Man admits to lying about being Al-Shabaab member, blames bangi!

A youthful man yesterday pleaded guilty to charges of lying that he’s a member of Al Shabaab and told a Milimani court that he was under influence of bhang.

Kelvin Kitili Julius Alias Omar Ali Ibrahim also lied to police on January 1st that they were planning to attack a vital installation in Nairobi.

He was charged with hoaxing and giving false information to a person employed by the public service.

Julius was also charged with traveling to Somalia – a terrorism training designated state and making a document without authority.

He made a certificate showing he trained as a wireman at the Youth Education Pack Centre.

ATPU will avail facts this afternoon before the court passes a sentence.

-Joseph Ndunda

Arrested middle aged man says he was ordered by God to plant bhang! (VIDEO)

A middle aged man was on Wednesday arrested by police in Mirithu village, Ndeiya ward in Limuru subcounty after being found to have planted bhang claiming that it was God whom had ordered him to plant and sell to people.
The suspect Njoroge Mbugua who is being held at Tigoni Police station awaiting to be taken to court is said to have planted the herb for two years and have been selling it to the local residents.

Police were tipped off by members of the public with area sub chief Leah Nguhi saying that it was difficult to know that the suspect was planting the herb as it was planted at an area which is inhabited and only herders go at the area.
Nguhi said that the suspect posed as a mad man and had planted the bhang while surrounding it with thorny bushes where one would not have suspected.
-Stanley Njenga

12 Dandora secondary school students expected in court for being in possession of bhang

Twelve students of Dandora secondary school are this morning expected in court after they were found with 24 rolls of bhang.

The four girls and eight boys were found in a rented house in Dandora where they are alleged to be smoking bhang.

Buruburu DCI chief Jeremiah Ikiao said police found sachets of a white substance believed to be narcotics and have forwarded the same to Government chemist for analysis.

police said a neighbour who noted strange behaviour among the students at the residence of one of the students called the police.

Middle-aged widow arrested with bhang worth Sh1Million in Homabay

A middle-aged widow in Homa Bay has been arrested with 93 bales of bhang with street value of Sh1milion.

The woman was nabbed with the drugs at her home in Dudi village, Rachuonyo East Sub County on Sunday after police conducted a raided.

Police said they arrested the woman after they got a tip off from a member of the public.

“The bales of marijuana were packed in different sizes of sacks,” Homa Bay county police commander Marius Tum said.

The police boss said they interrogated the woman and she revealed names of the drug dealers

“She denied being in possession of the drugs saying they were kept in her house,” he said.

Tum said they will arraign the suspect in court. This comes only three days after some contraband alcohol valued at

Sh2million were destroyed in Mbita following the ongoing nationwide operation against illicit brews and drugs.

The operations are done by officials from the NACADA, KRA, Public health, KEBS and security officers.

On Thursday, Homa Bay commissioner Irungu Macharia said the alcohol was seized in Remba, Mfangano and Ringiti Islands.

“The team conducted the raid got 168 crates of assorted beer, 3100 sachets of alcohol, 85 rolls of bhang and several bottles of
unlicensed drinking water,” Macharia said.

He expressed concerns over the increased smuggling of contraband products from Uganda. “The proximity of the Islands to Uganda makes it easy for dealers to cross into Homa  Bay with smuggled goods. We’ve laid traps to ensure they are arrested,” he added.

The NACADA official Shelmith Ndung’u said the raid is still ongoing and they are charging suspects in court. Ndung’u said trade in illicit brews is rampant in a number of beaches in Lake Victoria.

“The beaches are where boats from Uganda docks. We’ve intensified the search on the water vessels to eliminate the vice of illicit alcohol,”Ndung’u said.
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Courtesy Robert Omollo/The Star

NI KAMA NDRAMA: Drug Dealer Jumps Into The Ocean To Avoid Arrest

Anti narcotic detectives are pursuing a driver of a vehicle seized with haul of bhang after he jumped into the indian ocean to avoid arrest in Mtwapa, Kilifi County.
Kilifi police boss Alexander Makau say the drugs concealed in bags were intercepted at road block along the Mombasa highway.
Makau says the driver took off after he was flagged down at the roadblock abandoning about 3,155 rolls of bhang with an estimated street value of Sh1milion.

SHOCKING: 10 Year-old Children Smuggling Cocaine, Bhang In Schools – NACADA

Children as young as 10 are smuggling bhang and cocaine in schools, antinarcotics campaigner Gladys Chania has said.

Chania said the situation is worsened by the fact that underage children cannot be put in rehabilitation centres.

“Underage addicts cannot be put in rehab centres together with adults. NACADA should step in and provide solutions for the underage addicts,” she said.

She spoke during the 2017 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking at Ndumberi grounds in Kiambu town on Monday.

This year’s theme is ‘#listenfirst’.

The law stipulates that children under 18 years are not supposed to be rehabilitated but taken to approved schools.

Chania, a child and adult psychologist, said the education sector should have a requirement for drug testing.

“Can we have a requirement in the education sector for drug testing to be done on children who have done their class eight to form one? This will control the problem,” she said.

NACADA chairman Julius Ayub said the most commonly abused drugs among students are tobacco, alcohol, bhang, miraa, opium cocaine and heroin.

“There are 32 emerging drugs in Nairobi alone, which is followed by Mombasa with 21 new drug types. We need to be vigilant on what must be done to curtail this menace,” Ayub said.

Ayub said 2.2 million Kenyans are currently abusing alcohol and that this is worsened by high unemployment rates.

The authority’s chief executive officer Victor Okioma said they will focus on primary schools since that is where the problem starts.

Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery, in his speech read by Kiambu county commissioner Wilson Wanyanga, said porous borders pose a big challenge in the war against drug abuse.

“My ministry, through NACADA, is working with 13 county governments to establish treatment centres at county level,” he said.



GANJA FARMER: Narok Farmer Charged With Cultivating Bhang Worth Sh10M

A 45-year-old farmer has been arraigned before a Narok Court charged with cultivating the outlawed bhang with an estimated market value of over Sh10 million.

RONGO: Polisi wanasa bhangi yenye thamana ya Sh20,000 eneo la Kanga

David Ochieng appeared before the Narok Senior Principal Magistrate, Titus Gesora charged that on June 4, this year at Orkinyei area in Narok West Sub County of Narok County; he was found cultivating the drug in his five-acre farm at Orkinyei village.

He was arrested following a tip off from members of the public that he was growing the illegal in his maize plantation.

Four Arrested, With Bhang Worth Sh1Million In Changamwe

Ochieng pleaded not guilty to the offence and was released on a Sh.150, 000 bond and a surety of the same amount or a cash bail of Sh.100,000.

The case will be mentioned on June 21 and heard on July 17.

Siaya Man Petitions Senate To Legalize Marijuana

A Kenyan has petitioned the Senate in push for marijuana, popularly known as bhang, to be legalised in the country.

The Star reports that, Gwada Ogot, from Siaya County, argues in part that the plant – scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa – has multiple documented benefits.

He says the medicinal and industrial uses of the plant, upon its legalisation, will be of ‘great social and economic gains’.

Section 3 (2) (a) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Act lists cannabis as a banned substance.

The law states that possession or personal use of the drug is criminal.

And Ogot wants marijuana expunged from the list and a new law legislated to establish a regulatory body to govern its use.

The petitioner further recommends that all the people serving jail sentences either for possession, cultivation, transportation, sale or use of the plant be granted amnesty.

In supporting his proposals, Ogot argues that as at December last year, several US states and at least 25 countries had decriminalised the use of cannabis.

He further points out that: “The crime and controversy around marijuana emanate from its prohibition and not from the plant itself, its uses or users,”

A compound in marijuana known as cannabidiol (CBD) has been found by scientists as fit for treatment of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a long-term mental disorder involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion and behavior.

Patients who suffer from the ailment exhibit faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings.

Such persons are also withdrawn from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

Clinical trials in both animals and humans have found CBD as having antipsychotic effects due to its anxiety-reducing effects.

-The Star

Four Arrested, With Bhang Worth Sh1Million In Changamwe

Police have impounded Bhang worth over sh 1 milion within Changamwe area in Mombasa.

Police says the drugs were ferried in a saloon car when police officers acting on  intelligence reports intercepted the vehicle.

Changamwe police boss Peter Omanwa says they are holding four notorious drug dealers.

The suspects who also included a woman will be charged on Tuesday.

Police Recover Bhang Worth Sh1.5m After Suspects Escapes


Police are pursuing a wanted drug dealer after he abandoned a vehicle loaded with Sh1.5 million bhang in Mombasa .

Changamwe CID police boss Francis Wanjau said the narcotics were stuffed in sacks and hidden in the vehicle. Wanjau said the suspect is believed to be among wanted drug dealers behind smuggling of drugs from neighbouring countries to Mombasa.

The officers, acting on a tip-off, waylaid the vehicle along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway near Changamwe. The driver fled on foot.