Baada ya Kuikomboa ‘Bedroom’ Babu Owino asema wanalenga ‘Sitting room’

Baada ya chama cha ODM kuwabwaga wana Jubilee katika uchaguzi mdogo wa eneobunge la Kibra, kwa sasa mbunge wa Embakasi Mashariki Babu Owino anasema wataka kuikomboa “Sitting room” ya ODM, eneo hilo likiwa Langata.

Eneo bunge la Langata linaongozwa na Mbunge Nickson Korir ambaye aliteuliwa kutoka chama cha Jubilee.

Kupitia mtandao wake wa Twitter, Babu Owino aliishangalia juhudi za ODM kuwapandua wana Jubilee katika uchaguzi wa Kibra kwa kile wanakisema ni ” Bedroom yao”.

“Tumikomboa Bedroom ya Baba, hatua inayofuata ni pale siitngroom (Langata) hawa wageni wametuozea sana!” ujumbe wake ulisoma.

Kijana Ashtakiwa Na Kufanya Mtihani Wa KCSE Kortini

Ujumbe wake ulisoma Hivi ;

Mgombea wa chama cha ODM Imran Okoth aliwabwaga wagombeaji wengine 23 kwa kuzoa jumla ya kura 24, 636, alifuatwa na McDonald Mariga wa Jubilee kwa kura 11,230, Eliud Owalo wa ANC alikuwa wa tatu kwa kura 5,275, huku Khamisi Butichi wa Ford Kenya akifunga nne bora kwa kura 260.

Hata hivyo McDonald Mariga alikubali kushindwa huku akipongeza Imran Okoth.

Alisema kwamba yuko tayari kumuunga mkono Imran kuhakisha kwamba wakaazi wa Kibra wanahudmiwa ipasavyo

Kivumbi Ndani Ya “Bedroom” Huku Raila Akimlambisha Ruto Sakafu


Air pollution may damage a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom – Study

Air pollution may be damaging men’s ability to perform in the bedroom, scientists warn.

New research suggests regular exposure to toxic car fumes is linked with higher rates of erectile dysfunction.

Scientists believe inhaling poisonous particles may be triggering inflammation in blood vessels and starving the genitals of oxygen – affecting men’s ability to become sexually aroused.

It follows animal tests that showed regularly breathing in exhaust fumes damages sex drive.

Air pollution may be damaging men's ability to perform in the bedroom (stock)

The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, coincides with renewed warnings from Public Health England that polluted city air is killing nearly 40,000 people a year.

Last week, it released a major report calling for local and national government action to clean up air quality.

It says smog in Britain’s cities is causing more cases of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

A separate report last week in the European Heart Journal warned air pollution could be causing twice the number of deaths – more than 800,000 a year – across Europe than previously estimated.

Now the latest research suggests men’s love lives are also being harmed.

Previous studies have hinted at such a link.

A 2017 US investigation involving more than 400 men found those exposed to the highest air pollution levels were around 15 per cent more at risk of being a flop in the bedroom.

For the latest study, scientists at Guangzhou Medical University in China wanted to see if car fumes affected sexual response.

They exposed rats to regular doses of petrol and diesel exhaust gases and monitored their levels of sexual arousal.

The results showed the longer they were exposed, the less likely they were to respond to sexual stimuli.


Video Of The Day: Check out the neat Rastafarian bedroom that everyone is talking about

For the last few days, a video showcasing a pimped out bedroom has been trending on social media.

Just like a matatu, the room which is believed to belong to a staunch Rastafarian, is fully furnished with everything that shouts, ‘Reggae lives here’.

Kenyans impressed by this mzungu rastafarian minister for culture in Sweden

From the walls to the bed sheets all the way to the floor, the famous rasta colors cover the neat room as the owner adds an extra touch of neon lights to serenade the room.

Enyewe nobody can stop reggae!

Check out the video below.

Wagwan Rasta: Pictures of Jamaican singer Richie Spice and mafans