England footballer kicked out of a club after being caught snorting cocaine in the toilet

An England footballer was kicked out of a nightclub after being caught snorting cocaine in the toilet – it has been revealed.

The unidentified star was allegedly spotted by a Premier League teammate ‘doing a line’ in the toilets of a nightclub on a recent night out – according to The Sun.

A source claimed other teammates saw him emerging from the club’s toilets looking worse for wear and he was later bundled into the back of a cab by the manager – who thought he had simply ‘drunk too much’.

‘Everyone is talking about it,’ the source said.

 ‘It wasn’t the club’s official Christmas party but a few drinks after a game and many of the players and manager were there.

‘One of the players saw him doing a line in the toilets then half an hour later he was all over the place. His jaw was working overtime and he was a mess.

‘He wasn’t just drunk. The gaffer was furious and got him out the back door and into a taxi thinking he had drunk too much.’

The source claimed he had tested negative for drugs just a day before the incident, meaning he knew he was unlikely to be tested within the next few days and could ‘get away with it’.

According to the source, the incident caused a rift within the dressing room.

They said the team had been suffering from ‘bad results’ on the pitch and it had happened at ‘the worst possible time’.

UK Anti-Doping is said to collect more than 5,000 samples from players last season, including almost 2,000 from Premier League players.

In the 2016/17 season there were only 1,171 samples collected from Premier League clubs – with an increase of 820 last year alone.

Football drug testing

Premier League players are warned they can be drug-tested at any time.

Under FA rules, players are required to let drug-testers know when they aren’t showing up to training and give a one-hour time slot when they can be at home for testing.

Clubs are also forced to tell the FA their training schedules.

The FA has stated it hopes to carry out more than 4,500 tests by the end of this season.

But one former Premier League striker recently claimed to the BBC he was tested ‘only once a season’.

Cocaine remains in the blood for up to two days and in the urine for up to four.

It can, however, remain detectable in the hair for up to 90 days.

Players can be punished for failing tests, refusing to take them, tampering with samples, or insulting test officers.


Peru Captain Out Of World Cup After Being Banned For Taking Cocaine

Peru captain Paolo Guerrero will miss next year’s World Cup after being handed a one-year ban for taking cocaine, FIFA said on Friday.

The 33-year-old striker, who plays for Flamengo in Brazil, had been provisionally suspended after failing a doping test following Peru’s World Cup qualifier against Argentina in Buenos Aires in October.

World football’s governing body said in a statement its Disciplinary Committee had found that Guerrero had violated article six of the organisation’s Anti-Doping Regulations.

Cocaine is categorised as a stimulant and is included on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of performance-enhancing substances.

Peru qualified for the World Cup finals for the first time since 1982 by beating New Zealand in a two-legged playoff. Guerrero missed both of those matches.

Guererro will be a huge miss for Peru as a leader and goal-scorer. He has 82 caps for his country and 32 goals in total.

He was key member of the side in qualifying, scoring six times and leading Los Incas to fifth place in the South American standings.

The veteran striker has experience at the top level, having spent two years at Bayern Munich between 2004-06, during which time he scored 10 times in 27 games.

Guerrero then moved to Hamburg where he established himself as a reliable presence up front, playing more than 100 times for the club.

His ban will be back-dated to November 3 and will apply to international, domestic and official friendly fixtures.


SHOCKING: 10 Year-old Children Smuggling Cocaine, Bhang In Schools – NACADA

Children as young as 10 are smuggling bhang and cocaine in schools, antinarcotics campaigner Gladys Chania has said.

Chania said the situation is worsened by the fact that underage children cannot be put in rehabilitation centres.

“Underage addicts cannot be put in rehab centres together with adults. NACADA should step in and provide solutions for the underage addicts,” she said.

She spoke during the 2017 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking at Ndumberi grounds in Kiambu town on Monday.

This year’s theme is ‘#listenfirst’.

The law stipulates that children under 18 years are not supposed to be rehabilitated but taken to approved schools.

Chania, a child and adult psychologist, said the education sector should have a requirement for drug testing.

“Can we have a requirement in the education sector for drug testing to be done on children who have done their class eight to form one? This will control the problem,” she said.

NACADA chairman Julius Ayub said the most commonly abused drugs among students are tobacco, alcohol, bhang, miraa, opium cocaine and heroin.

“There are 32 emerging drugs in Nairobi alone, which is followed by Mombasa with 21 new drug types. We need to be vigilant on what must be done to curtail this menace,” Ayub said.

Ayub said 2.2 million Kenyans are currently abusing alcohol and that this is worsened by high unemployment rates.

The authority’s chief executive officer Victor Okioma said they will focus on primary schools since that is where the problem starts.

Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery, in his speech read by Kiambu county commissioner Wilson Wanyanga, said porous borders pose a big challenge in the war against drug abuse.

“My ministry, through NACADA, is working with 13 county governments to establish treatment centres at county level,” he said.



Police seize £73m worth of cocaine with ‘Lionel Messi’ packaging

Police in Peru have seized a 1.4 kilogram shipment of cocaine that had Lionel Messi’s face on the packaging.

The haul, worth a reported £73million, also had images of the Barcelona man’s ‘M’ logo printed on it, while other packages in the shipment were carrying the royal seal of the King of Spain.

Pictures show Messi’s image in a Barcelona kit alongside his brand logo, as well as the 29-year-old’s name.

messi coccaine

According to AFP, the shipment was destined for Europe before it was seized by officials.

Even more bizarrely, Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo report that the illegal shipment of Class A drugs were hidden inside a shipping container that was carrying almost 1,300 giant squid fillets.

Last year, A fruit wholesaler stored £24million worth of cocaine inside plastic bananas for Colombian drug baron Daniel Valdes Jaramillo whose nickname was ‘Messi’ after the superstar footballer.

The packages were found in a warehouse just off the A2 near Rainham in Kent.



This Is What Anne Kansiime Had To Say After Being ‘Busted With Cocaine’

After Tanzanian superstars were arrested in connection to the drug busts Tanzania is trying to do, attention was called to Anne Kansiime after a story surfaced on these Internets claiming she had been arrested at Heathrow airport with 2kilograms of cocaine.

According to a dubious site called Metro UK (honestly, the levels people sink to to perpetuate false stories is crazy), she was searched by the customs and border police upon suspicion and her luggage was found to contain a small bag containing white powder.

They conducted a second search and found a second similar bag which was tested and turned a positive result for cocaine. The estimated worth of the cocaine she was caught with was 80,000 pounds. Upon receiving wind of the fake story, Anne Kansiime issued the following statement:

Anne Kansiime’s Semi-Nude S3x Scene From An Old Movie Leaks Online And Goes Viral

Tonight, our @funfactory show was amazing! Thanks for showing up in big numbers my ninjas. It was valentines all over again on stage.
And about the online story going around that this your ninja girl is currently detained in some prison cell in London for being in possession of 2kgs of Cocain at Heathrow airport….. heheheheheheh this world is not my home indeed!?
Thank you my ninjas for being the first to doubt such stories and Let’s spread more love to eachother my ninjas.
Trust me, they are #sharedblessings.

Woman Arrested With Cocaine Valued at Sh2.5 Million

A woman has been arrested after she was found with 500 grames of cocaine valued at Sh2.5 million in her house in Nairobi.

The woman identified as Lucy Rutere Kagwira, was found with 46 pellets of the narcotics that she had packaged and planned to send to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia.

Police say they had been monitoring the woman after she was mentioned by a cartel behind drug trafficking from the region to Asian countries and West Africa. She is expected in court tomorrow to face charges of drug trafficking and possession.

In the past month alone, up to seven people have been arrested and narcotics valued at more than Sh40 million recovered from them in operations. They include Elizabeth Njoki Wanjiru who was arrested in her Muthaiga home with a large consignment of heroin.

Meanwhile a suspected thug was last night shot dead in a botched robbery and stolen property found on him in Kaloleni area, Nairobi. The man was in the in the company of three others and had been attacking and robbing residents when an alarm was raised alerting police. Police shot and killed one while the other accomplices escaped on foot. The body was moved to the mortuary. Cases of armed robberies have been on the rise with police struggling to contain them.

Briton, Two Kenyans Arrested Over Cocaine Seizure Worth Sh300Million At Port Of Mombasa

A British national and two Kenyans have been arrested in connection with the seizure of cocaine worth over Sh300Million at the Port of Mombasa, that is said to have originated from South America.

The three are being interrogated by a joint team of US anti-drug agencies and Kenya anti-narcotic officers in Nairobi.

Highly placed sources indicate the three are linked to a drug smuggling cartel of the highly valued cocaine from Brazil and have been under surveillance by foreign and local anti-narcotic authorities for months.

They are being held in an undisclosed location in Nairobi, assisting officers in the investigation. They were arrested in a sting operation conducted on Saturday.

The officers’ intercepted the container upon arrival at the Port on Wednesday while on transit to Uganda, which was concealed as sugar from the Port of Brazil.


80% Of Shisha Smoked In Kenya Is laced With Cocaine

80% of shisha smoked in the country is laced with cocaine and other narcotics.

NACADA’s John Mututho says they sampled 300 shisha brands and found significant traces of cocaine. He says vendors deliberately lace the product to hook customers and make more sales.

Meanwhile, women living with husbands who smoke have a higher mortality rate compared to their counterparts with non-smoking husbands, as they’re more exposed to secondhand smoke. 

Joseph Kibachio from the non-communicable diseases division adds that for every shilling the government receives as revenue from the tobacco industry, we use 3 shillings for medical expenses for the effects of smoking.


Second Chance At Life: After Losing Son And Turning To Cocaine This Footballer Is A Dad Again!

Jake Livermore last played at Wembley in the FA Cup final of May, 2014. It was, in his own words, a happy time. His partner went into labour the following day.

Exactly 12 months on, news broke that the Hull City and England midfielder had tested positive for cocaine.

He faced a two-year ban.

The outside world reacted with predictable disdain, for this was a millionaire footballer caught out, indulging in Class A drugs.

The truth, however, was unknown to all except those closest to him. The little boy, who was also named Jake, had died during birth.

In April last year Livermore — and his partner Danielle — sat through the harrowing details of an inquest in which it was heard that their son’s death was avoidable. A legal case is ongoing.

Livermore contemplates defeat to Arsenal in the 2014 Cup final – a day before his partner went into labour

Days later, a depressed and desperate Livermore took cocaine. He was locking away the pain. The key to unlocking it proved to be the positive test.

‘It was like getting out of prison, people finally knew there was something not right in my head,’ the 26-year-old tells Sportsmail ahead of his return to Wembley in the Championship play-off final against Sheffield Wednesday.

‘It was completely out of character for anything that I have ever been about.

‘Finally I could be myself instead of putting on a brave face 24/7 — at home, at work, getting a coffee, at the shops, you’re constantly trying to be someone you’re not and show emotions you’re not really feeling, because as soon as you shut your front door you become the broken man you actually are.

‘So for me, it was a relief. The drugs were irrelevant. It could have been drugs, a gun, a car crash or whatever, the self-destruct button was the problem.

‘The way in which (his death) happened made it difficult to fight my own demons.

Livermore lost his son, Jake, at birth the day after the 2014 Cup final and turned to drugs to mask his pain
Livermore lost his son, Jake, at birth the day after the 2014 Cup final and turned to drugs to mask his pain.

‘If you lose a child in God’s hands it is completely different. To find out why he had died, that was too much for my head and my heart to take.

‘That pain and hurt, it makes you do desperate things. I wasn’t thinking of the consequences.

‘I love my family more than life itself. You take that out of my life and you’re basically taking away me as a person. And that is what happened, I lost myself.

‘I was broken. Most people out there will have a son, a nephew, a little brother.

‘I could not deal with the loss and the circumstances of it, as well as the pressures of everyday life and trying to keep my team in the Premier League. If I was thinking with a cool head I would have asked for time off. But I didn’t want to let anyone down, I just looked at it as another injury I could play through.

Happier times are where Livermore finds himself today.

His partner gave birth to a baby boy, Jayce, earlier this year and his son joined him on the pitch following Hull’s final game of the season.

Livermore was inundated with messages of congratulations and well wishes on social media. ‘That restored my faith in humanity,’ he says. ‘You’d be surprised how much a little moment like that can lift you.

‘That will never leave me, that feeling of taking him from the tunnel and walking him around the pitch. That’s a moment I will never forget, but it is one I should have had two years earlier.’

It was two years ago that Hull were beaten 3-2 by Arsenal in the FA Cup final.

‘But I’m hoping Wembley can be magical, it has the power to do that. I’m hoping I can come full circle — from feeling guilty and to blame for failing to keep my team-mates and myself in the Premier League to having my setback and then coming back to help us win promotion.


Nigerian Arrested At JKIA With Cocaine Worth KES 5 Million

image source: the-star.co.ke | 

A Nigerian national has been arrested while carrying cocaine valued at more than Sh5 million.

Police say he had arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport from Lagos, Nigeria when he was stopped.

He has so far emitted 83 pellets of white powder that has been tested and shown to be cocaine.

The arrest is the latest in a series of others that have happened in the past days.

Most traffickers arrested at JKIA are usually on transit.

But the one arrested was coming to Nairobi indicating the market is here.

Police say he is expected in court on Monday to face charges of trafficking narcotics.