‘We commend the fast response by security forces during Riverside attack,’ – John Mututho

The fast response by the country’s security forces following the terror attack in Nairobi continued to attract praise with leaders noting that there was a major difference compared to the Westgate attack.

Former NACADA chairman John Mututho said that due to the fast response tens of lives been rescued during the raid on 14 Riverside Drive on Tuesdayafternoon.

 “As we mourn with those families that lost their loved ones, we commend the fast response by our security forces that saw tens of other lives saved,” he said.

Mututho was however quick to note that the accomplices of the killed terrorists should be hunted down and charged with capital offences.

He said that some members of the public housed, fed and gave information to the killers adding that it was time that they were also cornered.

“These killers did not drop from the skies but they were hosted by Kenyans who even knew their motive and its time that they were arrested,” he said.

Addressing the press in Naivasha, the former Naivasha said that the country should not be cowed by evil terror attacks as it had happened in Nairobi.

“This is not the time to start finger pointing but we should be united as a country and offer the security officers any information so that all those involved can face the law,” he said.

Mututho added that during the attack, innocent lives had been lost adding that terror attacks across the region should be condemned by all.

“A few sick individuals hiding under the name of a religion have left tens of families in tears and its time the world was united in wiping these evils forces,” he said.

The sentiments were echoed by the chairman Nakuru Youth Leaders Forum Charles Mburu who noted that for years the country security agents had managed to deal with terror attacks.

While condemning the attack, Mburu called on Kenyans to be united and support the security forces though information so as to deal with all those involved.

“This is one of the darkest moments for this country and we mourn with families that lost their relatives and support our security agents in dealing with these killers,” he said.

On Tuesday, six suspected terrorists raided DusitD2 hotel shooting randomly and killing innocent members of the public before they were also gunned down on Wednesday.

-Anthony Gitonga

Former NACADA Boss John Mututho Praises Government’s Move To Ban Use Of Shisha

Former NACADA board chairman John Mututho has termed the move by the government to ban the use of shisha as timely and long overdue.

A couple of days after he raised his concern over the use of the drug among the youths, Mututho was full of praise for the latest directive by the ministry of health.

The former Naivasha MP said Shisha had dangerous effects on the lives of those who consume it saying Rwanda had set the example of banning it totally.

“I welcome the decision by Health CS Cleopa Mailu to ban the importation, manufacture or sale of the drug whose consumption has been increasing in the country,” he said.

Addressing the press in Naivasha, Mututho said the onus was now to the police to ensure that the ban was implemented especially in urban cities and towns where the drug is commonly used.

He added that Kenya had good laws but the challenge was its application citing the alcoholic drinks control act that he said was not being followed.

“We make goods laws but no one implements them and a good example is how alcohol is being consumed in broad day light and even with minors,” he said.

He said that several studies conducted in various institutions including the University of Nairobi found out that Shisha had traces of Opiates that were ‘addictive, dangerous and damaging’ to human lives.

“Little is known about the composition of shisha consumed locally, especially the possibility of adulterated with prohibited substances, even less is known about what socio-economic or health effects shisha smoking in the country had,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Drama In Naivasha As Cop Fights Fisherman Over Debt

There was drama in Naivasha after a police officer attacked a fisherman over an unpaid debt during a public meeting.

The department of fisheries called the meeting on Thursday to address Lake Naivasha issues.

Trouble started when the officer met the fisherman and trader who had reportedly been avoiding him for months because of a debt.

A harsh exchange of words ensued before the policeman slapped the fishmonger, leading to a fight that residents joined.

Politicians and leaders, led by Nakuru governor aspirant John Mututho, watched in horror as members of the public beat the officer senseless.

 Naivasha assistant county commissioner John Opondo intervened and rescued the officer.

The policeman was later whisked to the nearby Kongoni police station and kept there for the meeting to proceed.

Opondo condemned the incident saying the officer will be dealt with after investigations.

“He could not control his anger and ended up slapping the trader, angering his colleagues,” he said.

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Former NACADA Chairman, John Mututho Announces To Vie For Nakuru Gubernatorial Seat

Former NACADA chairman John Mututho has announced that he will vie for the governor’s seat in Nakuru County as an independent candidate come August 8th.

Addressing the press at Barons Golf Park in Naivasha, the former NACADA chairman termed the nominations as a sham adding that rigging was part of the day that declared Lee Kinyanjui as the winner.

He will be supporting the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta for a second term.

Mututho said he had indicated that he would respect the will of the people during the nominations adding that it was clear they were not free and fair.

“It is clear the party primaries for the county were rigged and marred with irregularities and did not reflect the will of the people,” he said.

According to him, the total votes cast for the gubernatorial seat exceeded those of the senator and women representative saying the figures had been exaggerated.

“You can count the votes and this will tell you the disparities which mean those who voted for the governor did not vote for either the senator or the women representative”.

He accused the incumbent Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and the winner Kinyanjui of massive rigging and bribing voters yet the exercise was to be free and democratic.

“My wife was in the cue in one of the polling stations and some agents of my rivals were giving out Sh1,000 openly, this is why I cannot accept the results of the nominations,” he said.

He said he had a vision for the county adding that should he take over leadership in August he will deliver on the promise of a better, well developed Nakuru.

“When I was campaigning I went to a village where residents have had no development since independence and the poverty levels were alarming,” he said.

He called on Kinyanjui to brace himself for a bruising battle ahead saying the will of the people must be respected and will be reflected in the general election.

Kinyanjui won after defeating incumbent Mbugua with a large margin while Mututho came a distant third.

Mbugua has already contested the election and said he was conducting an audit before deciding on his next move.

Stop Fighting DP Ruto Mututho Tells Kalenjins

Nakuru Governorship aspirant John Mututho has petitioned members of Kalenjin community from Rift Valley to stop combating their own leader Deputy President William Ruto.

He said, Ruto is a reputable leader who is backed across the country.

Speaking in Kuresoi South Constituency on Saturday where he went round to wish the underprivileged Merry Christmas said, all Kenyan communities have confidence in Ruto and that he will be the next President after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“It is sad that some of you (Kalenjins) are fighting your own son who has backing from all corners of the country, you should change because it is a bad picture” he said.

Mututho assured them that the Kikuyu community has confidence in DP Ruto and they will undoubtedly vote him after the second tenure of President Kenyatta ends.

The aspirant who has received huge backing for Governorship reminded locals how he defended Ruto in Parliament when he was accused of looting money meant for maize while he was the Minister for Agriculture.

“Ruto is a good leader and has defeated all odds of life to reach where he is and his presidential aspiration is unstoppable” he added.

Naivasha MP John Kihagi And NACADA’s John Mututho Clash During Councillor’s Funeral

The burial of a former Naivasha councillor was briefly interrupted after area Mp John Kihagi and NACADA chairman John Mututho clashed over their development records.

Kihagi tried to unsuccessfully grab the microphone from his predecessor to the anger of mourners and relatives who had attended the burial in Kohoto estate.

The two were attending the burial of former councilor Moses Kioi in Kihoto estate when the drama erupted.

As an irritated Kihagi went for the microphone, a section of the mourners booed him before Mututho retreated to his seat and the church took over the ceremony.

Trouble started after Kihagi who was the first to speak took credit for various projects in the town like street lighting and construction of classes.

Kihagi said that the multi-million street lighting initiative popularly known as ‘mulika mwizi’ was his initiative, a move that did not augur well with those present.

“Many people claim that I have not done anything and this is a big lie as under my administration the town has benefited mulika mwizi initiative,” he said.

Area MCA Simon Wanyoike dismissed the Mps statement saying that the lights were acquired during the Kibaki regime following the intervention of Mututho the then Naivasha Mp.

“It’s good for leaders to lead by example and its misleading for Kihagi to claim that he is the brains behind the mulika mwizi initiative,” he said.

The Lakeview MCA said that during Kibaki’s visit to Kengen, Mututho approached him over the idea and Kenya Power was directed to implement it.

When he stood to speak, Mututho echoed Wanyoike statements and accused the Mp of lying to the public over his development record.

To the anger of Kihagi, Mututho went ahead to praise former Mp Jane Kihara who has declared interest for the seat saying that her record spoke for herself.

“Though we have personal differences with Kihara I respect her for the work that she carried out during her period unlike the current Mp,” he said.

Mututho said that in his tenure he carried out 350 projects including the mulika mwizi one which had benefited various estates.

It was at this juncture that Kihagi who could not take it anymore stood from the seat and went for the microphone as the tens of mourners watched in disbelief.

Later the burial of the councilor who died after a long illness continued as the politicians followed keenly from their seats.

Mututho ataka muundo wa barabara ya Salgaa kurekebishwa kupunguza ajali

Picha: hivisasa.com

Mwenyekiti wa NACADA John Mututho amesema muundo wa barabara ya Salgaa unafaa kurekebishwa ili kupunguza visa vya ajali katika eneo hilo. Hii ni baada ya watu wanane kufariki kwenye barabara hiyo katika visa viwili vya ajali mwishoni mwa wiki.

Kwa habari husika, watu 32 wamefariki kutokana na ajali za barabarani mwaka huu. Francis Mejja kutoka mamlaka ya usalama barabarani amesema idadi ya waliojeruhiwa imeongezeka kutoka 80 hadi zaidi ya watu 200 katika kipindi kama hicho mwaka jana.


Ban farming around lake Naivasha to eradicate water hyacinth – Mututho

Picha: Maktaba

Former Naivasha Mp John Mututho now wants farming on riparian land around Lake Naivasha banned as one way of eradicating the water hyacinth that has choked the water body.

Mututho who chaired the parliamentary committee on agriculture during his tenure said that there were high levels of nitrates in the lake from the nearby farms.

“The weed breeds well in places that have levels of nitrates and for us to deal with it we have to address the issue of pollution in the lake,” he said.

Mututho who is also NACADA chairman has warned that the troubled lake is destined for doom if no action is taken urgently.

The revelations comes a couple of days after a group of tourists and journalists were trapped by the invasive weed for over four hours forcing area fishermen to come to their rescue.

Addressing the press on Sunday in Naivasha, Mututho noted that the weed blossomed well in areas where nitrates levels were high.

Mututho said that it was obvious that effluents from the flower farms and the sewer plant were finding their way in to the lake.

“We conducted investigations which revealed that there were very high levels of nitrate in the lake which come from chemicals used by the farms and the sewer plant,” he said.

Mututho Recommends Raising Of Legal Drinking Age From 18 To 21

John Mututho. | image source: the-star.co.ke | 

NACADA boss John Mututho has recommended the raising of the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 starting next year.

Should that recommendation be implemented, alcohol will be sold only to persons who are 21 years of age and above.

Mututho was speaking at the Ozone Lounge at Valley Arcade in Lavington, during this year’s closure ceremony for the campaign of ‘No ID, No Sale of Alcohol’, which was carried out in 1,000 alcohol outlets across the country in the last nine months.

Ozone Lounge was the 1000th outlet where the campaign for ‘No ID, No Sale of Alcohol’ was carried out. The campaign was conducted by Responsible Alcohol Drinks Companies Association (RADCA) in collaboration with bar owners and alcohol sellers.

Mr Mututho said there was great wisdom in raising the age limit to 21 years, since persons at that age were working and more responsible unlike 18 year olds who were still wayward.

“In the USA the age limit is 21 years, and by next year we will implement this in this country. And this will be beneficial to clubs too since instead of having 10 bouncers, they will have only one bouncer because their customers are orderly and well mannered,” said Mr Mututho.

Mututho’s suggestion was supported by the General Manager of Carlsberg, Nick Macharia, who said, “We fully support all efforts to encourage responsible drinking, and look forward to government speaking with all stakeholders in agreeing with the 21 years old age limit.”

NACADA To Train Individuals To Help Counties Fight Drug Abuse

NACADA chairman John Mututho. | image source: the-star.co.ke

The National Agency for Control of Alcohol and Drugs Abuse (NACADA) is training individuals at the county level who will help in implementing programmes to prevent the youth from engaging in drugs and alcohol abuse.

The coordinator for NACADA in the North Rift region, Eunice Arubia, says that the trained individuals will seek to families in a sensitization campaign starting November.

She added that the trainees will engage with parents so that they help in stopping the youth from engaging in alcoholism and drug abuse.

– The STAR