DIO! Teacher Wanjiku Looks Youthful And Elegant After Losing 15 Kgs (PHOTOS)

Veteran female comedian Teacher Wanjiku was one of the biggest and most popular acts in Kenya a few years back.

The comedienne thrived well in the male-dominated industry, making her name on Churchill’s live comedy show but sadly, a year later, she revealed that she had quit to focus on her solo career.

Teacher Wanjiku, real name Caroline Wanjiku, is known for her humor and creative, rib-cracking jokes about life in school and it’s amazing how she’s able to turn a simple fact into a funny gag that gets everyone laughing out loud.

The outspoken celebrity would, later on, start a TV show but sadly, the ratings were not very good, leading to its cancellation.


When Wanjiku took a hiatus from comedy and the entertainment scene, she later on revealed that she was walking down the aisle with the love of her life, Victor Ber.

The lovely couple exchanged wedding vows back in 2014 at a colorful ceremony that saw her fellow entertainers, friends, and family gather to congratulate them.

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Soon after she revealed she was expecting their first child, and in October 2015, she welcomed into the world an adorable baby girl, Zuri Ber.



As we all know, giving birth comes with its challenges such as weight gain, and that’s the case with Wanjiku, who added a couple of kilograms, but at some point last year, decided it was time to get her sexy back.

Teacher Wanjiku has been hitting the gym hard and now the results are showing, after shedding a whopping 15 Kgs. She’s looking very youthful and more stunning, with a slim figure.

The female comedian looks breath-taking, and to prove she’s not done she still intends to cut down 5 more kgs.

You can do it too 15kgs down 5kgs to go !!!!! #Goalweighttings!

Don’t believe me? Check out the photos below as Teacher Wanjiku flaunts her slender frame as she works out in the gym.





Woman kills mother-in-law, says satan also ‘asked’ for mother and sister

Photo: The Star

A woman has confessed to hacking her mother-in-law to death in Kiambu county, saying Satan had also asked her to kill her own mother and sister.

Caroline Wanjiku, 29, reported to Thigio chief’s post on Monday saying she had killed her mother-in-law Ann Nyambura in Limuru constituency.

Wanjiku, who committed the crime in Gishobo village, Ndeiya ward, said visions of snakes coiling around her waist kept her up at night.

“On Sunday night when I went to sleep, the snakes visited me. They asked me to kill the three people they kept asking for, but I prayed to God and slept after they left,” she said.

“The following morning, they came again and asked me to kill them. I do not know what happened but I proceeded to the kitchen where my mother-in-law was and killed her using an axe.”

She told the press, administration police and residents she also intended to kill her mother and sister but did not find them at home.

“It is Satan who disturbs my mind,” said the wife of David Njenga, who works in Qatar.

Assistant chief James Mwaura said Wanjiku told her father-in-law that she had killed his wife, and asked for her mother and sister.

“She went to the AP post to report what she had done when she could not find her mother and her sister,” Mwaura said.
-The Star