Massawe Japanni cries on air after a domestic violence victim narrated her ordeal

Ann a victim of domestic violence reduced Massawe Japanni to tears on Monday afternoon after she narrated her ordeal which goes back to three years ago.

According to Ann, she was first raped by her uncle one day after her aunt left for work. When she reported the case to her parents, they brushed it off and even downplayed the magnitude of the matter.

‘Mume wangu alinikosea heshima!’ Mugizaji Nyce Wanjeri afichua kilicho watenganisha

Having no other choice, she reported the case to the police and upon hearing it, her parents convinced her to withdraw the case and ‘let the matter be handled by the family.’

This left her vulnerable to the suspect’s repeated death threats which saw her become an outcast in her own family after her parents disowned her.

She was forced to move in with a man in a bid to escape all the drama but little did she know that she was in fact walking into a trap. The man very much aware of her situation, took advantage of her and would beat her up mercilessly for no reason.

To make matters worse, the apparent lover has now resorted to locking her up whenever he leaves their house and would beat up anyone she tried to interact with.

When Massawe offered to call her privately to follow up on the case, Ann, said it would be impossible since she is currently hiding and she would not make it to the office since her husband always locks her up in the house everyday.

Jambo Massawe: Bwanangu alinifukuza na akaoa dadangu (AUDIO)

Read her narration below.

Aki massawe kwa hii dunia ukiishi lazima ujipe courage.

Mimi nikiwa bado shule nilikuwa na sisters walikuwa secondary mimi nikiwa primary sasa nikaambiwa juu hawa ni wakubwa niwapatie time wasome kwanza kwani school fees ilikuwa shida kidogo.

Massawe nikatoka nikaenda kuishi na auntie yangu Nairobi, but ikafika time ikawa by accident yeye akapata job mbali na nyumbani sasa alikuwa anatoka kwa nyumba mapema like four ndio afike kazini.

How she was raped.

Ikafika time alikuwa anatoka anawacha bwanake kwa nyumba, kidogo bwanake akakuja aki Massawe nikanajisiwa nikiwa na umri wa miaka saba. So nikajaribu kuambia wazazi wangu wakakataa na nikapeleka kesi mbele kwa sababu sikuwa na option lakini wazazi wakaniambia niende ni withdraw kesi tuongee kama familia.

But Massawe mwenye alinifanyia hicho kitendo alikuwa ananitishia kila wakati akisema mahali atanipata hapo ndio atanimaliza. Nikajaribu kuambia wazazi wangu wakasema huyo ni uncle yangu hakuna kitu anaweza nifanyia.

Imenileta shida hadi nilifukuzwa nyumbani na nikatoka nikapata mwanaume tukaishi pamoja lakini nateseka bado, hadi mwanaume anajua kwetu hawanitaki sasa ana take advantage ananipiga.

Nimepata mtoto juzi lakini kufika jana mwanaume amenipiga vibaya nikipigia watu wa kwetu simu wananiambia am not part of their family.

Listen to the emotional audio below.

Countries where violence against women is prevalent

An international campaign to challenge violence against women is underway worldwide.

The 16 days of activism began on November 25, and concludes on December 10.

Gender based violence  is prevalent in this list of countries below:

1. DRC Congo


Congo which is home to over 81 million people is one of the nations whereby women believe it is justified to be beaten at certain occasions. Congo has had a problem with corruption, political unrest, violence, and exploitation.

Females in the DR Congo not only lack basic human rights but according to the country’s Family Code are under the guardianship of their husbands and are even denied the ability to sign legal documents without permission from their spouse.

2. Senegal


Women who are living in Senegal are mostly influenced by their religious beliefs , customs and traditions. Violence against women include practices such as  genital mutilation, rape, incest, and domestic abuse.

3. Cambodia


Cultural and traditional beliefs have greatly influenced the increase of female abuse in Cambodia.Over 15 million people come from Cambodia and unfortunately conservatives here believe that traditions should be retained ruling that women should be soft spoken and that they have no major say in society.

Women have to ensure that they maintain good repute and ensure that their husbands image is not ruined.However , failure to do so results to thorough punishment, which most of the time results to the ladies committing suicide.

4. Zambia


Zambia is another country whereby its women suffer due to things like lack of adequate rights that fully protect them and freedoms including the inability to own or inherit land.

Other things that fully affect them include  forced marriages, marriage at a young age, high maternal death rates during childbirth, poor education for girls, and an increased vulnerability to diseases such as HIV.

5. Egypt


Other than most of its people following their religions and customs, the people believe that domestic violence is a matter to be handled in the family and that it shouldn’t go past that. That’s why there haven’t been proper laws that outlaw the practice.

This has also led to women being restricted on a number of things.

Mother of 6 nurses injuries after brutal panga attack by husband

A 33-year-old mother of six is nursing serious injuries on her legs and right hand following an alleged brutal panga attack by her husband.

Sarah Wangari from Mung’etho village in Ndaragwa on Thursday said her husband, Josphat Kiongo, attacked her on October 4.

 She was at a home where she is employed to take care of livestock and two children aged four and 14.

Wangari said since she married Kiongo more 14 years ago, she has never known peace. Hardly a day passes without Kiongo battering her.

“Sometimes he plucks my hair or he burns all my clothes and threatens to kill me. When I flee with the children, he follows us and causes trouble wherever we go,” she said

Wangari accused her husband of infidelity. If she complains, she is beaten and thrown out in the cold. Wangari said she has never ended the marriage because of the children.

Sarah Wangari at her younger sister Rahab Wambui's house in Mairo Inya. /NDICHI WAINAINA

She said at one time he threw a panga at her and injured her left shoulder.

In the latest attack, Wangari said Kiongo rode his motorbike to her place of work and sent one of their children to call her. When she got outside the gate, she saw her husband with a panga.

“I turned back, but it was too late. He cut me on the leg, then pushed me to the ground. He aimed my neck, but I blocked the panga with my right hand,” she said

Residents came to Wangari’s rescue. They took her to Mairo Inya police station and called her younger sister, Rahab Wambui, who took her to Nyahururu Referral Hospital.

Kiongo followed them to the hospital, which is a few metres from Nyahururu police station. Police were notified and he was arrested.

Wambui said her sister recorded a statement at Mairo Inya police post. On Friday, they were told the suspect will be taken to court on Monday, but they later learnt he had been released under unclear circumstances.

Wambui is now hosting her sister and her six children in her single room in Mairo Inya town. She has one child of her own. Wangari is totally depended on her sister and well-wishers who are assisting them.

“My greatest fear is the suspect is still threatening us. If something is not done, he might come and kill us,” she said

She said the suspect burnt the children’s clothes. ”The children stay naked when I wash their clothes. They all crowd on the floor when it is time to sleep”, Wambui said

The county assembly women MCAs’ caucus chairperson, Milka Wanjiru, visited Wangari on Thursday.

She said it is unfortunate that Kiongo continues to do business at Mairo Inya market as if nothing has happened. She said it is even more troubling that he threatens his wife and the people assisting her.

“My prayer is that the relevant authorities take action before it is too late,” she said

Wanjiru said cases of domestic violence are on the rise in Nyandarua, but most victims keep silent.

Nyandarua North police boss Timon Odingo told the Star on the phone yesterday Kiongo in not off the hook.

Odingo said the suspect will be arrested and taken to court after a P3 Form is filled once Wangari is healed.

The police boss said Kiongo was released on cash bail as investigations continue.

“The problem with Kenyans is they want instant justice,” he said.

the star

Kuria Woman Whose Hand Was Chopped Off By Her Husband Refuses To Leave Hospital

A Kuria woman whose hand was chopped off using a panga by her husband has refused to leave the hospital for fear of her in-laws.

Maria Roba Musa lost her left hand and doctors worked hard to save the other through surgery at St Joseph Mission Hospital in Migori town two weeks ago.

Her husband Musa Matiko Gisiri from Tarang’anya Village assaulted her on January 18.

Despite the mother of nine reporting the matter at Kehancha Police station, the suspect who allegedly visits his home occasionally is yet to be arrested.

“I can’t go back to my matrimonial home as my husband and in-laws have threatened to kill me for reporting the matter to police,” Rioba said.

She said that already her in-laws, accusing her of victimizing their son have taken all her household items.

“My children have also run away from our home, I need them to be safe with me, but in a different place,” Maria said.

Maria said her life remains in danger as long as the culprit is not arrested and charged.

“I need to have him answer before a court why he chose to make me disabled,” she said.

She was speaking to the Star at the hospital bed on Thursday where she called on well-wishers to help her get another home to take care of her children.

Her daughter, Elizabeth Ghati Musa said their family has broken down as her mother was the sole breadwinner.

Ghati said they experienced hostility from their home and going back there was not safe for them.

“Our father is still at large, we hear he is in Tanzania but he may come back to finish what he started if we go back to our home,” she said.

Vincent Were, a social worker at Ombo Hospital, asked well-wishers to come to the aid of the woman and her children as her family has abandoned her.

Maria owes the hospital Sh42,650, a bill which increases daily by Sh600.

-The Star|Manuel Odeny

Woman beaten by husband exposes him on Facebook

Cases of domestic violence have been rampant of late. Everyday, many report cases of women who have been abused by their husbands, relatives or even the public (matatu crew) but not all of them get justice.

Human rights activists and gender-based violence organizations have always been on the forefront working towards eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls in Kenya, but it seems violence against women is not going to end anytime soon.

A Kenyan woman, identified as Leah Wambui, is a victim of domestic violence and she has finally spoken out about it for the first time.

Leah Wambui

The young mother took to social media to share her story of how she was thoroughly battered by her husband, disfiguring her lips. According to Leah, this is not the first time she has been beaten by her husband. He is used to it.

“Domestic violence at its worst, some of us still suffer in silence but not anymore nimeamua kutoa sauti. Ongea usikike,” she wrote on her Facebook account

Wambui went ahead to reveal that her husband had heard some rumour that’s why he battered her. He then begged for forgiveness later on after confirming that there was nothing serious about the rumour he had heard. Wambui has fled her home and she is currently being housed by her friend and she is calling upon well-wishers to help her.

“Ladies, may this never happen to you in the name of love. I have learned it the hard way. Some men are evil and will never change. Don’t waste your time hoping its gonna get better ruuuuuun because it only gets worse. The guy tore my clothes before my kids after hitting me hard over a rumour he heard. Continue reading “Woman beaten by husband exposes him on Facebook”

Mwili wa mwanaume mwenye umri wa makamo anauguza majeraha baada ya kushambuliwa na jembe

Mwanamume mwenye umri wa makamo anauguza majeraha katika hospitali ya St Marys, Mumias, baada ya kushambuliwa kwa jembe na mkewe.
Josephat Masinde kutoka kijiji cha nderema eneo bunge la navakholo anadai kuhangaishwa na mkewe mara kwa mara kwa sababu zisizoeleweka.

Bi Diana asimulia vile bwanake alitaka kumuuwa

Katika kipindi cha Bustani na Massawe Japanni October 19th mgeni wetu alikuwa ni dada Diana.

Diana Kamande ni nusura wa ghasia za kijamii.

Kulingana na ushahidi wake Diana aliweza kuteswa na kupigwa na bwanake, akisema alinusurika kifo.

Kama hukumbuki alikuwa katika vyombo vya habari mwaka wa 2013.

Ni mama wa watoto wawili, na kando na hayo alikumbuka ile siku alipotoka nyumbani na bwanake wakienda kazini.

Lakini la kushangaza ni yaliyotokeza baadaye.

Diana alisema;

” Hiyo siku nilimwambia bwanangu kwamba sitaweza kuenda nyumbani naye kama ilivyo desturi. Akaniandikia message kupitia simu kwamba ni sawa.”

“Kumalizana na shughuli zangu nikaelekea nyumbani, na bwanangu akaniuliza chene napika usiku huo. Bwanake akasema atajishugulikia chakula ya jioni.”

Bwanake alifika nyumbani usiku akiwa na hasira. “Nilishtuka kwasababu hajawahi onekana akiwa amekasirika hivyo, watot pia walishtuka. Baada ya mda kidogo alisimama na kuchukua vifunguo zote, akatoka na akafunga milango.”

Na hapo ndipo mambo yalienda mrama.

Usiku wa manane alipokuwa amelala, aliamka amestuka kupata bwanake anamkata uso na kisu. Diana alivutana na mumewe hadi alipojificha chini ya kitanda.

Tazama kanda ifuatayo ya Diana akiwa ndani ya studio yetu.


MOMBASA: Man dies in after wife attempted to chop off his genitals


Police are pursuing a jilted woman who killed her husband after attempting to chop off his genitals in Bamburi, Mombasa. The man sustained deep cuts on his private parts and died of excessive bleeding.
Kisauni police boss Richard Ngatia said the man was rescued by neighbours who intervened and  rushed him to private hospital. According to neighbors the two picked a fight after the woman caught the husband with another woman at a local joint



AUDIO: Juma, Gidi discuss shocking domestic violence cases in Kenya

The number of cases of domestic violence continue to rise in the country, spreading across several counties with majority of them turning tragic.

Two weeks ago a 21-year-old woman was arrested in Buruburu for fatally stabbing her 24-year-old boyfriend 22 times over a text message .

This week a 23-year-old woman killed her two daughters before she attempted to take her own life over a domestic feud with her husband.

The trend caught newsreader Yusuf Juma’s attention who faulted society’s ways of resolving family feuds.

According to Juma, “Kenya lacks social support services from the government which would include a follow up system in such cases as well as counselling, which would help curb certain vices.”

Listen to the Audio below:

Man sentenced to death for killing wife

Photo file

A man who stabbed his wife of nine years 23 times, before licking her blood from the knife in 2007, has been sentenced to death.

High Court judge Luka Kimaru heard that the father of three was angry because his wife had received a call from one of her customers, something he had warned her about.

In his ruling, the judge noted that this was the worst form of domestic violence.