Raila, Gideon Moi hold talks for hours in Nairobi

The AU special infrastructure envoy and ODM chief Raila Odinga today held a four-hour meeting with KANU leader and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi in Nairobi.

The between between the two  is expected to generate wide political interest, and even re-ignite the succession politics debates.

There has been debates about leaders who descended from powerful families regrouping to stop politicians from “poor backgrounds” from assuming power after President Uhuru Kenyatta term expires in 2022.

Politicians allied to Deputy president William Ruto have been particularly vocal about this and with this meeting in perspective, it is expected that the rhetoric could raise again.

Sources close to the two leaders confirmed the meeting, but refused to give more details on what they discussed.

The meeting is said to have been at a Nairobi hotel and was closed door.

While the Baringo senator has announced that he will be running to replace Uhuru in the next election the ODM leader has not be forthcoming on whether he will vie or hang his boots in favour of a young leader.

Odinga has vied four times but maintains that he only lost once and that in the three other times, he was rigged out.

He would then have a truce with President Uhuru in March last year, neutralizing the opposition and developing a working relationship with the government.



Polisi 5 wa akiba kuuwawa na mifugo kuibwa katika shambulizi Baringo

Maafisa 5 wa taifa wa akiba waliweza kuuwawa na idadi isiyo julikana ya mifugo kuibwa na majambazi ambao wanashukiwa walitoka Pokot, kisha kushambulia Arabal, Baringo Alhamisi asubuhi.

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Kamanda wa polisi wa kaunti ya Baringo Robinson Ndiwa alisema kisa hicho kilitendeka wakati ambao washambulizi hao waliweza kushika usukani nyumba za manyatta za Tugen na maafisa hao kuuwawa katika kisa hicho.

1898069(2)Maafisa 5 wa taifa wa akiba waliweza kuuwawa na idadi isiyo julikana ya mifugo kuibwa na majambazi ambao wanashukiwa walitoka Pokot kisha kushambulia Arabal, Baringo Alhamisi asubuhi.

“Tayari tushaaleta askari wa  GSU, RDU na NPR ili kuwatafuta wezi hao wa mifugo ambao wamepeleka mifugo hiyo maeneo ya, Tiasty East,” Alisema Robinson.

Mkuu huyo wa polisi alisema kuwa wakazi hao wana wasiwasi na kuwauliza waweze kutulia kwa maana polisi wako katika kazi.

“Jambo hilo lili weza kufanya watu washangae na kushtuka kwa maana eneo hilo lilikuwa na amani, hakuna mtu yeyote aliweza kutarajia shambulizi hilo na wafugaji walikuwa wameacha mifugo wao wakule kwa huru,” Ndiwa aliongea.

Mwanaharakati wa eneo hilo Ole’mpaka aliweza kuomba serikali waweze kutoa helikopta ili ziweze kutafuta wezi hao ambao waliweza kuiba mifugo.

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Alisema kuwa wanaweza kuwa hawajaenda mbali, bali wamejificha vichakani.

“Maisha mengi yanaweza okolewa na kupata mifugo hao ambao waliibiwa kama watachukua hatua ya haraka,” Alieleza Oli’mpaka.

Mbunge wa kaunti ya Baringo kusini Charles Kamuren aliuliza polisi wa ulinzi wafanye kazi kwa haraka ili kurudisha amani na kutuliza wakazi wa eneo hilo.

Aliweza kuwaambia wakazi wawe makini kwa maana washambulizi hao hawajulikani walienda njia gani na wako mbali wapi.

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Mwaka jana September inasemekana kuwa maafisa wawili wa RDU na NPR waliweza kuumizwa na washambulizi waliokuwa wamejihami wa kutoka eneo la Pokot.

Katika kijiji cha Ramacha kata ndogo ya kaunti hiyo.“Polisi hao walikuwa katika kazi yao kama kawaida ambapo majambazi hao waliweza kutokea na kupiga risasi hewani,” Alieleza chifu wa eneo la Arabal William Koech.

Lakini ni lini wakazi hao watakaa na amani na lini wataacha kushambuliana wao kwa wao wenyewe.

Baringo County holds forums to address upsurge of snake bites

Owing to upsurge cases of snake bites Baringo County health department of health has rolled out awareness programme to address the menace.


County Chief Officer for Public Health Winnie Bore led the sensitization forums at AIC Church Poi in Saimo-Kipsaraman ward, Baringo North on Thursday.


“The programme is intended to keep locals informed on how they would reduce the cases of snake bites and handle the situation once someone falls victims” Bore said.


So far at least 140 people including school children have been killed by snakebites up to December 2017.


This is according to Gilbert nature- a Non-Governmental Organization dealing with wildlife who said a number of victims have also become physically challenged.

More than 40 victims are currently admitted to health centres in Tiaty, Baringo South, Mogotio, Baringo North and Baringo central sub-counties respectively.

However, the forum saw over 500 residents trained and given basic skills on how to lessen the chances of being bitten by snakes and also first aid methods. Dr Bore estimated that 300-500 people are bitten by Snakes monthly in Baringo.

She added that as a department they will increase the number of health workers working in snake prone regions so that they can be in a Position to respond to such incidences in good time.


“Poi has the highest cases of Snake bites in the entire County with nearly every family having been affected” she said


At the same time, she also revealed that there are also plans to purchase motorbikes which will be stationed in health facilities which have recorded a huge number of snake bite cases.


“We have also managed to train our health workers on how to administer anti-snake venom drugs on patients to avert incidences which might have prevented” she said adding that all health facilities in snake prone areas have been stocked with the drugs.


“This means that any victim of snakebite can be treated with the drugs since it was manufactured from venom collected from different snakes” he said.


Representatives from the Kenya Wild Services were also present and they took the residents through ways to follow when they are following up for compensations.


However, locals complained that the process of Compensation was like a pipedream for them since not even a single victim of snakebite has been compensated in the area since time immemorial.


Reuben Kisang a resident and also a victim of snake bite expressed optimism that there will be a reduction in the incidences.


Saimo Kipsaraman ward MCA John Aengwo said that there was need to bring on board all stakeholders so that they can sensitize locals on how to deal with venomous snakes.


He further urged the county government to deploy more health staff in the area to help combat the rising cases of Snake bites.


Baringo girls take meals under trees after school dining hall was converted into dormitory

Overwhelming students’ enrollment forces Lake Bogoria Girls’ Secondary school in Baringo South Sub-county to convert a dining hall into a dormitory.


The huge blow comes after the government through the ministry of education issued directive to ensure a 100 percent transition of 2018 KCPE candidates to secondary schools.


“We used to admit only 80 form ones but today we have over 200 so forcing us to convert the main dining hall to accommodate the whooping number” school Principal Jean Ngaiwa said today on Friday.


Ngaiwa said her institution adds to the only two girls’ secondary schools in the entire Sub-County so resulting to the acute congestion, also considering the less school structures.


“After converting the dining hall it forces our students to take their meals while standing along the corridors or outside under tree sheds while placing their meals on top of wooden bogs” she said.


Furthermore, she said adding to the school also lacks of a library and enough classrooms. “We have one science laboratory, two congested dormitories and fewer toilets” she said.


The school head also said the dire condition forced the students to share learning in class owing to less chairs and desks, adding the school had not prepared for the high enrollment.


She noted the school doubles as a rescue center for girls who ran away from the retrogressive Female Genital Mutilation(FGM), early marriages and insecurity, “could be the reason of the influx rate” she said calling upon the government and well-wishers to intervene to provide the girls with a conducive learning environment.


The overstretched challenges also forced the school to convert the school bus parking shade into a classroom in order to accommodate the extra number of students.


Baringo snake bite victim detained in Nakuru Hospital over Sh135, 000 bill

Snake bite survivor from Baringo County is being detained at Nakuru General Hospital for failing to raise Sh135, 000 to settle medical bill. The poor 65-year old granny Tarkok Chelimo hails from Sinoni in Kasiela Sub-location in Mochongoi Ward, Baringo South Sub-county.

“I now feel better, I would like to go home but I cannot manage due to the accrued medical bill” Chelimo told media in her hospital bed on Thursday.


Three weeks ago, Chelimo had her right leg amputated after doctors in the facility recommended as a last option to stopping the snake venom from spreading to the other parts of the body.She was bitten by a poisonous Puff adder snake on her leg-thumb while attending to her farm on September 14th last year.

The 3.30pm incident saw the woman receive first aid at a Chemist in Kabel trading Centre in Mochongoi-15kilometres way before being rushed in an ambulance at Nyahururu Referral hospital to Nakuru.

Chebinyiny Location Chief Samuel Waseges confirmed the incident noting the poor family cannot raise the money to offset the ballooning bill. Waseges said the case is among several snakebite incidents in the area blaming the expenses on unavailability of anti-snake venom drugs in the local dispensaries.

According to the family sources the granny is the breadwinner as her 75-year old husband Chelimo Kibowen is aging and sickly.


“She was placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for four days but thank God she is alive, only problem is now raising the amount to offset the hospital bill” a relative Jonathan Kiprop said.

He added the leg was rotting regularly while doctors tried to clean up the snake poison, so forcing them to resolve amputation Kiprop who resides in Nairobi says the family is so poor that they cannot raise even raise Sh200 to purchase simple pain killer drugs.

“Anytime the hospital required some amount to purchase drugs but none of the family members could manage until I had to chip in by sending some Sh500 through M-Pesa” he said.

He further said apart from the the granny’s sons and daughters being jobless, the family livestock-only source of livelihood were stolen by armed bandits from the neighbouring community.


Kiprop further said recently the community organized a fundraiser which saw paltry Sh2,000 raised.Reportedly the Nakuru hospital now wants the granny’s bill settled so she can be discharged in order to create space for other patients.“Nurses are now threatening to spread for her a mattress on the floor but before that we hope to raise the money to see her discharged honorably” Kiprop said.

He said she further requires some crutches or a wheel chair to aide her movement.For Mpesa contributions contact: 0726632334

-Joseph Kangogo




Veterinary officer, 58, arraigned in court for defiling, impregnating 14-year old girl

58-year old veterinary officer was today arraigned before Kabarnet law court, Baringo County for allegedly defiling and impregnating a 14-year old class seven girl.


The accused Solomon Cherutich reportedly did the heinous act to the minor at Kapartai village in Aiyebo Sub-location, Baringo North Sub-County between 2nd and 9th September 2017.


“I am a farmer so I used to invite him (the accused) to my home to come and sire my cows with Artificial Insemination(AI), I trusted him as an old man, little did I know he was planning evil against my young daughter” the minor’s  father Kenneth Chemelil told media outside the court.


Chemelil said his daughter is mentally disturbed because she is yet to resume her learning after giving birth on May last year.


“While she was pregnant she would only cry when we interrogated her to reveal the owner, but until recently after giving birth is when she named the culprit” Chemelil said.


The accused who appeared before Kabarnet Senior Resident Magistrate Nerolyne Idagwa pleaded not guilty and was granted a Sh200,000 bond.


If found guilty, the accused shall face charges contrary to section 8(1) as read with 8(2) of the sexual offenses act 3 of 2006.


The accused was arrested by police on Thursday at his Tirimionin home after the girl’s parents informed the County children’s department.


The bitter father now calls for justice saying “I really care educating my children so that they would come and assist me during my old age but I am not happy when someone does something terrible like this to them” he said.


However the case will be mentioned on January 23 pending hearing18 February 2019.

-Joseph Kangogo

Slain ‘crocodile man’ David Owino was beaten to death – Postmortem

Slain Lake Baringo ‘crocodile man’ David Owino succumbed to trauma caused by harsh beating using blunt object, postmortem report has shown.

Owino, 36, was last arrested and taken to Kampi ya Samaki Administration Police (AP) camp in Baringo North Sub-county to be ‘disciplined’ for allegedly being drunk and disorderly on December 5.

“The AP officers on duty kicked him several times with hard-pointed boots until he was senseless and could not walk, he died on the spot” sources said.

However, postmortem done in Baringo County Referral Hospital Mortuary on December 18 reads; “the death was as a result of multiple soft tissue injuries due to blunt force trauma due to consistent flogging”.

The report also noted some characteristic of smell of alcohol inside the stomach of the deceased.

Pathologist in charge however recommended that the investigating officers should correlate with the above circumstances.

Police authorities have since warned the family not to leak out the postmortem results to the media or politicians to avoid causing ‘unnecessary’ tension.

However, David Kuria, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Nakuru Human Rights Network (NAHURINET) condemned the cold blood killing.

“We are calling upon IPOA, Directorate of Public Investigation to carry out proper investigation and those involved should face the law” Kuria said

Among the individuals accused for the premature death are Akoroyan Assistant Chief Moses Chebii and Kampi ya Samaki resident Joseph Onyango who aided his arrest, “for smoking near a shade of a business woman’.

The AP officer who was then on duty Bosco Omboko was reportedly transferred immediately after the killing to Kiserian in the neighboring Baringo South Sub-county.

County AP Commander Robinson Ndiwa firmly denied having knowledge of the officer’s transfer, saying if it is true then it must have been ordered by his colleague in Baringo North.

He said Owino, the ‘crocodile man’ was drunk by the time he was brought to the camp “to sober up, but in the process he succumbed” the AP boss said.

The deceased Owino worked as a makeshift local tour-guide at Lake Baringo Community Boats and Excursion (LBCBE).

Apart from feeding orphaned crocodiles, the late Owino also mastered unique art of handling dangerous scorpions without being bitten, a talent that lures local and international tourists to earn him a living.

His colleague Louise Juma said his untimely death coincided with the December Holiday when many locally and international are expected to tour Lake Baringo.

Juma termed Owino as a humble, friendly and hardworking man who never picked quarrel or fights with anybody.


Hardened criminal?

On December 7, Baringo Warden Jackson Komen termed the late Owino as a hardened criminal who was being sought by police for ‘handling and feeding while animals illegally’.

“Media should therefore stop glorifying this man. In fact he is a culprit whom we have been hunting for many years to charge him for dealing with wild animals illegally” Komen said.

The warden further said they had not been consulted anytime the media toured the lake to interview this ‘wanted man.’

“In fact every time we hear media is around interviewing this man we try to get there but he always runs into hiding” Komen said.

Owino had his last engagement with the World BBC broadcast in Lake Baringo on November 26.

Now the widow Alice Ekai who lives in a dilapidated rental house at Kampi ya Samaki town with her four kids appeals for humanitarian help saying she has lost the family’s sole breadwinner.

-Joseph Kangogo

Drama as orphan crocodile stray into Baringo AP camp to ‘mourn’ Owino

Drama as a hungry orphan crocodile shows up near Baringo police station where man who used to feed was allegedly beaten to dead on Wednesday.

The bizarre incident occurred at Kambi ya Samaki Administration Police (AP) in Lake Baringo section in Baringo North Sub-county.

“The Deceased David Owino, 40, used to feed this crocodile known as ‘Kungu’ every morning and evening. Today it must be hungry and has felt something has gone wrong after his long time servant passed on” resident Jamlick Morogit said.

However media took the photographs of the angry, lonely white crocodile, stuck at the fence near the AP post where residents turned up in masses to protest the mysterious lose of their member.

Owino lost his life after he was arrested on Wednesday and taken to the AP camp for disciplining for allegedly being drunk and disorderly.

“The officers on duty kicked him several times with hard-pointed boots until he was senseless and could not walk, he died on the spot” sources said.

Morogit said since the crocodile lost its mother at tender age in 2014, the late Owino saved it from the wrath of beach children who attempted to lynch the harmless reptile at the shores of Lake Baringo.

scorpion man

“Since then, they became friends and he used to communicate, feed and care for the marine beast, which have mastered his voice, so today we are shocked to see it appear rarely at the AP camp” Morogit said.

Another resident Dennis Kiptoo said they really lost a very resourceful person, adding that they will miss his unique talent and entertainment.

However, Lake Baringo Senior Curator Willy Limo with the help of the county Warden Jackson Komen managed to recapture and return the stray crocodile back to the lake.

“We appeal to the authorities concern with wildlife to visit the lake and transport all the tamed crocodiles to the orphanage because their security as they might be killed by their hostile mates, now that their human servant is no more” Limo said.

The deceased Owino worked as a makeshift local tour-guide at Lake Baringo Community Boats and Excursion (LBCBE).

“Apart from feeding crocodiles the deceased was also friendly with dangerous scorpions as he could handle them without being bitten. He used his rear talent earn a living by entertaining guests at the shores of Lake Baringo” his colleague Loise Juma said.

The widow Alice Ekai said, “We last shared midday meal together before he left the house around 3pm, whatever transpired until his death is history” adding she has his four kids.

However, Saimo Soi Area County Commissioner Mohamed Sheh said the deceased was drunk and disorderly before his arrest.

“For now I cannot confirm if he really died in the hands of the officers because even the illicit alcohol that he took also kills and not unless investigations are complete so we can ascertain the exact cause of his death” Sheh said.

-Joseph Kangogo

Slain wife of Ex-DC Yatich to be buried in Baringo on Thursday

After court lifted injunction stopping the burial of slain wife of former Ex-Kakamega District Commissioner Paul Yatich, she will finally be laid to rest on November 8.

Late Loice Yatich, was raped and brutally murdered by unknown suspects at her house in Kiplombe estate in Eldoret town on October 16.

“We have concluded talks and burial arrangements are now complete after being granted opportunity to meet out of court as both families to settle our issues” Julius Yatich, brother to Paul said on Tuesday.

Family of the deceased moved to court and sought injunction to halt the burial which was to be held at her husband’s home in Talai village in Baringo County on October 24.

Her sister in-law Esther Chirchir filed the petition but it was sigh of relief after an Eldoret court signed off the case and allowed to burial to proceed.

Eldoret Resident Magistrate Nicodemus Moseti marked the case as settled after both parties involved in feud over burial plans informed the court that they had settled the issues among them share of the properties belonging to the deceased.

Chirchir’s lawyer Silas Kandie asked the court to withdraw the application as they have agreed with the former DC’s family on the burial plans.

However, the magistrate directed that the applicant meets the cost of preservation of the deceased body which is lying at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital-Eldoret.

Loice worked as Curriculum Development officer at the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in Uasin Gishu County before her murder.

Earlier on former District Commissioner Yatich insisted that he is the legal husband of late Loise and that they have seven children.

“We were legally married and we have seven kids, I want to assure my in-laws I am not bitter in any way even after conclusion of burial my beloved wife we shall still live together as families” he said.

In contention was the wealth sharing and where she would be buried having in mind the couple had not been living together as husband and wife since they separated 10 years ago.

“Though we have been separated we were in frequent communication, I was shocked when my phone calls went unanswered. I reported the matter to the police station,” Yatich said while he accompanied the police to the house.

Eldoret West OCPD Zachariah Bittok confirmed the incident saying the suspect may have been raped before she was murdered.

Two suspects Laban Cheruiyot and Simon Lumile were arrested at Kabiyet market in Nandi County while driving in a vehicle belonging to the deceased.

Bittok further said police were still pursuing the farm worker who disappeared after the fatal incident.



‘I better seek services in my house’ accident victim blames negligence in Baringo hospital

A victim of Boda boda accident is nursing wounds in his rental house in Kabarnet town after reading negligence at Baringo County Referral on Sunday.

25-year old youthful Aston Ng’etich said he was involved in road accident on his way back to town after spending the weekend at his rural home in Krumbopsoo in Baringo Central Sub-county.

“I decided to run back to my house so my wife could nurse me better than staying here in the hospital any longer” Ngetich told the media in his rental house in Kaptimobor estate today on Monday.

He said it was around 8pm after negotiating Zed-Zed corners their motorbike developed mechanical problem before hitting a guardrail. Ng’etich sustained bruises on his face and left knee.


He said the boda boda rider Nelson Kangogo, 26, was totally unconscious when a good Samaritan rushed them in his vehicle to the nearby Baringo Referral hospital-Kabarnet.

Kangogo who sustained critical head and a waist injury was rushed immediately to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH)-Eldoret.

“After the nurses looked at me physically and saw me breathing and sound they neglected me at the outpatient and went around with their normal duties…without even handing me single pain killer” Ngetich said.

He said he then decided to board a boda boda outside the facility then rode back to his house so he can relax and be nursed by his wife.

The patient who now feels better termed the situation in the hospital serious, appealing to the county leadership headed by Governor Stanley Kiptis to look into it.

“I fail to understand if the hospital is struggling with shortage of staff or it is a kind of sabotage” He said.

Asked if he will still go back to seek medical checkup he said he doesn’t feel like going back there again unless he decides to attend a private facility.

“It is like doctors there don’t take interest on people who seem to have minor injuries and I don’t understand why” He said.

Furthermore a  12-year standard seven pupil from a primary school  in Barwessa ward, Baringo North Sub-county is yet to have his hand fracture fixed by the same hospital since last month.

“He was herding goats at home when he fell and rolled on a hilly-rocky place then he broke his left hand” his brother Diaz Kiplele said.

He said they have since made six frantic visits to the facility since then but every time they arrive they are being told the bone specialist was absent.

Their home is located over 200 kilometers away and now they had to rent a house in Kabarnet town hoping to be served anytime soon.

The hospital has hit the headlines since January this year for many bad reasonss ranging from hygiene, maternal-child deaths, staff boycott and missing bodies.

-Joseph Kangogo