Familia ya Oprong yaomba msaada wa mazishi

Familia ya aliekuwa mbunge wa kwanza wa eneo la Teso siku hizo likijulikana kama Busia kaskazini Oduya Oprong imetoa wito kwa serikali kuisaidia kumzika mbunge huyo mbali na kuwasaidia wanao na wake zake ambao wanaishi maisha ya ufukara.

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PATANISHO: Nilipata condom kwa wallet ya mume wangu

Wanafamilia hiyo wakiongozwa na kasisi George Etyang na Abel Okerogei wanasema kwa sasa hawana uwezo wa kugaramia mazishi ya mbunge huyo ambaye kwa wakati mmoja alikuwa naibu waziri wa mipango.

Wito wao umeungwa mkono na wabunge Raphael Wanjala wa Budalangi, John Bunyasi wa Nambale na mbunge mwakilishi wa akina mama kaunti ya Bungoma Catherine Wambilianga.

Wandani wa Rais Mustaafu Moi walitunukiwa ardhi ya umma

Aidha wamemtaja marehemu Oprong kama mfalme wa jamii ya Iteso ambaye aliisaidia pakubwa hasa katika kusajiliwa kwao na kutambulika na serikali ya Kenya kama moja ya jamii za humu nchini.

Raila, Gideon Moi hold talks for hours in Nairobi

The AU special infrastructure envoy and ODM chief Raila Odinga today held a four-hour meeting with KANU leader and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi in Nairobi.

The between between the two  is expected to generate wide political interest, and even re-ignite the succession politics debates.

There has been debates about leaders who descended from powerful families regrouping to stop politicians from “poor backgrounds” from assuming power after President Uhuru Kenyatta term expires in 2022.

Politicians allied to Deputy president William Ruto have been particularly vocal about this and with this meeting in perspective, it is expected that the rhetoric could raise again.

Sources close to the two leaders confirmed the meeting, but refused to give more details on what they discussed.

The meeting is said to have been at a Nairobi hotel and was closed door.

While the Baringo senator has announced that he will be running to replace Uhuru in the next election the ODM leader has not be forthcoming on whether he will vie or hang his boots in favour of a young leader.

Odinga has vied four times but maintains that he only lost once and that in the three other times, he was rigged out.

He would then have a truce with President Uhuru in March last year, neutralizing the opposition and developing a working relationship with the government.



Athletes call upon government to rescue veterans from poverty

World 3,000m indoor and outdoor record holder wants the government to come to the rescue of veteran athletes who are currently living in a squalor.

Komen said many retired athletes are living in desolate conditions, adding that awarding of certificates and medals were not enough.

“My appeal is to ask the government through the Ministry of Sports to carry out an audit to establish their number and state so that they can be supported,”  Komen said.

Komen was speaking during the burial of the 1968 Mexico City Olympics silver medallist Naftali Bon at his home in Kapng’etuny Village in Kapsabet town on Sunday.

Nandi county sports CEC Elly Kurgat asked the government to consider putting sportsmen and women on a monthly stipend.

“The surviving veterans who represented our country in the 60’s and 70’s before the introductions of cash awards really need help,” Kurgat said.

Kenya’s pioneer marathoner, Ibrahim Hussein, asked the Department of Immigration to re-establish the passport control offices in Eldoret to assist the athletes.

He appealed to the Immigration PS Rt. Gen. Gordon Khilahangwa to re-open the office to support only athletes, saying whenever they travel to Kisumu for the documents, they undergo difficulties.

Bon, who died at the age of 73, was among Kenya’s quartet of Charles Asati, Daniel Rudisha and Munyori Nyamau, who won a silver medal in the 4x400m relay at the 1968 Olympics Games in Mexico.

In 1965, Bonn received Head of State commendation (military section) from the country’s first President, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. He died at the Kapsabet County referral hospital after a short illness. Others in attendance included former athlete prof. Mike Boit, Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo and women’s representative Ziporah Kering.

Also attendance were veterans Sammy Kosgei and Bethuel Kimaiyo among others.

-By Barry Salil

Government Urged To Give Amnesty To Corruption Suspects Who Are Willing To Return Stolen Public Resources

The government has been asked to give a one month amnesty period to corruption suspects who are willing to return stolen public resources.

Ahadi Kenya CEO Stanley Kamau has said this is the only way that the government will be able to recover resources that have been lost through corruption.

Kamau said corruption has become a major issue in the nation and requires drastic measures to stem it before it ruins the country development-wise.

He said public land meant for social amenities such as schools and hospitals has been grabbed through corruption in most parts of the country.

According to him, a one month amnesty would give a chance to corruption suspects to return stolen public resources without the need for the government to use legal means.

“Ours schools are too congested because all the land that was set aside for them is now in private hands,” he said.

He noted that over time, so much money has been looted from government coffers that could help spur development further if recovered.

“The money would be enough to adequately compensate Solai dam victims and those affected by landslides in Murang’a without the need to look for more funds,” he added.

Kamau who was speaking during the opening of the Gospel Embassy Worship Centre in Murang’a town on Sunday also appealed to the church to stop abetting corruption by accepting money from corrupt leaders.

Kamau said most churches are being constructed with money from corrupt politicians who are invited for fundraisings.

“I am asking churches to start vetting the people who bring money to them so that they do not become avenues for corrupt individuals to clean their images,” he said.

He urged the clergy to reject the money corrupt individuals bring to their churches saying they steal large amounts from the government and give only a small percentage to churches in a bid to hide their criminal side.

He said as the government tries to fight corruption, Kenyans need to see the church making a clear stand against the vice that he said threatens the future of the country.

“Reject the money they bring to your funerals and weddings to make it clear that you do not support corruption,” he told the clergy.

Kamau noted that church faithful regard donations from politicians as generosity without considering that it is their revenue that is being misused which in turn affects the economy negatively.

Corruption, he noted, has become an enormous jigger that needs to be plucked out using every means possible before it suffocates the government.

“Let not those who are mentioned in corruption matters hide in their communities because they did not steal for their communities,” Kamau said.

-Alice Waithera

P-Unit’s Gabu speaks about how the government is selfish towards artists!

Gabu speaks his mind, chills ni wewe! Ati Samatha what? He does not shy away from crazy questions thrown his way. He is very direct, bordering on the hysterical with his responses which he backs full tilt.

In a recent exclusive interview that we had with him, he talked about fatherhood, gospel musicians and the recent swearing-in ceremony by Raila Odinga. As usual, the man was very candid and offered up some interesting comments to these questions.

Gabu. photo credit: Instagram/gabupunit

When we asked him about fatherhood and whether it was difficult, he said:


Gabu. photo credit: Instagram/gabupunit

We have seen that rarely do gospel musicians do collabos with artists from the secular spectrum. This is intentional as we have learnt from numerous interviews. When I informed Gabu about this stance, he responded with passion and said.:


Gabu. photo credit: Instagram/gabupunit

The last issue we wanted to learn from him was about the swearing-in two weeks ago and what he thought about it. His was non-plussed about the swearing in but in how the government had closed down the stations. he explained:


There you have it, people. Gabu’s thoughts. Very passionate and always entertaining.

Government Pledges Sh50M To Harambee Stars Should They Qualify For The AFCON 2019

The government has given a pledge of Sh50 million to Harambee Stars players if they qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019, Deputy President William Ruto has said.

The Deputy President, at the same time, said the Government would use sporting activities to unite the country.

Ruto said to boost the morale of the players and promote sporting activities in the country; more efforts were being made to fix issues of football once and for all.

“If you qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations, the Government will give you Shs 50million. We will talk about the rest when we reach there,” said Ruto.

Hosting the Harambee Stars players for a breakfast meeting at his Karen office, Nairobi, the Deputy President said the Government has come up with an elaborate programme to promote football beginning from the grassroots to enable players develop their talents early.

The meeting, which was, attended Sports CS Hassan Wario and President of Football Kenya Federation (FKF), Nick Mwendwa, comes in the wake of the win by Harambee Starts last Sunday against Zanzibar in CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup held at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos County.

The team received Sh5million from the Deputy President following their win against Zanzibar.

Ruto said President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the Ministry of Sports to give Shs 10million to the players ahead of the Christmas Festive season.

“You guys made all of us across the country, from all communities, all faiths and political affiliations proud, as one nation, one proud Kenya,” said Ruto.

“The Government recognizes your hard work and commitment in improving sports and make our country famous in football,” he added.

The Deputy President said sporting activities have greater potential to unite all Kenyans irrespective of their political, faiths and political affiliations.

“Sports has proved to bring together many people and nations. This is why we want to use football to unite our country,” said Ruto.

He said the Government would continue to recognize the efforts of the country’s sportsmen/women who excel in various fields.

The Deputy President said Sh1billion was set aside last year to recognide the country’s sportsmen/women, saying already Sh500,000 has been used.

-The Star|DPPS

Government Orders Doctors Back After Cancelling Sh14.5 Billion Offer

The government yesterday cancelled the Sh14.5 billion offer it had presented to striking doctors.

In a press conference attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Council of Governors chairman Peter Munya aslo directed all the striking doctors to return to work immediately.

He said only doctors who have been on duty will receive the increment. “All postgraduate medical students sponsored by the government and have been on strike must return to work immediately,” Munya said.

He said the national and county governments and all other employers will immediately continue and complete disciplinary action against staff who have absconded from duty to facilitate filling of vacancies.

Munya said the resolutions followed a special meeting of governors, the Health ministry and Uhuru. “We have also resolved that the National Police Service will continue providing maximum security to doctors who will be on duty,” he said.

Munya said the government had offered the doctors a 50 per cent increment on their salaries and Sh600 million risk allowances, which were to be backdated from July, 2016.

The offer raised the doctors’ singular budget to Sh14.5 billion, he said.

Munya said the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union leaders provoked the government to withdraw the offer because of their hardline stance.

Munya maintained the strike is illegal, as the Labour Court ruled.

Earlier yesterday, the Court of Appeal pleaded with the Council of Governors and the Health ministry to meet the doctors union officials and sign the revised agreement to end the strike.

Addressing governors at the Fourth Devolution Conference in Naivasha, Uhuru said the doctors are only out to blackmail the government by staging a health crisis.

The President said this is not acceptable.

-The Star

Kenyans Suffer As Talks Between Government, Doctors Collapse Again

Talks between doctors and the government hit a snag on Tuesday after the Health Ministry accused the medics of not being ready to negotiate in good faith.

Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu said that they had tried their best to talk with the doctors in vain even as the work boycott entered its 52nd day.

He said that the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union officials failed to commit to an agreed position despite the struggle to reach consensus.

“When a union agrees on a position and changes it the next minute, it becomes very hard for us to negotiate,” Mailu said.

“That is what we have been subjected to as a ministry and a government for the last 52 days,” a visibly frustrated Mailu told the media.

He maintained that the doctors were frustrating their efforts to come up with an amicable solution to the stalemate adding that it was contrary to what the party portrays to Kenyans.

“Mine is to let Kenyans know that those discussions have come to no conclusion as it is not their (KMPDU) wish to see the suffering stop,” the CS said.

He said they will continue to engage with county governments to improve the services offered at faith-based hospitals as well as private clinics.

“We want to ensure Kenyans continue to receive services. We will meet with county health executives on Friday to chart the way forward,” Mailu said.

It is not clear if they will meet union officials on the said date as the lot risks being jailed on Thursday, should they not strike a deal with the government.

-The Star

Residents In Samburu County Cry Foul Over Governments Delay To Compensate Them

Samburu central residents whose crops and livestock have been destroyed by wild animals are calling upon the national government through Kenya Wildlife Service to speed up the  compensation process.

The residents are lamenting that the government is taking too long to restore their only source of livelihood. ”They were my family’s only source of income, my children cannot go to school because I cannot afford their school fees after a group of hyenas killed our herd of 63 Sheep leaving only two alive at night,” Lamented Mary Lekaato.

She asked the national government to come her family’s rescue as earlier promised by Samburu county’s KWS’ Warden, Richard Lemarkat. Where he promised that KWS would set traps to reduce an increasing number of hyenas in the region as the government begins the process of compensating all residents who had lost their property to wildlife activities.

According Ms Lekaato, KWS is yet to fulfill its promises as an increasing number of hyenas is still a threat in the area. ”Hyenas are still preying on animals at night. We usually hear them roaming around our compound at night when we are sleeping,”she said. However, a group of well wishers led by the Samburu County  Executive Committee member for Tourism and Trade, Peter Leshakwet has donated more than 20 sheep to the two most affected families.

Leshakwet said that the donation was set to act as a short term reliever for the two families as they wait for more than Sh 800,000 compensation for their lost livestock from the national government. He said the well wishers contributed some money which was used to buy the sheep.

Speaking during the handing over of the animals to the two families Leshakwet asked the KWS to control the number of wild animals living near households adding that the government should  devolve the compensation process.

90% of the county’s total population is nomadic pastorals who are trying their hand in small scale arable farming after predators such as Lions and Hyenas became a threat to their livestock.

They have lamented that their attempt to try out crop farming as an alternative  source of livelihood is also hindered by Zebras and Elephants.

Lodokejek ward member of county assembly, Julius Leshoomo said human wildlife conflict had continued for a long time fearing that if it’s not solved it would lead to human or wildlife deaths. He called upon KWS to negotiate with the national government on the peoples behalf for quick compensation.

Government Ready To Dialogue With Opposition Over IEBC

The government is ready to dialogue with the opposition to resolve any issue ahead of next year’s general election. Deputy President William Ruto says the government will adhere to the Constitution when resolving any issues including the status of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

This comes after CORD wrote to the president requesting for dialogue on matters affecting IEBC.

He has however warned the opposition against using protests and threats to coerce the Government into dialogue.

Meanwhile, majority leader Aden Duale says President Uhuru Kenyatta has no role to play in disbanding the IEBC. Duale wants the opposition to follow the law if it wants to reform the electoral body.