“Amekula matofali mbili na mimba ikona mwezi mmoja”- Mulamwah

Mchekeshaji chipukizi Mulamwah amechapisha kipande cha video katika mtandao wake wa kijamii wa insta. Katika video hii fupi, rafiki wa karibu wa kiume anasikika akimuuliza mcheshi huyu kuhusu mwanamke aliye na ujauzito katika ploti wanaoishi.

Soma hapa:

Kifo! Kifo! Mulamwah aomboleza kifo cha ghafla cha mwigizaji mashuhuri


Mulamwah anaelezea jinsi bibi ya “Krisandos” anavyokula mchanga baada ya kupata ujauzito.

Tazama hapa:

Mcheshi Mulamwah ni kati ya waigizaji kwa sasa wanaofanya vizuri katika sanaa hii katika mitandao ya kijamii. Ongezeko la wachekeshaji hapa nchini limeshuhudiwa mwanzoni mwa mwaka huu. Vijana chipukizi wanajituma kupitia kwa vipaji vyao kupata hela za kujisetiri.

Soma hadithi nyingine:

PATANISHO: Mke wangu alimwagia nguo zangu maji ili nisiende mahali


Comedian Smart Joker praises wife for being supportive

Churchill Show comedian Micheal ‘Smart Joker’ Omuka is enjoying love and making fun with his lover.

He said his bae has been a supportive woman and of goodwill throughout, and also she is always humble and energetic in times of troubles.

smart joker

“My bae is good, I tell you. She is smart and of good intentions. We cannot kill each other because we are awesome,” he told Word Is on Tuesday.

Smart Joker says immediately he thought about Labour Day, he remembered the good job his bae has done for him.

“She is my everything. I celebrate her on this Labour Day eve, just to confirm that she is my moon because there is no one more serious and hardworking than the one you spend time with,” he said.

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‘I have more than 17 kids!’ Top comedian Oga Obinna reveals

Top Kenyan comedian, Oga Obinna has revealed that just like Abraham from the bible, he is a father of many!

The Churchill show comedian contrary to speculations that he has sired 25 children with different women, he can reveal that he is a father of 17 kids, four biological ones and 13 step children.

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The four biological kids are made up of three girls and one boy.

Oga Obinna is a father after all, father to they say 25 but I am sure about 17. You know some of them when they come with their mothers you look at the children and you doubt. But you know if you want to know your child look at the shape of the head. He said.

Adding; Ok four kids are mine but the rest came with their mothers. Thirteen were ready made now four are mine, those are three ladies and one is a gentlemen, actually my second born daughter, Brianna is turning six today.

So I am a father, a very funny person, a musician then I do event hosting where we also do artist management. So that’s what I do for now. 

Obinna was speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo on Tuesday afternoon, where he went on to narrate about his life history, which was clouded by a tough childhood, before becoming the superstar he is.

According to the 28-year-old musician cum DJ, him and his dad never saw eye to eye and that forced him to run away from his village. Having nowhere to go, he was forced to live on the streets of Nairobi for a month.

Read his narration below.

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How was your childhood like?

My childhood was terrible, I used to have a lot of issues with my dad, I think I used to be a rude kid that is what he says. Growing up he used to encourage me to be like my brother and nowadays he asks my elder brother to be like me.

So we did not agree and I ran away from my village and came to Nairobi to be a street boy for a month, back in 2009. That is when I took myself to Eastleigh high while living in Makongeni with a relative.

When I started doing radio that time I was not being paid for a couple of months then I was being paid Sh10,000. So it’s been like seven to eight years now that I have been doing the same thing over and over then I do a couple of other things.

For example you’ll see me; MCing, DJing, dancing, club shows, adverts, creatives, like I am doing all these things so that I can get the money right. 

Listen to the interview below.


AUDIO: Propesa Calls William Ruto Live On Air After Ghost Mulee Showed Up Late

If you haven’t heard by now, talented comedians Propesa were hosted on Radio Jambo Friday morning and yes they are not rumors, these guys brought the roof down with their top notch comedy, at one point calling Deputy President William Ruto after breakfast presenter, Ghost Mulee showed up to work late.

Comprised of; Kiprono ruto, Dennis Ruto aka tangus, Dennis Too aka chemos and Propesa himself, the comedy group which identify themselves as a family, came together back in 2015 where they realized they could turn their individual talents into a brand, and the efforts are finally bearing fruits with the group becoming an internet sensation, winning millions of Kenyan hearts.

They started out by sharing a number of hilarious short clips of them tackling different issues that vary from social problems to politics on Facebook and they have now grown to become a household name.

Ghost Mulee or ‘Mwenye kampuni’ just like his colleague Gidi loves referring to him, showed up late once again and as expected the witty Mulee had a ‘valid’ reason as to why he showed up over an hour late in front of his visitors, Propesa.

“Gidi unajua siku ile juzi uliniambia ulikua na ndoto, hata mimi leo nilikua nimeota ati niimekuwa rubani naelekea Australia. Sasa mimi niko kwa ndege sasa mimi nimetulia tu kidogo naskia simu imeita kuangalia ivi naona ni Lang’at (producer).” Explained Ghost prompting Propesa to intervene and enquire more about the dream.

“Ulikuwa unaenda Australia kufanya nini? Hiyo ndio maswali tunafaa kuulizana for accountability reasons ama namna gani, isikuwe kuna watu wanatumia pesa ku travel na hawasemi wanaenda kufanya nini. Tutakuitia ma senators wafanye inquiry, huyu jamaa anaota amefika Australia mimi mahali mbali nimeota nikifika ni Timboroa nikielekea Eldoret ama namna gani? Shida ndio hio.”

Said Propesa before he went on to call Mr. William Ruto live on air regarding the matter.

“Hello William, ni sisi tuko Radio Jambo kuna jamaa alichelewa kazi anaitwa Ghost. Niambie yeye ni kujipanga my friend? Sawa William utanipigia saa nne. ” Said Propesa managing to convince Mr. William to send the entire crew some cash meant for ‘chai’.

Listen to the clip below.


Fans Condole Comedian Professor Hamo Following Dad’s Death

One of Kenya’s most celebrated comedians Herman Gakobo Kago aka Professor Hamo has lost his loving dad.

The sensational comic’s dad, whom he recently introduced to his adoring fans during one of the live recording sessions of popular TV show Churchill Show, died on Wednesday night following a heart attack.

Iconic comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill took to his social media pages on Friday morning to announce the sad news.

He wrote: “Please join me in condoling our very finest #ChurchillShowComedian Professor Hamo who lost his dearly beloved father through a heart attack on Wednesday night.

“Give him words of encouragement and hope at this trying moment. All shall be well @ProfHamo.”

Professor Hamo with his dad and mum at Churchill Show.
Professor Hamo with his dad and mum at Churchill Show.

Following the announcement, Hamo’s adoring fans went out to condole him.

Ian Fitch wrote: “Prof Hamo don’t worry, be strong brother, I know now he is watching you from up there, a place where there is no pain, or suffering… Take heart, na ujue we are with you in thought and prayer. May he rest your dads soul in eternal peace. Amen.”

Mercykinanu Mukindia posted: “My condolences to you my favourite comedian. At this trying moment may our good Lord comfort you n your family. God is our comforter. He is our strength. Remember the good times you were together. It is well. May His good soul rest in eternal peace.”

Alfred Vybz Ateka wrote, “Young man, I love your work, etiquette, discipline, hardwork, respect and determination, endure this challenge now, as you always say “Mungu ni mwema” I expect God to comfort you, rest your dad in eternal peace, have courage and be strong Hammo!!! A blessing to many…. dad you left us a blessing Hammo!!!”

Ruto Mercy Cherotich said: “Oh no. Pole sana Hamo. May the Lord strengthen you and give you peace that surpasses all human understanding. It is difficult but you will get through it. It is well. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.”

Our heartfelt condolences to Hamo and his family. Mungu ni mwema!

Makokha: From a school dropout to dining with the Kings

He goes by the name ‘Alfonse dot makacha dot makokha’ and his unique name ,probably played a major part in propelling the comedy heavy weight to  one of Kenya’s top comedians.

Mathias Keya is his official name, and consistency is simply his forte.

Makokha who stars in local comedy show Vioja Mahamkamani describes himself as an entertainer, a man who perfectly lives two completely separate lives. “People know me as the funny guy  on their screens. I am a family man, a father in the house.”  Said Makokha the father of four in an interview.

As many know Makokha and the roles he plays on Vioja Mahakani, most are the times he plays the bad guy role compared to the few he features as the hero. However, there’s more to the huge, dread locked comedian’s life than his fans know.

“I started acting as a young kid, I can vividly remember it all started when I was in class 3 , at Dr. Kraft primary school where I participated in music and drama festivals, a hobby-turned talent which I took along throughout primary school.”

Makokha during the interview

“After I joined form one, I still never let go of my  talent, but I almost thought my dreams came to a sudden death when I was forced to drop out of school as a form two student, due to financial problems. ” explains the outspoken Makokha, who drew inspiration from his comedy idol, the late  Mzee Tamaa bin Tamaa.

“Soon after dropping out, I joined Jericho acrobats group by the name ‘Zuma zuma’ where we used to perform in events and shows, which included performing in luxurious hotels in Kenya. My biggest breakout came after I joined Jericho Cultural dancers. Our dances and comedy shows earned us an unforgettable tour to Korea. ”

All this time, Makokha was only taking part in cultural dances and local comedy, before he joined broadcast comedy, an experience he terms as ‘unbelievable’.

“I remember in 1992  while performing at one of the hotels in Nairobi, and Vitmbi’s Mama Kayai was present. She was impressed by my acting skills and she invited me for a shoot, luckily enough I made it to the show without any auditions” recalled Makokha, whose impressive displays has earned him the privilege to perform for former heads of state, Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta, in public functions.

Apart from acting, Makhoha is a recording artist whose ‘Zuka Records’ studio helps nurture upcoming talents in Nairobi.

The multi- talented comedian  also took time to challenge the government and Kenyans as a whole, encouraging them to support local acts if they want to see local arts prosper in future.

“The Kenyan government should at least offer more support to us artists.” He said. “When you look at Tanzania, their local talents receive massive support and the results are incredible, same thing with Nigeria.”  He noted.

“Same thing applies in our local football structure. When you look at the local football, we can all blame mismanagement, poor funding and low stadium turn outs as one of the key areas that drag our game down.

The ever vibrant Makokha, as always had a piece of advice for his fans and the upcoming actors; “The most important thing is for them to always put God first, respect their job, their audience and most importantly humble themselves.”

Watch one of Makokha’s vioja mahakamani clips below: