasonable cause of action.

Late last year Waiguru moved to court to sue Raila for linking her to the loss of over 700 million shillings at the National Youth Service.

Waiguru is seeking a court order to compel Raila to stop any further utterances linking her to the National Youth Service scandal.

She is also seeking compensation for damages caused by the CORD leader’s utterances claiming that they have portrayed her as a common thief and embezzler of public funds.

The former devolution CS has denied embezzling or stealing from anyone.

“During my time as CS for Devolution, I upheld integrity and conducted my duties with honesty and dedication,” she argues.

So far 11 people have been charged in connection with the loss of NYS money. Those charged in connection with the NYS scandal include former devolution PS Peter Mangiti, NYS Director General Nelson Githinji and businessman Benson Gethi among

Kesi ya NYS imehamishwa katika mahakama mpya ya ufisadi

Picha: Maktaba

Kesi ya wizi wa shilingi milioni 791 za shirika la NYS imehamishwa hadi katika mahakama mpya ya kupambana na ufisadi. Kesi hiyo iliyowasilishwa na shirika la kurejesha mali Iliyoibwa dhidi ya Ben Gethi na washukiwa wengine ilifaa kusikizwa ili uamuzi utolewe iwapo Josephine Kabura alifaa kujumuishwa.

Hayo yakiarifiwa, mtaalam wa masuala ya kisiasa Mutahi Ngunyi amekanusha kuwahi kukutana na mshukiwa wa sakata ya NYS Josephine Kabura. Ngunyi hata hivyo amesema aliwahi kumwonya aliyekuwa waziri wa ugatuzi Anne Waiguru kwamba bidhaa zilizonunuliwa kwa mradi wa usafishaji wa mtaa wa kibera zilikuwa zimeongezwa bei kupindukia.

Maisha yangu yamo hatarini, Asema Waiguru

Picha: Businessdaily

Aliyekuwa waziri wa ugatuzi Anne Waiguru amesema maisha yake yamo hatarini na anawataka polisi kumpa ulinzi zaidi.

Waiguru ameamwandikia barua inspekta mkuu wa polisi Joseph Boinett akitaka kupewa ulinzi kwani ametishwa na watu mashuhuri akiwemo kiongozi wa walio wengi bungeni Aden Duale kufuatia hati yake ya kiapo iliyowataja baadhi ya viongozi waliohusika na sakata ya NYS.