I have been cheating on my husband with other women for 13 years!

Lesbianism and same sex unions are slowly turning from being a taboo to being a norm in the country with such cases now on the rise in for the last few years.

‘I found my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering,’ – Annitah Raey narrates

In August, on Annitah Raey’s ‘Sema na Raey’ show, a lesbian lady named Regina from Nairobi revealed that she once burnt down her girlfriend’s house after she moved in with another woman.

Regina claimed that what motivated her to do the ungodly act is the fact that she was the one who out of love bought a land and built a house for her girlfriend, only for her to move in with a mysterious woman.

I burnt down my girlfriend’s house after she moved in with another lady – Narrates lesbian woman

A month later, another lady who chose to remain anonymous opened up about her being a lesbian despite being married for over 10 years!
According to the lady, she was introduced into lesbianism when she was just 19 by her then boss and she has never looked back ever since. She shocked many when she revealed that she finds it tough quitting her habits years later.
What’s more shocking is the fact that her hubby has no clue she has been cheating on him with other women.

Nimekuwa nikiletea mume wangu wanawake nyumbani

Read her confession below.

Hilo ni janga kubwa na niko kwenye hiyo hali. Nina mika 43 na nimekuwa kwa hiyo shida tangia nikiwa na miaka kumi na tisa na nili introduciwa na boss wangu.

Nilikuwa nimeandikwa kazi kwa hizi estates na mdosi wangu alikuwa wa hayo maneno na nikazoea kabisa. I have a man, I have four kids but ako tu na hajui.

Nimekuwa kwa ndoa for around 13-years na hajui wala hajawahi shuku. Mtuombee na we want that advice tujue tutafanya nini.


Listen to the audio below.

‘I found my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering,’ – Annitah Raey narrates

‘Sema na Raey’ host, Annitah Raey was in an abusive marriage at the age of 19.
The presenter and her mother did not see eye to eye, so after she completed Form 4 she opted to get married instead of going back home, Annitah told Radiojambo.co.ke.
“I finished school in November and got married in December to a guy I thought would be the best husband ever. He was 10 years older and, as I was young, I hoped marriage would be a bed of roses.”
Five months later, Annitah came home one evening and found another woman’s shoes at the doorstep.
“I got in the house, met my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering. Of course being the woman of that house I decided to ask who the woman was, but he slapped me and that was the turning point in our marriage.
For the first time I decided to call my parents but they did not help me.”
Going back home was not an option so she put up with the man until the abuse grew worse.
“He did not stop cheating, but I told myself the marriage had to work. The longer I waited, the more violent he became.
I received beatings, even with my first pregnancy. The emotional abuse was worse than the physical abuse and I had to leave that marriage. And the worst thing is that I left my son with him.”

‘Men are loyal to open legs!,’ Annitah Raey weighs in on Asbel Kiprop’s love triangle

The dust may have settled but the wind surrounding Olympic champion, Asbel Kiprop’s love affair is still roaring and Radio Jambo’s Annitah Raey has decided to jump into the bandwagon.

Meet the hot female politician in the leaked Asbel Kiprop’s video that’s trending

Kiprop made news for the better part of last week after a raunchy video and photos of him and one, Nancy Rotich Chepsiya took the internet by storm.


The most outrageous thing about the whole story is that, Nancy is married to Kiprop’s close friend and training partner. During an interview with the Nairobian, Nancy’s husband claimed that his wife, who unsuccessfully vied for a MCA post in 2017, had been blackmailed into sleeping with him.

asbel kiprop 1


He added,


Former Olympic 1500m champion Asbel Kiprop gives up on fight to prove innocence

Weighing in on the whole scandal, the ever bold Annitah Raey sympathized with Nancy’s husband, but specifically called out on couples who think it’s cool to record their sexual escapades, for the ‘culture’ insisting that the internet never forgets.

asbel kiprop

So last weekend we saw the video of Asbel Kiprop na bibi ya pace setter wake. By the way hapo ali pace wacha tuseme tu ukweli. Yaani pacesetter unakimbizana na mtu uwanjani halafu anakimbizana na wewe kwa kitanda. I don’t advocate for cheating it happens anyway but at the end of the day he was revenging and then said that someone set him up.

She added,

I think it was stupid because I don’t understand why people record themselves making out, kissing and having sex. Hizi ni vitu unafaa kuweka kwa memory ya kichwa tumeharibiwa sana na hii technology ati oh ‘Let’s record ourselves and then delete.’ Mama, the internet never forgets.


However, the ‘Sema na Raey’ host had some valuable piece of advice directed to the boy child who either do not understand or have zero idea of what it means to have a ‘bro code’.

She insisted on men steering away from their friend’s girlfriends or wives at all costs.

Let’s come to the loyalty part of boys. This is your friend huyu ni bibi yake sio dame anakatia, you see there is a ‘bro code’. The bro code is one; Usiwahi guza dame ya mtu kama wako serious. She said.

Let me tell you the truth, these boys got no loyalty and I don’t know any man who says no to sex. Acha nipatie wanaume free advice; When you hurt your woman, the first person she’s gonna screw is your best friend – and the reason he’s gonna agree is because they got no loyalty.

Men are loyal to open legs. Period!

Watch the video below.

I burnt down my girlfriend’s house after she moved in with another lady – Narrates lesbian woman

A lesbian lady named Regina from Nairobi revealed that she once burnt down her girlfriend’s house after she moved in with another woman.

Is Annitah Raey dating Hopekid? She responds

Regina claims that what motivated her to do the ungodly act is the fact that she was the one who out of love bought a land and built a house for her girlfriend, only for her to move in with a mysterious woman.

Speaking to Annitah Raey, Regina who is recovering after suffering from stress and depression, revealed that her main aim was to burn the two lovers as well as burn herself up in the process.

“Pray For Me, I’ll be back soon” – Ailing Annitah Raey Sends Warm Message To Her Loyal Fans


There is this lady nilikuwa napenda sana. You know relationships is not about a man and a woman it’s all about where I fall feelings-wise. There is this lady nilikuwa napenda sana I have invested a lot in here, tume date for the last 12 years. She narrated.

Something happened after nilimjengea nyumba na akaingie kwa ile nyumba na mwanamke mwingine na kufuatilia walikuwa na deal na yeye. Sasa ile kuni hurt walini hurt nilikuwa karibu niwachomee ndani kwa sababu nilienda nikachoma nyumba yote.

Niligonjeka kwani hadi sahii bado nanywa madawa nilitoka hospitali juzi. Added Regina.

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Listen to her full confession below.

‘I slept with my husband’s boss to save his job,’ Kenyan woman reveals (AUDIO)

You may have come across the phrase: ‘When push comes to shove,’ but if not then according to Wiktionary it simply means ;When the situation is critical or urgent or rather, when the time has come for action.

Well this came to light few days ago during Annitah Raey’s Sema na Raey show when a lady called in to reveal that she once slept with her hubby’s boss in a bid to save his job.

She narrated that she had paid her hubby a visit in one of the police camps where he was scheduled to be on night shift to secure a number of lorries. Since his man was around, he chose to go back home to be with her only to learn that a number of car batteries were stolen on that very night.

According to the anonymous lady, her husband was on the brink of losing his job and she had to step in to save his career since somehow she was part of the reason why her man was in hot soup.

Read her narration below.

‘Bwanangu Hunipea Lipunda Hadi Natorokea Kwa Jirani,’ Confesses Kenyan Woman

 “Ilibidi Annita” She said.

Ilikuwa last year nilikuwa nimeenda kutembelea mzee kazini ni askari, alikuwa amepostiwa Kakamega. Sasa hiyo kambi yao ilikuwa na lori zilikuwa zimelala huko na walikuwa wanazichunga. Sasa bwanangu alikuwa duty hiyo usiku lakini alirudi nyumbani na hakuwacha mtu kwa kambi na wezi waliiba battery za gari, na mkubwa wake alimpigia kelele sana.

She added, halafu nikama ule mdosi wake alikuwa ananimezea mate na bwanangu hakuniambia directly na nikaona ana stress sana.

The following day walikuwa wanaenda kuchunga exams lakini mkubwa wake alibaki kwa kambi. Sasa nikaenda kwa kambi na mkubwa wake aliniambia kuwa hao polisi watatu wanapaswa kulipa elfu ishirini na tano.

She continued, hapo nikamwambia mkubwa wake niko ready kufanya chochote lakini asimpeleke mbio kwani bwanangu alikuwa anamlipia dadake fee. Sasa ikabidi nilale naye na bwanangu hakulipa zile fedha. Baada yake mdosi alimwambia kuwa deni lake limeisha. Lakini bwanangu hajui na siwezi taka ajue kabisa.

Listen to the audio below.


Sema na Raey: Couples open up on how their parents ruined their marriages

On Wednesday, ‘Sema na Raey’ host, Annitah Raey asked both men and women to open up on how their parents forgot to mind their own business and instead interfered with their marriages, ruining them in the process.

Interesting enough, mothers in law were faulted by many for always being nosy and demanding towards their daughters in law.

‘I found my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering,’ – Annitah Raey narrates

One lady narrated how her own mother lied to her husband that she was sleeping around and that she had never stepped her foot in her home ever since the couple separated.

She says her ex husband was brain washed by the lies and the two have never been able to hold a conversation since the damage is already done.

Read her confession below.

‘I was scared of doing a show alone! Cries Annitah Raey as she celebrates one year on Radio Jambo

“Nilikuwa kwenye ndoa ya mika kumi na moja, nilikuwa na watoto watatu. Siku moja nilikosana na mume wangu na nikarudi nyumbani na kuna sister yangu mwenye ananifuata. Mume wangu akaja na shopping lakini hanioni kama kitu lakini anamuona sister yangu kama kitu.” She said.

She added, Sasa nilitaka kurudi kwangu nyumbani na alipopigia babangu hakumpata ila alipata mama yangu na akamweleza kuwa angependa turudiane ili tulee watoto. Imagine mamangu alimuambia kuwa anatakaje kurudiana nami na hajui niliko akidai hajui nilipoenda.

Imagine Annitah hadi wa leo mume wangu akinipigia simu husema mimi ni malaya na kuwa mimi ni malaya, siwezi ishi kwetu na mamangu hajui niliko. Haki huwa inaniuma.

Kumuuliza mamangu akasema kuwa hakutaka niishi kwa ile ndoa eti nitafute ndoa nyingine. Aii tangu Januari sijawahi mpigia simu kwani inaniuma sana.

Listen to the audio below.

I was buried for three days in Tanzania in search for prosperity,’ Reveals gospel artist Rigan Sarkozi

Gospel singer Rigan sarkozi’s life history is an inspiring yet a scary one altogether.

In a recent interview with Annitah Raey, the man who rose to fame thanks to his ‘Wewe ni mungu’ hit song which he featured Daddy Owen shocked many when he revealed that his life has not been a bed of roses, having had to resort to witchcraft services and drug dealing business to survive.

‘I was ‘cyberbullied’ for talking about rape,’ reveals Annitah Raey

Speaking about his controversial past for the first time ever, Sarkozi revealed that his spirit has been convincing him to speak out on how he turned to the same God he was fighting in search for prosperity.

“As a christian and as a human being, I got saved in 2011 and since then I haven’t spoken about this (practicing witchcraft). So I asked myself why I haven’t and everyday my spirit was constantly urging me to speak out about my life history and I decided to do so since God has a reason why I went through it all. ” Said Sarkozi.


So I did not wake up just one morning and got saved, I have been involved in theft cases, witchcraft among others. I would come in your house and steal your TV set and leave only for you to realize it hours later.

He noted that It all started with the company he kept in the past. His friends were into women and the partying life and since their parents would never give them money for such use, they resorted to stealing household items.

I almost killed myself when my wife left me via text message – Mejja (VIDEO)

So how did he decide to turn to witchcraft?

Some of our friends were beaten up in the process and that is when we got into drug business which was very closely linked with devil worshiping. So together with eleven of my friends I joined a group called ‘Baduz’ which means ‘twelve followers’ where we got into the drug dealing business where we were tasked to carry out small missions in a bid to earn a luxurious life.

He added, In there, there was a price to pay depending on the kid of lifestyle you wanted to lead, For example I had always admired a big car and a big house, wanted to help people since I used to live in the streets.

I was told in order to gain all that first condition would be; I find a wife and she would have a miscarriage every eight months for a period of five years and that meant that every miscarriage brought with it a different treasure.

The Star
The Star

I have carried out such activities in three countries; Congo, Kenya and Tanzania before I decided to change my ways. In Tanzania I was looking for a job and once I landed a spot in one of the music bands where someone advised me that in order to be successful I had to seek the services of a witch.

Rigan narrates that some of the orders the witch would give out include stealing a child’s body and having sex with it. After that, one would be forced to cut the child’s umbilical cord and store it in a container, together with his sperms.

The witch would then use then instruct her clients to carry the concoction around and always apply it on their lips or their tongues which would bind their ‘competition’ or enemies if for instance they are applying for employment, and they would be successful.

He went on to reveal that on the day he was due to undergo the whole process, he overslept and missed the opportunity to meet the witch. The witch through Sarkozy’s friend, warned him that if he continued to play with fire he would be consumed.


He opted to seek the same services but this time from a male witch who ordered him to be buried from his neck down for three days, a process which ended prematurely after the witch detected that his spirit was in touch with God as he cried for salvation, and he was chased away.

Sarkozy decided to change his ways for good upon receiving a call from his mother who dreamt that her son had died.

It is at this point where he fled Tanzania with the little that he had and came back to Kenya where he was bred as a young boy and decided to give his life to Christ, despite being as drunk as a fiddler back in 2011.

Listen to the audio below.

‘I was scared of doing a show alone! Cries Annitah Raey as she celebrates one year on Radio Jambo

Today marks a very special day for the queen of radio, Annitah Raey. It marks exactly one year since the ever vibrant soul went on air on 97.5 fm for the first time ever.

‘I was ‘cyberbullied’ for talking about rape,’ reveals Annitah Raey

Watch Annitah’s first ever video interview with us below.

Coming in as an experienced and one who had already established a wide fan base, Annitah was up and running and already winning more ears and hearts thanks to her mellow voice, her fierce attitude and her ever cultivating topics which cut across all matters love and relationships.

The one thing that left Radio Jambo’s Annitah Raey heartbroken

Celebrating her fete, Annitah took to her Facebook page where she walked her fans down memory lane on where the journey began years ago.

In 2016, after making her radio presenting debut at Ghetto radio, she left for greener pastures at Milele fm where she spent an year before joining Radio Jambo. From there, her show is already the number one mid-morning show in the country.

Read her post below.

Is Annitah Raey dating Hopekid? She responds


2016 3rd August I left Ghetto radio.. I cried.. Lord I cried because I was leaving home.. I was leaving the people who helped me become Annitah Raey.. It’s hurt a lot..

2017 3rd August I left Milele Fm for Jambo..
I was so so bloody done with Milele I never even looked back..
One year down the line God has been sufficient.. God has been graceful.. God has shown me what he does for his chosen ones..
I was so so sacred of doing a show alone.. I was so so scared of being on my own.. But I was never ever alone.. Papa Imela.. Imela Papa..
Happy birthday to my show…. It’s been a good year and I pray the next one is better and greater..
#SemaNaRaey ❤❤❤❤

‘I cry A lot!,’ Annitah Raey Reveals 5 Things You Never Know About Her (VIDEO)


I almost killed myself when my wife left me via text message – Mejja (VIDEO)

Rapper Mejja Meme Hadhija popularly known as Mejja, has opened up about his battle with depression.

In an interview with Annitah Raey, the Niko poa and Jana kuliendaje hit maker who is a member of The Kansoul music group, revealed that he fell into depression just days after his wife whom he had known for five years suddenly broke up with him, for no reasons.

‘I was ‘cyberbullied’ for talking about rape,’ reveals Annitah Raey

Mejja confirms that there was no disagreement between him and his now Ex-wife when she decided to just leave the house and break up with him via a text message.

What’s heartbreaking is the fact that it all happened when he along with his fellow members of The Kansoul, were set to sign a lucrative endorsement deal with one of the alcoholic beverages companies, which was taking place in Thika.

“We had not disagreed actually we were so happy. That day, I was in Thika and I got her message asking me If I had arrived well, I told her yes and the next thing she told me was ‘Move on with your life’. The next time I called her, she neither received nor returned my calls.”

Mejja went on to say that, that was the last day his wife ever stepped into their house.
“I became so uncomfortable with that message. That was the beginning of everything and things fell apart.

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When I went back home she was not there and few things in the house were missing. I was so stressed especially because I had for long wanted to have a family and now I don’t know why she decided to just leave.
One day I decided to go see my baby and asked my wife what happened and she just had no reason.
The challenge he had was being a man because he felt he did not have to open up to his close friends, and wondered how it would even help him if he decided to.
“As a man, sharing that with my friends, was the hardest thing. It consumed me inside for so long but at last I decided to open up. I could not imagine the mother of my child living another man.
I worth being alive because as a man and with my career, you have to be happy especially when you are performing to people so I used to fake a smile.”

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That season led him to almost committing suicide
“Committing suicide was one of the thought that came in my mind, especially because I felt like there was something wrong but the best thing was that I had a friend who would come to my house. We would chat and slowly all the suicidal thoughts faded away and I got better.
Mejja revealed that the breakup was a blessing in disguise since he found a new soulmate who is completely the opposite version of his ex-wife and he is now much happier.
Watch the video below.