Are these the most fashionable celebrity kids in Kenya?

Smart fashion statement is a norm among adults, but when you see a stylish kid, it’s quite uncertain whom the credit goes to.

Is it the parent who dresses the kid or the kid who beyond doubt slays the outfits.

Not just well dressed kids but well and stylish kids are running these Kenyan streets for a while now.

Below are our top stylish Kenyan Kids;

Ladasha ( The Muraya’s)


Heaven Bahati


Jaguar’s son & Daughters

MP Jaguar's son
MP Jaguar’s son

Jaguar with his daughters Tamara and Toria

Eko Dydda’s sons


Octopizzo’s Children


Pierra Makena’s Daughter



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Machozi Sacco: 10 celebrities who have broken down and cried like babies

Being emotional is okay.

People who are emotional and tend to react to surprises or things differently.

Some cry, faint and others just stare without saying a word. According to a documented study, people who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

They are able to cope with life’s challenges.

In the local showbiz industry, we have several celebrities who can’t hide their emotions in public and they burst into tears.

Before we get into the list of criers, here is KTN swahili news anchor,  Zubeida Kananu, who could not hold in her laughter during a live broadcast.

Her laughter is infectious.

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Away from uncontrollable laughter, we have seen many especially TV girls melt into tears and below is a list of Kenyan celebrities who’ve cried or shed tears in public.
  1. Phil Karanja (Celina’s husband)

The former Tahidi High actor and now producer cried on his wedding day. Phil and his wife Celina (Katherine Kamau) walked down the late last year and in a recent media interview, she revealed that her husband sobbed “uncontrollably” on their big day.


Celina Kamau
Celina Kamau. photo credit: Celina Kamau

2. Anne Kiguta

A video of Anne Kiguta shedding tears of joy went viral and according to the Citizen TV presenter, she was just about to go live for a bulletin when her director made her laugh her heart out.

She laughed until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“#Meltdown I panic as I realize I can’t stop laughing at Metumi’s ‘Chapa ilale’ statement and it’s a minute to the highlights… SMDH,”  she wrote on Instagram.

Below is the video

6. Mike Sonko

The Nairobi county boss Mike Sonko got really emotional when he was asked about his first-born daughter Saumu Mbuvi in a media interview. Sonko broke down in tears, speaking about his love for his daughter, who has a child.

He’s also cried in church while worshiping. Another time, Sonko cried after Justice Msagha Mbogholi dismissed a petition by Japheth Muroko and Zacheus Okoth challenging Sonko’s win in the August 8 elections, the governor shared a teary video of himself.

Mike Sonko

In the video that has since gone viral, an emotional Sonko is seen singing along to Eunice Njeri’s Nani Kama Wewe as he struggles not to shed tears.

Mike Sonko

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7. Lillian Muli

The heavily pregnant presenter was last Friday surprised on air by Tanzanian singer Harmonize and her colleagues at Citizen. Harmonize performed for her his Happy birthday hit song and she cried like a baby. Her colleagues also presented her a cake and she was extremely emotional.

8. Jaguar

Starehe MP Jaguar, whose real name is Charles Njagua was seen crying in public after it was announced that he had ‘lost’ the party nominations denying him a chance to to run for the Starehe parliamentary seat in last year’s elections.

The Kigeugeu hitmaker sobbed like a baby as many watched but then justice was finally accorded to him when he was given the nomination certificate and emerged the winner the Starehe MP elections.

Starehe MP Jaguar crying

9. Yvonne Khamati

The media personality recently revealed that she cried when she got engaged.




Mama yoooo! Louis Otieno still needs your help

 10. Bahati

He cannot miss on this list. Bahati is known for crying in his music videos as well as getting emotional while performing live on stage. The Mama hit singer indeed knows how to capture the attention of supporters.

He is often trolled for his publicity stunts.

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Photo Of The Day: Jaguar And Babu Owino Finally Make Up!

A rare photo of Starehe MP Charles Njagua and his Embakasi East colleague, Babu Owino chatting and having a good time has emerged.

Kamenuka! Watch As Babu Owino And Jaguar Engage In Fist Fight!

The photo which was taken at the parliament buildings on Tuesday, emerged just a few months after the two legislators who were never seeing eye-to-eye after the two MPs exchanged blows over political differences.

Check the photo below.


‘I am the President’ Prezzo Tells Jaguar

Prezzo and Jaguar have had beef for the longest time now and I personally think they should quash it. I mean now that they are no longer on the same career line.

So Prezzo was one of the guests at the newly launched award ceremony, Radio and Television Personality Awards (RTP).

We caught up with him for an interview where he opened up about alot of issues.

He was mentioned as one of the people who stopped the fist fight between Otile Brown and Timmy T Dat. We asked him what the beef was all about and all he had to say was that something is brewing between them, but he really doesn’t know exactly what it is.

He was very categorical saying he does not want the beef to escalate like his and Jaguar’s did. This peaked our interest regarding their long standing beef, and we sought to know if he has he decided to patch things up with Jaguar so that they can serve as an example to others.

He loudly exclaimed:

“who is that? who did you say? I don’t know him.”

When we mentioned Jaguar for the third time where we even called him Mheshimiwa, Prezzo was bitter saying:

“Who is mheshimiwa? I am the president so f**k the mheshimiwa.”

So the beef seems to be growing stronger and it is not about to end anytime soon. Come on guys, it’s a new year, let’s move on and make money!

Starehe MP Jaguar to attend funeral of Ugandan musician Mowzey Radio

Starehe MP Jaguar has left Kenya to attend the burial ceremony of the late Mowzey Radio who died on Thursday after succumbing to injuries sustained in a bar fight.

The singer has been hailed amongst the greatest singer in Uganda, and even Classic 105’s Miana Kageni revealed what his death meant to him.

Radio died on Thursday February 1st at about 6:00 a.m.

He was beaten and badly injured at a bar called De Bar in Entebbe on Monday night Jan. 22, 2018 and was hospitalised at Case Clinic in Kampala.

The government broadcaster UBC Radio in its 10:00 a.m. news bulletin on Feb. 1 stated:

“Renowned musician Moses Ssekibogo using [the] stage name of Mozey Radio, is dead. Radio’s death was announced this morning by the musician’s promoter Balaam Barugahara on his Facebook wall.”

RIP: Radio of Ugandan duo Radio & Weasel dies

Security at Case Clinic was tightened following news of Radio’s death as grieving fans rushed to the hospital on hearing the tragic news.

The late singer’s casket will be displayed before the public at the National Theatre in Kampala, as has become the tradition for Ugandan musicians and other performing artists when they pass away.

He will be buried on Saturday Feb. 3, 2018 at Kaga, Nakawuka in Busiro.

Jaguar has made his way to the country and updated his fans on his weekend plans. Check out his photo on arrival in Uganda for the funeral. He wrote;

Touch down Kampala for the send off my brother Radio,rest in heaven.

Starehe MP Jaguar in Kampala for Mowzey Radio’s funeral. Courtesy/Jaguar Kenya

thegreatsultan..Karibuni sana Ndugu thx for showing us Love

gracekhan_da_diva..Thanks for that wonderful heart

mzeesifunji_mwenyewe..RIp @radio

tiara_blonde…Thankyou for representing @jaguarkenya

florence.mkenya..Thank u for presenting us.may he rest in peace

namelesskenya…Thanks for representing bro!

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Starehe Mp Charles jaguar’s Bodyguard Injured In A Road Accident

Starehe MP Charles Njagua’s bodyguard was injured in an accident in Juja on Sunday.

A motorcade was heading to Thika town when the accident occurred. Njagua, popularly known as musician Jaguar, escaped unhurt.

The bodyguard was rushed to a nearby hospital.

See photos below.

jaguar jaguar1

-The Star

Starehe MP Charles Njagua Wants Court To Stop Repeat Election In Nasa Strongholds

Starehe MP Charles Njagua has moved to the High Court to stop the repeat vote in Homa Bay, Kisumu, Siaya, Migori and other areas it did not take place on Thursday.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati made the announcement on Thursday evening following resistance by NASA supporters.

He said he wrote to IG Joseph Boinnet for security.

Njagua, also known as musician Jaguar, said on Friday that he wants the commission compelled to announce results of the rerun without figures from the four counties.

“The numbers there cannot change the total votes Uhuru Kenyatta has garnered,” he says in court papers filed in Nairobi.

“IEBC should not waste money organising a repeat election for people who have clearly said they will not vote, so we will also be helping innocent people from being subjected to unending turmoil. [They can instead] continue with their lives and open businesses in the area.”

The MP also wants the seven days IEBC has to announce winner of the poll counted from October 26, not October 28 or any other day.

The politician has sued the electoral commission and Chebukati in the petition. Justice John Mativo has asked him to serve the respondents with the suit papers and return to court on Monday.

The race was to primarily be between Uhuru and Opposition leader Raila Odinga but the latter pulled out citing IEBC faults.

He has since turned the National Super Alliance into a resistance movement and renewed his pledged for electoral reforms so future processes are unquestionable.

Raila also says he wants to take Kenyans to ‘Canaan’ as they have suffered long enough under the Jubilee Party administration.

Commission officials in Siaya county met on Friday morning and said they need presiding officers, deputies and clerks.

In Homa Bay three ODM politicians noted the date is of a day of worship and that the people have refused to be part of a flawed exercise.


Jaguar, Mohammed Ali, Moses Kuria Among legislators Against move By MPs To Increase Their Salaries

Nyali MP-elect Mohammed Ali has distanced himself from a bid by legislators to block SRC’s new salary structure.

The former journalist said on his Facebook page he will not support plans by MPs to increase their salaries.

“I have fought for equality and fairness through[out] my career and my first move as a parliamentarian will not be to enrich myself,” he posted on Wednesday.

Parliamentary Service Commission member Gladys Wanga told journalists that SRC’s decision to slash salaries will demean MPs.

“MPs will be humiliated and reduced to beggars like in the past where they depended on incentives from the executive,” the Homa Bay woman rep-elect said on Wednesday.

She came under fire from Kenyans on social media who termed the remarks shameful.

MPs intend to block the new salary structure which cuts their pay from Sh710,000 to Sh621,250 per month.

But the Nyali legislator asked Kenyans to count his vote against the move.

“Forty per cent of my countrymen live on an average of Sh10,000 or less. I do not see the purpose of an increment without ensuring that we create a legal framework for our countrymen to generate wealth FIRST. Count my vote against this,” he added.

Ali, formerly of KTN, won the Nyali MP seat on an independent ticket.

Ali’s sentiments were backed by Starehe’s MP-elect Charles Njagua AKA Jaguar as well as from Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

Just to categorically state; I am not in support of a pay rise. Count me out. Tweeted Jaguar.

On his part, Moses Kuria praised SRC’s Sarah Serem’s move to slash all sitting member’s sitting allowances.

Dear Sarah Serem. By this post I authorise you to effect the new salary level for myself. I would even suggest you look for legal mechanism for cutting my salary by a further 15%. I also commend you for revoking all my sitting allowances, otherwise if you didn’t do so I would have been tempted to also claim for squatting allowances or sleeping allowances. Kuria’s post read in part on his Facebook page.

Finally Sarah I will be looking forward to working with you in the 12th parliament to reduce the public wage bill and reduce the many political offices in this country. He added.

-Mercy Wairimu


Boniface Mwangi Concedes Defeat As After Jaguar Takes Lead In Starehe

Starehe MP candidate Boniface Mwangi has conceded defeat to Charles Njagua who took an early lead after the election on Tuesday.

Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, is a Jubilee Party candidate while Mwangi formed Ukweli Party when he decided to vie.

So far, Jaguar has 52,132 votes compared to ODM candidate Steve Mbogo’s 32,357 and Mwangi’s 13,413.

“The people of Starehe have spoken and l respect their decision,” Mwangi wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

He wished the people in the Nairobi constituency well.

Mwangi thanked his campaign team, financial contributors and voters for trusting him and hoping for a better Kenya.

“We ran an honest, innovative and revolutionary campaign; we did our best. l am humbled by the love and support l got from all of you,” he said.

-the star| Nancy Agutu

I Will Not Negotiate With Maina Kamanda On Starehe Seat, Insists Jaguar

Musician Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has refused to negotiate with Maina Kamanda on the winner of the Starehe MP Jubilee polls.

Jubilee officials on Thursday declared Kamanda as winner with 10,374 votes, while Jaguar lost with 8,391 votes.

Party secretary general Raphael Tuju said the nominations will be repeated after Jaguar’s supporters protested at the headquarters.

But Jaguar has refused a repeat of the polls and staged a protest at the Jubilee headquarters on Saturday.

“We don’t want negotiations … I will not sit down with anyone and will not go back to the elections again. I am not ready to talk to him (Kamanda). Democracy is not about negotiation,” Jaguar said.

Kamanda had earlier said he was ready to dialogue with the musician.

“It’s not about me, it’s about starehe people. Kama Kamanda andhani nataka niwe nominated (if Kamanda thinks I want to be nominated), he is mistaken. It has been a very difficult time for me,” Jaguar said.

Jaguar said Kamanda should step down for him since he won fairly.

“We are not stupid … Tangu lini wazee wakaanza kuwaibia watoto wao? Na kama anasema mimi ni mtoto wake basi aniheshimu,” he said.

(Since when did the old start stealing from their children. And if he says I am his child then he should respect me.)

-The Star