Kenyans impressed by this mzungu rastafarian minister for culture in Sweden

In Kenya, we say that nobody can stop reggae, and this is true in Sweden as well.

Pictures of the rasta minister caught the attention of Kenyans over the weekend when it was shared on social media.

Everyone was impressed that the mzungu minister wears rasta’s as opposed to the kind of hair preferred by wazungu’s.


While some have criticized her, others are impressed.

Here are comments about the 38-year-old minister;

✨Ichiban MoMi 🇰🇪..
Rubbish colleague. She looks good 👍🏾

James Chikonamombe..
This is beyond silly! Let her sport her dreadlocks. Good for her!


Nomusa Mokgadi Maeko..
She is a beauty! I don’t know her or her political persuasion, but I do believe she is a beautiful woman nonetheless! Share more about her someone please🙏🏽!

Replying to @CelestinMonga @alykhansatchu and 5 others
She wears the locks like a rasta. What’s the problem? I don’t get it. Rasta should have no bias.

amanda lind 2

I love her hair, I am currently wearing the same hairstyle.

Truth Sanctuary…
She looks so cute rocking dreadlocks.



Father sues high school to compel them to admit his daughter without shaving her dreadlocks

A father has sued the education ministry and a high school seeking to compel them to admit his daughter to form one without shaving her dreadlocks.

The man, says his daughter keeps dreadlocks as part of religious practice and not as a fashion statement and therefore should not be compelled to shave.

The minor was home from on January 10 despite having paid school fees.

She was allegedly orally condemned and directed that she only comes back after shaving.

The father in suit papers says the action of the school amounts to discrimination meted on his daughter on the basis of her Rastafarian faith.


Celebrities Who Have Shaved Their Dreadlocks In Recent Years

2017 saw a number of Kenyan celebrities ditch their signature looks by shaving off their dreadlocks.

Among these celebrities are popular radio presenter Nick Odhiambo, comedian and MC Oga  as well as gospel artist DK Kwenye beat.

Below is a list of a number of celebrities who shaved their dreadlocks in recent years.

DK Kwenye Beat

In the video, DK is overheard claiming that he took the shaving decision because he is set to tie the knot and apparently his girlfriend/ fiancée “aliniambia hawezi kubali hiyo…”

Nick Odhiambo

Former Classic presenter now Radio Maisha morning show host Nick Odhiambo ditched his dreadlocks trademark look for a short hair do, after seven years.


Oga Obinna

The comedian shaved his long dreads after a friend of his dared him to do so for a cool Sh 1 million in return.



Robert Kamanzi (R Kay)


Kamanzi one of Kenya’s most prolific musicians/ producers did the unexpected 2016 when he shaved off his 14 years old signature dreadlocks.

Koigi wa Wamwere

The human rights activist made a vow back in the 90’s promising that he would shave his shoulder length dreadlocks the day President Moi would leave power. True to his word, Koigi shaved his more than ten years old dreadlocks to celebrate Mwai Kibaki’s election win in 2003.


Annabel Onyango

Annabel is a one of the most celebrated Kenyan fashion icons. The Sauti sol stylist, decided to do away with her blonde dreadlocks early 2015.


Eric Wainana


The Kenyan music great surprised the nation when he shaved his long dreadlocks in 2013. Wainana who apart from his unique musical style, was well known for his dreadlocks and it came as a huge surprise when he appeared on Tusker Project Fame programme with a rather short brown hair which has since remained his signature style.


HILARIOUS! This Is How Your Favorite Celebrities Would Look Like With Dreadlocks

If you truly have a mind of a wanderer then you might at one time or another wondered how some of these Kenyan celebrities would look like with dreadlocks.

Of late we have a number of celebrities rocking dreadlocks compared to a few decades back where we had only the likes of Nazizi, Ukoo flani Mau Mau artists and Redsan rocking dreadlocks.

One artist sat down and tried to actualize our imaginations by sketching a few celebrities among them, His excellency president Kenyatta and popular comedian Churchill with dreadlocks.

  1. Bien Sauti Sol

bien dread

  1.  Moses Kuria


  1. Churchill


  1. David Rudisha

rudisha dread

  1. Collins Injera

injera dread


See The Challenge Given to Nairobi Business Community By Kenyan Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Photos of alleged Mungiki gang said to be masquerading as members of Nairobi Business Community stirred up all sorts of controversy online.

When ‘business community’ is mentioned what comes to mind is suits and ties.

However, Kenyans were shocked by images of people claiming to be members of Nairobi Business Community.

People spotting with dreadlocks held a press conference to address NASA protests against IEBC which they said posed a threat to their businesses.

Kenya celebrities took up the Nairobi Business Community challenge.


Ciru Muriuki




Boniface Mwangi


Jaymo ule Msee


Nick Odhiambo


VIDEO: Mbusii Shakes His Dreadlocks

With his calm and easy-going demeanor, Mbusii’s popularity among Kenyans is never in question.

The presenter joined Radio Jambo in August 2013 together with his sidekick Lion and they continue to entertain Kenyans with their funny jokes and perspective on various issues as well as their unrivaled selection of the best reggae music and riddims.

Apart from music and family, Mbusii is also very attached to his dreadlocks which he has been growing for 8 years now.

Mbusii says that he started growing his locks in 2008 after the police shaved his previous hair.

“In 2007 there was a massive crackdown on members of the Mungiki sect and one day I encountered police officers who thought I was a member of the illegal group. They arrested me and shaved my dreadlocks before releasing me,” Mbusii lamented.

“All the same, I did not let that incident put me down and I started growing my dreadlocks again in 2008. I do not plan to shave these ones,” he added.

The presenter however said that keeping the locks in good condition is no easy task because they are many and pretty long, but thanks to his wife, Mama Stacy, he does not have to worry about that so much as she waxes them for him.

To know more about Mbusii’s dreadlocks and also see him shake them, watch the video below.

Mzazi aliyeshtaki shule ya Rusinga kortini kwa kumfurusha mwanawe kwa sababu ya nywele rasta apoteza kesi hiyo

Mzazi wa mvulana wa umri wa miaka sita aliyeshtaki shule ya Rusinga mahakamani kwa kumfukuza mwanawe kwa sababu ya nywele rasta amepoteza kesi aliyowasilisha kortini akitaka shule hiyo iamuriwe kumkubali mwanawe arudi shuleni.

Jaji katika kesi hiyo, Mumbi Ngugi, alisema katika uamuzi wake kuwa mwanafunzi huyo itabidi anyoe nywele hizo ama atafute shule ingine kwa sababu mama yake hakuweza kushawishi mahakama kuwa alikuwa anafunga nywele hizo kwa sababu za kidini. Jaji Mumbi aliongezea kuwa mzazi huyo alikuwa amesoma na kutia saini kanuni za maadili ya shule hiyo kwa hivyo alikuwa na ufahamu kuwa wanafunzi hawakubaliwi kufuga nywele ya aina ya rasta.