Crazy World! Kenyan Man DUMPS Wife-To-Be At A Guest Room Because She Didn’t Allow Him To Bed Her Without Protection

Ladies, how would you feel if a man dumped you because you refused to get intimate with him yet he had promised to marry you?

A Kenyan man has allegedly dumped a woman from Tanzania after she refused to have sex with him at a guest house in Eldoret.

The unidentified man abandoned 22-year-old Violet Johnhanson and her friend Nyangole from Kahama, Tanzania, after Violet refused to bed him without protection.

According to Nation, the two went to get help at Baharini Police station, where they confessed to having left their home country after the said man promised to marry Violet.

The girl revealed that they met at a hotel in Sirare, on the Kenya-Tanzania border where he expressed his interest in making her his wife.

Violet said that she was fascinated by the man after she found out that they were both suffering from broken hearts, after past failed relationships.


“He told me that his ex-wife stole 1 Million from him and felt I should give him a chance since I was fed up with being single.”

She promised to accept to marry him as long as he visits her parents and introduces himself.

But the man insisted that he wanted her to visit his family first, and she agreed. Her friend Nyangole decided to accompany them to make sure she’s safe.

Sadly, the man didn’t take his wife-to-be to his parents but instead, he took her to a guest house, a few kilometers from Eldoret.

The chemistry and love were put to test after he insisted that they should have unprotected sex, a request she refused on grounds they get tested for HIV first.

“First, he wanted the three of us to share a room, but I resisted so he was forced to get another room.

He was disappointed and annoyed with me that he got out of the room and later came back to pick up his briefcase claiming that ht was going to collect some money from a nearby ATM. That was the last time I saw him, ” she exclaimed.

Speaking to Nation, Eldoret police boss said that officers were currently investigating the matter and looking for the man, who registered using the fake name Livondo.