Fake gold impounded at heavily guarded Kileleshwa house

Police have recovered fake gold at a house in Kileleshwa guarded by GSU.

DCI detectives on Monday raided an apartment in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa area and impounded fake gold and eight cars.

Other items were also recovered from the house which was guarded by the GSU officers.

Last Thursday, a businessman suspected of defrauding a Dubai royal by pretending they could sell him gold was arrested by police at Lavington Mall.

ke gold kaputei house 4

The arrest comes days after DCI boss George Kinoti via his Twitter account urged embassies and High Commissions to advise their nationals coming in for business.

“The gold scam has now reached alarming levels as unsuspecting foreign nationals are being swindled large amounts of money by fraudsters,” he said.

fake gold kaputei house 2

“DCI attention has been drawn to an upsurge in criminal cases involving the procurement and sale of gold the country. The Gold Scam has now reached alarming levels as unsuspecting foreign nationals are being swindled large amounts of money by the fraudsters,” DCI added.

Man hacks father to death over mobile phone dispute

By Musembi Nzengu

Police in Kyuso sub-county in Kitui County are holding a 41-year-old Jacob Ngui who clobbered his 77-year-old father to death in a dispute over a mobile phone.

The killing took place in Kilulu village Kakongo sub location on Kyuso district on Thursday when an infuriated Ngui hit his 77-year-old Musili Musyimi severally with a piece of wood on the  head crashing his skull. The old man collapsed in a heap as blood oozed from his head.

The Kyuso sub county police Commander Charles Machinji confirmed the incident. He added that the injured man was pronounced dead on arrival at Kyuso sub-county hospital. The body was preserved at the hospital morgue.

He said the police would charge the suspect with the murder of his father.

Machinji said the incident occurred at around 10 am on Thursday, when suspect approached his father who was chatting with his wife and daughter outside the family house and borrowed a mobile phone to make a call but the father declined.

“It was at that point that the man who was already armed with a wooden plank pounced on his father hitting him several times on the head until he fell on the ground. The man’s wife and daughter raised the alarm,” said Machinji.

He said once the man was done with the father who lay unconscious in a pool of blood he turned his wrath on his mother and sister and chased them out of the home. He also stopped neighbours who came to answer the cries of help from accessing the compound, he added.

The sub-county police boss said police later however stormed the home, arrested the attacker and took the badly injured old man to hospital.

Woman’s body found dismembered along Landhies road 


A body of a female found along Landhies road is in the process of being  identified.

Police are investigating an incident in which body parts of a human were found dumped on the roadside in Landhies Road, Nairobi.

The body parts of a female had been chopped off and wrapped in a polythene paper. Police say they found head, both legs and hands in the paper but the torso is missing.

The team that attended the scene said they were called and informed of the presence of the paper this morning before they went to pick it.

The victim has not been identified and indications are that she was killed elsewhere and the parts dumped at the scene. The body parts were taken to the mortuary as investigations go on.

Man accused of beating wife over sukuma wiki turns anger on investigating officer

A man charged with assaulting his wife over sukuma wiki debt and throwing his son outside their house says the officer who investigated the incident is a fraud.

James Buluma told Kibera senior resident magistrate Jane Kamau that Nicholas Mutisya based his testimony on “stories and hallucinations”, instead of carrying out proper investigations.

Buluma was charged with throwing his eight-month-old son out of his house and ordering him to accompany his mother. He was arrested and taken to the Kilimani police station after neighbours intervened.

When the case came up for hearing yesterday, officer Mutisya, who is attached to the Kilimani police station, said Buluma threatened his wife. Buluma said he could not tolerate her if she could not convince him why she took the kales on debt, the officer told the court.

It, however, emerged that the detective never visited the crime scene.

Court documents indicate that Buluma threatened to cut towels and clothes he had bought.

Buluma denied being the accused person who was brought to court when the case began in 2016. He said the name appearing on his identity card is different from the one on the charge sheet. The court is dealing with the wrong person, he told the magistrate. But Magistrate Kamau advised him to keep his ID card and use it on his defense.

Magistrate Kamau directed case be heard again on June 26.

Husband ‘strips wife, beats her with a pipe and shaves off her hair after she refuses to dance for his friends’

– Husband ‘strips his wife, beats her with a pipe and shaves off her hair after she refuses to dance for his friends’ in Pakistan- Asma Aziz, from Lahore, appeared in a video on social media on Wednesday

– She alleges her husband and friends tortured and humiliated her at their home

– Her says her hair was shaved and set on fire and she was beaten with iron pipes

– Police reportedly refused to take the case or give her treatment without a bribe

– Pakistan’s minister for human rights intervened after the video went viral online

– Husband Mian Faisal, and his employee Rashid Ali, were arrested on Thursday

A Pakistani husband has been arrested for allegedly torturing his wife by stripping her naked, beating her and shaving her head after she refused to dance for his friends.

The disturbing incident came to the attention of the authorities after a woman covered in bruises appeared in a video on social media, identifying herself as Asma Aziz and begging the public for help.

Asma, from Lahore in Pakistan‘s north-eastern Punjab province, says in the video that her husband Mian Faisal and his colleagues became enraged when she refused to dance for them.

She alleges that they humiliated her by removing all her clothes and shaving her head, then used iron pipes to beat her.

‘He took my clothes off in front of his employees. The employees held me as he shaved my hair off and burned it,’ she says in the video.

‘My clothes were bloody. I was bound by a pipe and hung from the fan. He threatened to hang me naked.’

Asma says that although Faisal was kind and loving when they first married four years ago, after just six months she noticed his behaviour beginning to change.

The mother of three says he began to beat her – particularly after drinking alcohol – and often invited his ‘vulgar’ friends for parties at their house.

In the footage posted on Wednesday, a tearful Asma details how she escaped from the house the day after the alleged attack and managed to get to a police station.

But she says officers refused to register her case because she could not pay a bribe.

She further alleges that they refused to grant her access to medical treatment, insisting that she pay them first.

‘The police demanded cash for medical examination. I had no cash to pay them,’ she said.

‘How and from where I can pay them?’


Kenyan medic commits suicide in Cuba

A Kenyan doctor in Cuba committed suicide because of depression, the Star has established.

Hamisi Ali Juma was found dead on Sunday.

He was among a team of 50 medics sent to Cuba under government sponsorship to study Family Medicine in the framework of an MoU between Kenya and the Caribbean nation.

About 100 Cuban doctors are working in Kenya.

The Health ministry had earlier reported that Cuban authorities were investigating the death.

But the Star established that the doctor, a brother of Likoni MP Mishi Mboko, had suffered serious depression before his death.

A source told the Star Juma had a seven-month-old baby in Kenya who has been sick.

Since December last year, Juma had made distress appeals to have the government allow back to Kenya to attend to his family but was rejected.

“He has been requesting the [Health] ministry to process his papers so he could travel back home to see his ailing baby but all efforts were been in vain,” the source said.

The source said that his colleagues frequently tried to talk to him so he could overcome his worries.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union chairman Samuel Oroko blamed the Kenyan government for his death. He accused the ministry of ignoring the plight of the team sent to Cuba.

“The government should bear full responsibility. The doctor had reported the matter to us and we tried to reach out to the government to help him but, unfortunately, our pleas fell on deaf ears,” Oroko told the Star on the phone.

He said Cuba has failed to fully implement the agreement.

Oroko said while the Cuban doctors in Kenya are treated like kings and queens, Kenyan doctors are suffering in their country.

“As we speak, they are not paid their allowances in time. The package was even slashed to 25 per cent, and, in most cases, their salaries are delayed,” he said.

“Cuban doctors are treated to free housing, free transport and full access to reliable internet, while our comrades are forced to pay for their houses, and pay for fares, with no internet connectivity. This is unfair.”

Oroko urged the ministry should to review the MoU and compel the Cuban authorities to honour it. Otherwise, it should terminate the deal and recall the doctors.

In April last year, Health CS Sicily Kariuki travelled to Cuba and signed the deal, which allowed Kenya to import 100 specialised medical doctors from Cuba. Each county got at least two.

KMPDU opposed the move saying the foreign medics got a better deal than Kenyan doctors got under the 2017 CBA.

“According to the terms in the CBA, our specialist doctors should have been placed in Job Group S and T, but they have been put in M, N and P. This is quite discriminative and grossly unfair to our medics,” KMPDU secretary general Ouma Oluga said.

The deal put the Cuban medics in Job Group S, each getting more than Sh800,000 monthly from the Kenyan government. The government dismissed the claims, saying they would earn the same as their Kenyan counterparts but would be given free housing, transport, and other privileges.

Oluga took issue with what he termed unfair working conditions given to Kenyan doctors, compared to the Cubans.

“Our doctors are expected to work between 55 and 96 hours a week against the 40 hours a week the Cubans will be expected to work, yet they still earn a fraction of the expatriates’ salary and allowances. This is clearly unfair,” he said.

Man charged with indecently touching elderly woman

A garbage collector was on Monday charged with raping a mad elderly woman.

Paul Mutuigi, 28, was accused of attacking the woman on the streets and abusing her s3xually.

He was charged before Kibera principal magistrate Derrick Kuto.

Prosecutors said Mutuigi forced himself on the woman on March 14 in Kibera.

He was also charged with an indecent act for touching the woman’s breast without her consent. Police said they were on patrol duties when they spotted Mutuigi forcing himself on the unidentified woman.

Both Mutuigi and the woman were arrested. Police said they realised the woman was mad upon interrogation. Mutuigi’s statement was recorded at Kibera police station.

The suspect denied the charges, saying he did not rape the woman. He said they had an agreement for sex. He was released on a Sh300,000 bond pending hearing on April 4.

Meanwhile, a woman was on Monday charged with beating up her boyfriend whom she accused of having an affair with another woman. Clara Wamaitha was accused of attacking Martin Waweru on March 14 at a lofty apartment in Kibera.

She denied the charge and was released on a Sh20,000 bail. Wamaitha was accused of attacking the boyfriend at his apartment. She was with her friends. The man was rescued by neighbours after sustaining serious injuries.

‘They will perish like lamb burned to ashes’ Njuri Ncheke curse thieves

The Supreme Njuri Ncheke council of elders have cursed armed robbers who have been terrorizing residents in Nchiru ,Tigania West constituency, Meru county.

The armed robbers have killed three people in the area.

Uringo division Njuri Ncheke chairman Julius Mbogori said the robbers who are armed with guns and dagger have wreaked havoc in the area.

“Three armed men recenty attacked a resident known as Kinyua luckicly he escaped.In California they stole from residents and stabbed some with daggers. Eight pigs belonging to a catholic priest Francis Liwa were also poisoned,Solar water pump was stolen” Mbogori said

The elders perfomed the curse known as ‘Uthi’ on the culprits. Uthi is the worse curse that the elders can invoke it is worse than a curse known ‘Kithiri’. In Kithiri one can be cleansed of the curse after paying ‘Mirongo Ithatu’ a fine that one gives out three white bulls.

On Saturday the 67 elders gathered at their headquarters shrine they applied red marks on their cheeks, slaughtered a lamb and threw it in fire made from dry twigs from Sodom apple. They threw in ripe sodom apples as they chanted cursing words adding more firewood and Sodom apples until the lamb burned to ashes. They started at 10 am and ended at 4pm.

According to Mbogori the lamb was accepted by God and in 21 days the culprits will either commit suicide by hanging, swallow poison or be hit by a vehicle to death.

“‘Uthi’ is irreversible they will perish like the lamb burned to ashes,” Mbogori said.

Matias Maingis aid his bar was raided and all his stock stolen.

He several traders have had losses due to rampant theft.

Kenyans cry out for man in Kamiti after wife and daughter accuse him of rape

The story of Julius Wambua an inmate at Kamiti Maximum Prison has shocked many after his daughter confessed to framing him for rape.

Wambua has been in Kamiti Maximum Prison for the last ten years, since 2011 after his wife and daughter conspired against him and accused him of rape.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV Wambua narrates the horrors of the day his life changed for the worst.

“In 2007 I parted with my first wife over a piece of land. She wanted me to sell the land the piece of land so that we could share the land.

I sold the land at Ksh 150,000 and we equally divided the money between us and parted ways.

After some time I went bought another acre of land and built a house and got married a second time. It is then that my first wife decided to bring back my two daughters so that they could live with me.

I talked to my new wife to help bring up the kids and she agreed. After one year I bought those kids a piece of land and started building a house for them.

My kids were still in communication with their mum and they used to inform her of what is going on in my life.”

Wambua during the interview

He adds

“Schools were closed and she requested that the kids go stay with her so that she could buy them new uniforms.

I told her its Ok but they could only stay for two days given that I had payed for their tuition fee.”

What Wambua did not know is that his life was about to change for good. He was arrested a few days later while doing some shopping in a nearby market.

“I was out shopping when some guys approached me and asked me my name and once I told them they said I was the person they were looking for.

They said that the OCS had a message for me, I did not know what awaited me.

I loved my wife and kids and I swear I did not rape my kids.

During the court proceedings the girls (whom I was accused of raping) could not look at me on the face.”

Wambua's daughter Dorcas who accused her dad of raping her.

Wambua says that those are his kids and he loves them despite all they have done to him.

Dorcas the lady who accused her dad of s3xually abusing her was contacted and she visited her dad at Kamiti Maximum Prison and here is her narration of what happened 10 years ago.

“After you left our mum she left us and my mum did not support your choice of a wife.

She thought that your second wife would inherit all your property so she made a plan to get you arrested  and sell your property.

When we visited her she hatched the plan, we went to a nearby hospital where she forged a medical report to show that I had been reported.

Wambua and his daughter opening to each other at Kamiti Maximum Prison

She coached me on what to say and threatened that if I did not say what she wanted I would be arrested instead.

I was so young to understand what was going on and now that I do I regret every day of my life, Please forgive me.”she begged”

She goes on to add that she has regretted that decision all her life

“My mum went and got married I have siblings but I live a lonely life. That of an orphan. I wish I knew what was happening back then I would not have done it.

She wanted you to be thrown to Shimo La Tewa so that you can die. Whenever I asked ulienda wapi she told me you were dead.

I was thrown out of our grandparents home and I did not know where to go.

Please forgive me.”

Wambua was sentenced to life but has appealed and is awaiting a response over his case.

We hope he finds justice.

3 Moi University students stab man to death outside club

Police have arrested three Moi University students in connection with the killing of their colleague during a confrontation in a club located near the college.

The suspects were seized by police detectives from the university compound where they had taken refuge after an incident where the victim, Felix Odiuor, a fourth year sociology student was stabled two times on the chest.

Eldoret South police boss Wilson Abduba said those arrested include two fourth year students and another one who is a second year. The incident occurred on Saturday night.