Death Is Cruel! Kenya 7s Star Dan Sikuta Mourns The Loss Of His Brother

Talented Kenya rugby sevens player, Dan Sikuta is mourning the death of his brother.

The 25-year-old player who plays as a forward for Kabras and the national team took to his Facebook page on Monday evening to announce the heartbreaking news.

It is not clear how his brother passed on.

I can’t believe my lovely brother. Rest with angels

Read his post alongside a photo of his brother.
The sad news came just a few months after Sikuta was involved in a road accident along Naivasha highway.
He was traveling from his family home in Kakamega when his vehicle was involved in an early morning accident. He escaped unscathed.
Below are some of comments from his friends who are mourning with Sikuta and his family.
Lynnet Nasenya Huyu ni Gideon najua kweli, death is so cruel, may he rest in peace, i hate it.
Brian Ntabo sorry for your loss bro…take heart.
Benard Kumelo My student Gidy, rip, Dan take heart.
Marion Shakola Nanjala Huyu ni Gideon!!!Whaaaat…may his soul rip..
May he rest in eternal peace.

Mayooo! You can die from a broken heart, widows are likely to die early

A widow’s risk of death can rise as much as 41 percent within the first six months of losing their loved-one, a new study from Rice University in Texas has revealed.

The small study adds to our current understanding of how grief affects our health, and may open the door to more effective interventions for the recently bereaved.

Losing a spouse is a stressful situation, and it’s commonly noted that this stress can have adverse effects on the health of the living partner.

For this reason, the world held its breath when former president George HW Bush displayed signs of failing health only weeks after the death of his wife, former first lady Barbara Bush. Bush is now recovering from his health scare, but his case is not isolated.

Form four student in Murang’a bedridden after 5 teachers beat him mercilessly

Now, new research suggests this link between poor health and recent bereavement is not simply a coincidence but may have a biological explanation: while the idea of health repercussions of a broken heart is not new, this is the first study to link bereavement to higher levels of cytokines and lower heart rate variation.

It appears that the loss of a spouse has measurable effects on the living partner’s health, and can increase their own risk of death not long after.

‘In the first six months after the loss of a spouse, widows/widowers are at a 41 percent increased risk of mortality,’ said Chris Fagundes, an assistant professor of psychology in Rice’s School of Social Sciences and the study’s lead author.

‘Importantly, 53 percent of this increased risk is due to cardiovascular disease.’

Researchers from Rice University in Texas analyzed the health of 32 individuals who had lost a spouse within an average of 89 days from the start of the study. The researchers also analyzed 33 healthy aged-matched controls. Both groups received a blood draw, an EKG, and completed self reported questionnaires. Seventy-eight percent of the volunteers were women and the remaining 22 percent were men.

The team specifically looked at the volunteers’ levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. These molecules serve as a biomarker of inflammation, and are released into the bloodstream in response to infection and other signs of inflammation. The team also measured the volunteers’ heart rate variability. This is the measurement of time between each heartbeat and is used to measure any cardiovascular abnormalities.

Results revealed that the recently-widowed displayed more biological signs of poor health than the control group.

For example, levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the recently widowed group were between five and seven percent higher than those found in the control group. Heart rate variation of the recently widowed was 47 percent lower than that of the control group.

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In addition to the physical indications of poor health, levels of depressive symptoms were 20 percent higher in the recently-widowed than in the control group.

Dr Ellen Carni, a psychologist in New York who specializes in helping patients deal with grief and bereavement, explained that she was not at all surprised by the study results.

‘Within the mental health field, I think it is fairly well acknowledged that new widows and widowers who were with their spouses for many years can be at risk for health problems,’ Dr Carni told Daily Mail Online.

According to Dr Carni, these health problems can arise suddenly and their severity often depends on the quality of the relationship between the spouses and the resilience of the widow.

‘Certainly, I’ve have seen widows develop health problems either fairly quickly after the loss of their spouses in older widows who have been married for many years,’ said Dr Carni.

‘I have even seen them develop health problems while the spouse was still alive if the spouse’s health is declining and the woman (I’ve seen it in men, too) anticipates becoming a widow.’

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The association between recent bereavement and heart health risks is also not surprising. For example, broken heart syndrome, officially known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, is an illness associated with severe emotional stress including the sudden loss of a loved one.

In this illness the heart is also affected, and the left ventricle weakens and can no longer pump blood throughout the body as effectively. Scientists believe this weakening is caused by a sudden surge of hormones, but the exact cause remains unclear.

The Rice University scientists hope their research on the effects of grief on health will lead to better interventions for the recently widowed.

As scientists work to create these interventions, there are still steps the recently widowed can take to lessen the adverse health effects of their bereavement.

‘If a spouse knows that his/her partner is terminally ill they can go to support groups even before their partner has passed away,’ said Dr Carni.

‘There are many caregiver support groups in the community, through churches and synagogues, for example, as well as those run privately by mental health professionals.’

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Mungu Ailaze Roho Yake: Son Of Citizen TV Owner, John Macharia Dies In A Tragic Accident

John Macharia is dead! The flamboyant son of Royal Media Services founder S.K Macharia succumbed after injuries he sustained along the Southern bypass today morning.

The mangled wreckage
The mangled Porsche wreck of the late Jihn Macharia

He passed away at Karen hospital after he was involved in a tragic road accident. This wasn’t the first accident for the high-flying scion of wealth.

The mangled wreckage
The mangled Porsche wreck of the late Jihn Macharia

In November of 2016, he was also involved in an accident when he ploughed his 30 million shilling Porsche into a stationary Toyota Prado.

The earlier accident
The earlier accident

This is the story done extensively on done at the time.

The earlier accident
The earlier accident

In that incident, he walked away smiling, but it seems that fate conspired for him not to survive this time. Details are yet to emerge about what happened exactly .

The earlier accident
The earlier accident

The family who have confirmed the death will communicate later on. May he rest in peace.

Lala Salama: Former Harambee Stars Coach Henri Michel Passes On

Former Harambee Stars coach, Henri Michel, has passed on at the age of 70.

Michel passed on after a long struggle with illness.

Michel was named as the head coach of the Harambee Stars back in 2012 taking over from James Nandwa. He however ended his stint four months later stating, I would like to clarify that I could not find an amicable agreement within the deadlines regarding my compliance with several provisions of the contract.”

Michel led French national team to the 1994 Olympic title.

In Africa he is fondly remembered for leading  to the 1998 World Cup. He worked extensively across Africa and managed the national teams of Cameroon, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea & Kenya. Clubs he coached: Raja Casablanca, Zamalek & Sundowns.

May his  soul rest in eternal peace.


Sad: Details of Imenti South Chief Who Hang Himself

Chure location in Imenti South is in somber mood in the remote village after the area chief committed suicide.

There were many questions as residents viewed Geoffrey Mwiti’s body on Saturday. Commonly known as Simba, his body was found dangling from a tree.

Residents liked him because of his track record in development, peace and his transparency. Resident Koome Gichuru said he was more than a chief.

“Whenever a criminal was taken to his office, he used to counsel them, make them understand their mistakes and sometimes forgive them if they promised to change,” he said.

“Simba changed the lives of many people. He was not corrupt. We’ve lost a visionary leader.” South Imenti deputy county commissioner Mugo Gichiri confirmed the incident. He said police have launched investigations.

Chure location area Chief Geoffrey Mwiti who committed suicide on Saturday and her wife during his son Joseph Mwenda's police pass out at Embakasi in Nairobi
Photo caption: Chure location area Chief Geoffrey Mwiti who committed suicide on Saturday and his wife during his son Joseph Mwenda’s police pass out at Embakasi in Nairobi

Man Accused Of Murdering His Wife And Burying Her In A Pit Latrine Put On Two Years Probation

A Murang’a court has put on probation a 33 years old man who was accused of killing his wife and burying her in a pit latrine.

Principal magistrate Anthony Mwichigi released the suspect Stephen Mwangi, putting him on a two years probation.

This comes a few days after the prosecution conducted an exhumation exercise in the suspect’s home in search of his wife Christine Ruguru’s body.

The exercise that was led by DCIO Japheth Maingi and public health officers saw police officers dig out a pit latrine and two other locations in the home before calling it off after failing to find the body.

While giving the judgment, the magistrate said the prosecution had failed to find the body of the victim in the place it had claimed the suspect had buried it.

He however asked the investigating officer to continue with investigations into the disappearance of Ruguru who went missing two years ago.

Mwichigi ordered the suspect to be reporting to Murang’a police station every two weeks until his probation period is over.

The suspect was arraigned in court two weeks ago charged with murdering his wife after it was reported that he was heard bragging about killing her and dumping her body in a toilet while he was drunk.

The victim disappeared after the two had a disagreement and separated for a period of 6 months during which Ruguru started a relationship with another man.

Neighbours however claim that Mwangi followed Ruguru to her maternal home in a bid to repair their broken marriage and ended up killing her.

Ruguru’s mother said her daughter had grown tired of their turbulent marriage and had plans to make their separation official in the chief’s office.

She however noted that Mwangi was unable to move on even after learning that she was in another relationship.

Ruguru who was speaking during the exhumation exercise pleaded with the police to help trace her daughter’s body to give her closure.

Ruguru was a mother of three children who now live with their grandparents.

-Alice Waithera

Police Search For Body Of Murang’a Woman Suspected To Have Been Killed Two Years Ago By Her Husband

There was shock in Maragi village near Murang’a town after police officers searched for the body of a woman suspected to have been murdered by her husband and buried in their home.

Police officers who spent the better part of Tuesday in the home were however forced to call off the exhumation exercise after failing to recover the body.

The police officers led by Murang’a DCIO Japheth Maingi dug out a latrine and two other areas before finally giving up.

They were acting on a court order issued after Stephen Mwangi was arrested and charged with killing his wife Christine Ruguru and dumping her body in a pit latrine two years ago.

The officers dug out an area where the pit latrine is believed to have stood in search of evidence without success.

The suspect was arrested after residents reported that he once bragged of killing his wife and dumping her body in a toilet while he was drunk.

Mwangi was arraigned in a Murang’a court last week where he was charged with murder before the court ordered the exhumation.

Ruguru disappeared in 2016 after separating with Mwangi after the two had a disagreement and went on to have an affair with another man which Mwangi was reportedly against.

Neighbors claim Mwangi followed Ruguru who was a mother of three to her maternal home trying to mend their marriage but ended up killing her.

Ruguru’s mother Damaris Wanjiku confirmed that the two had lived separately for five months and that her daughter was already in another relationship.

“Their marriage had constant fights so she decided to leave but Mwangi was not ready to move on,” she said.

Wanjiku said there were plans to make the separation official in the local chief’s office when she disappeared.

She lamented that their efforts to search for her daughter’s body and get justice have been futile.

“We reported the matter to the police in 2016 but Mwangi was released shortly after being arrested and the police told us that more investigations were to be conducted,” Wanjiku said.

Area chief James Mururi on his part said Mwangi is a jail bird and had previously served eight after being convicted in another criminal case.

The chief said they have minimal information on the suspect but that they are working with the police to establish the truth, urging locals to observe calm.


SAD: 2 pupils drown in Taita Taveta

Two boys aged 5 and 8 years drowned in different incidents in Mwatate and Taveta sub counties Taita Taveta County.

In the first incident at Landi village, a standard two pupil at Maili Kumi Primary School was swept away by floods following heavy downpour in the area.

According to Fredrick Ochieng, county police commander said the body of Francis Kiseu was found lying dead in a ditch at Chakaleri area
having been deposited there by running water.

“He was going home from school after a heavy downpour when he was swept away by raging water as he tried to cross the road.” He said.

His body was moved to Moi county referral hospital for postmortem examination.

Elsewhere a standard one pupil at Lesesia Primary School in Taveta was killed by floods while herding goats.

The farther of the pupil Duncan Kilonzo told the police that his 8-year old son, Stephen Wambua drowned in an abandoned quarry while playing with other children.

“The boy was herding goats together with other children when they decided to swim in a nearby ditch which formerly used to be a quarry. As a result the son drowned.” Ochieng told The Star on phone.

Police moved his body to Taveta sub county hospital mortuary to await postmortem examination.


-Solomon Muingi

Serie A Fixtures Cancelled As Mark Of Respect After Fiorentina Captain Astori Died In His Sleep

Fiorentina captain Davide Astori has died in his sleep ahead of their Serie A fixture against Udinese on Sunday.

Astori, a 31-year-old Italy international central defender, had been with the club since 2016 having previously played for Milan, Cagliari and Roma.

He had 14 international caps with Italy and was a member of the squad that played in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

All of Sunday’s Serie A fixtures have been postponed as a mark of respect.

One report from Italy said his team-mates broke down his door when Astori failed to come down for breakfast or answer his phone.

‘The lad did not turn up to the team breakfast at 9.30am and he was usually the first to arrive,’ said Fiorentina spokesman Arturo Mastronardi.

‘So they went to check on him. Davide was sleeping in a room on his own. We still don’t know the cause of death. The Magistrate came here and the body has been taken for an autopsy, which I think will be conducted today. We have no further details.

‘The last to see Davide was Marco Sportiello. Some players sleep in single rooms, some in doubles.

‘His family is from Bergamo, so his parents were alerted by telephone, whereas his partner was visited in person in Florence by some of the directors who were in the city.

Astori leaves a wife Francesca and two-year-old daughter.


Police Investigating Death Of A Woman Whose Body Was Found In A Hotel Room

Police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found in a hotel room in Pangani area, Nairobi.

The woman had complained of abdominal pain to the hotel management before she was offered water and medicine and later went to sleep.

Her body was later found in the room and it is not clear what caused the death. Police say they are investigating the incident.

The incident comes a day after another man was found dead in an apartment in Kilimani area. The relatives of the man are yet to come forward to report his status.

-Cyrus Ombati