Hold poll before October 17 to protect KCPE, KCSE candidates – Matiang’i

Education minister Fred Matiang’i has asked the IEBC to conduct the repeat presidential election a week before October 17 for the sake of learners.

Matiang’i, who has written to commission chairman Wafula Chebukati, told journalists on Monday that the repeat will likely interfere with the school calendar should IEBC turn down his request.

The Cabinet Secretary said he made the request so they have time for planning.

He noted the ministry and all stakeholders have taken measures to ensure the national exams take place as scheduled.

“We are ready to mount the 2017 exams. All activities have taken place to ensure that by October 23 all exams start,” he said.

The CS noted KCSE will take place from October 23 to November 29

“The exams will intensify from November 6 to 29. We intend to conduct KCPE on November 1 and 2,” he said, adding rehearsals are expected to take place on October 31.

“The ministry is currently training examiners and inspecting all the examination and marking centers. We can confirm that we are totally ready.”

Matiang’i reiterated that failure to consider the request will result in far-reaching repercussions on the entire education sector including form one selection and placement.

“We request the political class to pay some attention to the welfare of our children. Let them be sensitive to the learning environment,” he said.

He added this is the shortest term in the school calendar and that campaigns have resumed at a critical time – when candidates need to concentrate.

Several leaders and clergymen have called for peace and asked politicians not to attack Supreme Court judges who nullified the election.

ACK Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit said the backlash is unnecessary and urged IEBC to ensure Kenyans get a free, fair and credible fresh election.

Courtesy Patrick Vidija

Man shares heartfelt tribute for dead man in a powerful message

A man who was allegedly shot and died on August 11th during the protests after IEBC announced the 2017 presidential election results was buried yesterday.

A sombre mood engulfed the village where the slain man was laid to rest.

A facebook user took to social media to post a heartbreaking tribute about Omondi. Read it below, he also shared th photos of the family mourning their loved on.

kenyam man shot dead kenya election night 11th

man buried after election night


We are burying today this young man Vincent Omondi of Ulalo village in North Kapuonja sublocation. I have come to bid farewell too…

His crime was to go watch a football game on the night of 11th August 2017.

The police officer who shot him quickly moved out of Dago police post and today’s nobody knows to which station he was moved.
I hope justice prevails one day.

Vincent acted as an observer with ELOG on the last general election…

Another life. It short by a trigger happy cop…

ulalo in Kapuonja is deep inside the village that shouldn’t have been a trigger happy zone by this police officer—

Rest In Peace..

Collins Oginga SAD…..

Caroline Oyumbo Pole to the family

Emma Omondi God will prevail justice at His own time.Rip n pole to the bereaved

Tibim, tialala and minji minji slogans, Githeri Man spiced up elections

Memorable slogans, parables, jokes, memes and songs spiced up deadly-serious, high-stakes campaign for State House.

After the heated campaign and contested vote, President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner, defeating NASA’s Raila Odinga.

NASA had first launched its campaign slogan “#10MillionStrong” to convince voters that Raila would garner 10 million votes from the 19 million registered voters.

Afterwards, Jubilee countered with #45MillionStrong to signal it would serve all 45 million Kenyans. The Jubilee’s slogan was anchored on services.

Apart from the game of numbers, Raila injected a fresh slogan — “The journey to Canaan” — that injected humour before, during and after the polls.

Raila, commonly known as Baba by his followers, branded himself as a reformist and prophet Joshua, who would deliver Kenyans from “Egypt” (Uhuru’s administration) to the promised land – Canaan (prosperous leadership). The Opposition leader, known for humorous sayings, had asked his followers to abstain from sex the night before the General Election, lest it be a bad omen and distract them from victory.

He told Homa Bay — and other — residents to only engage in sex after the announcement of the results by the IEBC. “Chieng cha en odichieng’ mapek. Chieng’no onge nindo. Jowuoyi nindo mana oko. Wang’ni adwa ka chieng’ go ombulo chiegni to onge ngama nind gi ng’ama dhako” (“August 8 will be a historic day and no vote will be left without being cast. Men will sleep outside. When the day comes, no man should sleep with a woman”), he said in Dholuo.

Tibim and Tialala is an unforgettable meme that originated from now Embakasi East MP-elect Paul Ongili, commonly known as Babu Owino.

Nasa hao (nab them) and bindu bichenjanga (things are changing) were frequently used by the NASA principals to urge their supporters to vote out Jubilee.

Tuko ndani, ndaani, ndaaani kabisa is a phrase that originated from Kanu secretary general Nick Salat while addressing of NASA supporters. Salat expressed the sentiments saying the country’s oldest party was fully fronting Raila to battle with Uhuru.

But fearing political suicide, Salat withdrew his position and declared his support for Uhuru. The phrase became popular and was widely used, especially on social media.

In Kirinyaga and Kiambu counties, women candidates used the name “minji minji” to galvanise their political bases and woo voters.

Kirinyaga governor-elect Anne Waiguru was nicknamed minji minji. Minji means peas and in this contest, the female candidates were referred to as being attractive.

Then Wiper’s Machakos governor candidate Wavinya Ndeti used the phrase, “Yaliyondwele sipite”, which generated unforgiving social media criticism and the #WavinyaChallenge.

Tension over the outcome of presidential results was eased after the photo of a man who was eating githeri while queuing on the Election Day. The photo went viral with Photoshop experts having a field day under the hashtag #GitheriMan.

Martin Kamotho, the Githeri Man, won accolades countrywide after being spotted absentmindedly enjoying his meal packed in a plastic bag.

Courtesy James Murimi For The star

NASA to give direction to supporters, present ‘compelling evidence’ on election today

NASA leaders are set to address the nation today and present what opposition chief Raila Odinga has described as compelling evidence that last week’s polls was “a charade”.

Raila and his think tanks have held meetings and will give direction to their restless supporters amid international pressure on the former Prime Minister to concede defeat. Raila and his team have remained mum on the broader game plan, but street protests appear to be on the cards after they ruled out the possibility of moving to the Supreme Court.

“One thing was crystal clear as I engaged Nairobians today in Mathare North. There is no turning back. Each vote will and must count,” Raila said on Twitter after a charged rally in Mathare on Sunday.

A document prepared by NASA and seen by the Star states President Uhuru Kenyatta’s votes were inflated in most regions, especially perceived battle grounds, while Raila’s were systematically deducted.

The IEBC has refuted the claims.

In an interview with Financial Times on Sunday, Raila said he would present “compelling evidence” to demonstrate that the IEBC falsified the results because it was “under metaphorical gunpoint” from the President’s camp. “We will show the kind of charade the whole world has been treated to,” he said.

Raila has asked the United Nations to help in the analysis of the election outcome to determine the genuine winner.

Unlike in the 2007 General Election, when Raila had full support of the international community, this time round key electoral observers have already endorsed the just-concluded election as free and fair.

Global powers, including the UK, have already congratulated Uhuru, a cue taken regionally even by Raila’s friend and Tanzanian President Pombe Magufuli.

By Felix Olick/The Star

Six-month-old ‘beaten by police’ in Kisumu in a coma

A six-month old baby is fighting for her life at Aga Khan Hospital after being injured by anti-riot police in Kilo area, Nyalenda estate, Kisumu town.

The infant sustained serious head injuries after police hit her on the head on Friday night. The baby is in a coma and has internal bleeding in the head.

Dr Sam Oula, the hospital’s medical superintendent, said the baby is seriously ill and in a coma.

“She was brought at the facility between 4am and 5am in the night. So far there is no change … she sustained severe head injuries,” he said.

Oula said there is bleeding inside the brain.

“We are hoping things turn around. We are on treatment … It is a day at a time,” he said on the phone.

When the writer visited the child, she was still in a coma and under close supervision of the medics.

The incident occurred after police raided houses in Nyalenda when residents protested President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection.

Lencer Achieng, 29, the mother of the child, said police stormed their house at 2am in the night when they were sleeping. The police were conducting house-to-house raids.

She said the police lobbed teargas inside their house to smoke them out after they failed to gain access.

“My husband was forced to open the door as we were being chocked by the teargas,” Achieng said.

“Immediately he opened the door, police dragged out my husband Mary Joseph Abanja, 34, and beat him senseless before turning their anger on me.”

Achieng sustained limb and abdominal injuries as she tried to rescue her baby.

“When I fell down, one of the officers hit the baby on the head with a club. She became unconscious and I thought she was dead before we rushed her to hospital,” the mother said.

“We desperately visited a number of hospitals around but all were closed before we took her to Aga Khan.”

Abanja said police raided their house and beat them up yet they were not rioting.

“Police were breaking into peoples’ houses. At my house, they kicked the door but I had placed chairs to block them from accessing. One of them shouted ‘Do you know we have guns and we can shoot you, open the door’,” he said.

“After I declined to open the door, they threw teargas into my house,”

He said the officers also beat up his eight-year-old child.

Abanja urged local and international human rights groups to investigate the attacks.

He accused the government of terrorising innocent citizens who were quietly sleeping in their houses.

“I am just shocked that police who are suppose to maintain law and order can storm a house of a law abiding citizen and assault them, including an infant,” Abanja added.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority visited their house, the child at the hospital and promised justice to the family.

The IPOA team collected teargas canister at the victims’ house on Sunday.

In Obunga estate, Kisumu town, Moses Oduor, 28, was inside his house when police stormed in, dragged him out of his bedroom and beat him with clubs.

“My brother was not out fighting them. He was not rioting. He was beaten ruthlessly by the police before being rescued by my sister who lives next to him,” his brother Charles Ochieng said.

Kisumu Residents’ Voice Association chairman Audi Ogada called for speedy investigations of police brutality.

He said 13 people with bullet wounds are admitted in various hospitals in Kisumu.

“We want police to tell us the whereabouts of bodies, which they collected, because it is key to the families, community and world to know the truth,” he said.

Nyanza regional coordinator Wilson Njega refuted claims that protesters have been killed by police. He said those killed were those looting shops.

By Maurice Alal

SO SO SAD! Here Is The Photo Of The 10-Year-Old Girl Who Was Gunned Down By Police In Mathare

A 10-year-old girl, Moraa Nyarangi, was shot dead by police firing “sporadic shots” at protesters in Mathare Area 2 on Saturday morning.

The class four pupil of Mathare Primary School was killed while playing at the balcony of her parents’ home.

NASA has rejected Tuesdays vote results terming it a ‘charade’.

Kenyan police killed at least 11 people in a crackdown on protests as anger at the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta erupted in Kisumu and other areas surrounding the capital, officials and witnesses said on Saturday.

The bodies of nine young men shot dead overnight in Nairobi’s Mathare slum were brought to the city morgue, a security official told Reuters, adding that the men had been killed during a police anti-looting operation.

Here is the photo of Moraa Nyarangi

Moraa Nyarangi

Moraa Nyarangi, a standard 4 pupil at Mathare Primary School.


10-year-old among 11 shot dead as Mathare post-election anger boils

A 10-year old girl was shot dead by police firing “sporadic shots” at protesters in Mathare Area 2 on Saturday morning, a report by Reuters says.

The class four pupil was killed while playing at the balcony of her parents’ home.

The neighbourhood is loyal to Opposition leader Raila Odinga, whose party has rejected the results of Tuesday’s vote as a “charade”.

Kenyan police killed at least 11 people in a crackdown on protests as anger at the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta erupted in Kisumu and slums surrounding the capital, officials and witnesses said on Saturday.

The bodies of nine young men shot dead overnight in Nairobi’s Mathare slum were brought to the city morgue, a security official told Reuters, adding that the men had been killed during a police anti-looting operation.

Another government official told reporters another man was killed in Kisumu county.

Kisumu’s main hospital was treating four people brought in overnight with gun-shot wounds and six who had been beaten by police, hospital records showed.

One man, 28-year-old Moses Oduor, was inside his home in the impoverished district of Obunga when police barged in after midnight as part of house-to-house raids, dragging him out of his bedroom and laying into him with clubs.

“He was not out fighting them, he was rescued by my sister who lives next to him, she came outside screaming at the police asking why they are beating people,” his brother, Charles Ochieng said, speaking on behalf of a dazed Oduor.

More shooting was heard outside the hospital on Saturday morning. In Nairobi, local television showed footage of armed police units backed by water cannon moving through the rubble-strewn streets of Kibera, another pro-Raila Nairobi slum.

IEBC announced its official results late on Friday, giving 55-year-old Uhuru another five years in power after securing 54.3 per cent of votes cast.

Raila’s NASA coalition rejected the results even before they were announced, saying that the election commission’s systems had been hacked, that the conduct of the count was irregular and that foreign observers who gave the poll a clean bill of health were biased.

Acting Interior CS Fred Matiang’i has denied that police are using live bullets against protesters.

He also said he is unaware of any deaths as a result of confrontations with security forces.

In Kibera, a convoy of pick-up trucks driving senior NASA officials into the slum was turned back by volleys of live police fire and tear gas, a Reuters witness said. It was not clear why the officials were going to Kibera.

Raila loyalists fleeing from security forces in Kibera vowed to vent their rage at the seat of Kenyatta’s administration in central Nairobi.

“This is just a warm-up. Tomorrow we will go to State House and they can kill us there,” shouted Felix Oduor, 18, as he ran from clouds of tear gas along Kibera’s railway line. “They can’t kill us all,” those around him shouted in response.


Matiang’i denied accusations of brutality, saying police were merely maintaining order.

“Let us be honest – there are no demonstrations happening,” he told reporters.

“Individuals or gangs that are looting shops, that want to endanger lives, that are breaking into people’s businesses – those are not demonstrators. They are criminals, and we expect police to deal with criminals how criminals should be dealt with.”

Even before the declaration, NASA coalition had rejected the outcome, saying the election commission’s systems had been hacked, the count was irregular and foreign observers who endorsed the poll and the count were biased.

NASA provided no evidence for any of its accusations but singled out former US secretary of state John Kerry and former South African president Thabo Mbeki – who both led teams of election observers – for criticism.

Top lieutenant James Orengo said NASA would not challenge the results in court – as Odinga did when he lost in 2013 – but hinted at mass action by praising the history of Kenyans in standing up to previous “stolen” elections.

“Going to court is not an option. We have been there before,” Orengo told reporters.

In addition to the thumbs-up from foreign monitors, Kenya’s ELOG domestic observation group, which had 8,300 agents on the ground, published a parallel vote tally on Saturday that conformed with the official results.

ELOG’s projected outcome put Kenyatta on 54 percent with a 1.9 percent error margin – compared to an official tally of 54.3 per cent.

“We did not find anything deliberately manipulated,” ELOG chairwoman Regina Opondo said.

93 post-poll violence related casualties reported – Red Cross

Since last evening, August 11, 2017, parts of Nairobi and Nyanza experienced a breakout of violence, where young rioters engaged the police in running battles reports Abbas Gullet.

As a result, the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) responded to a total of 93 causalities that sustained various injuries and who received pre-hospital medical care and medical evacuations.

In Nairobi County, the casualties included, 9 cases in Kibera and 27 cases in Mathare 4A and Mathare North, and who were evacuated to the Kenyatta National Hospital, Aga Khan Kenya University Hospital and M.P. Shah Hospital by KRCS vehicles and E-Plus ambulances.

In Kisumu County, similar incidences were reported in Kondele, Manyatta and Car Wash areas, where 14 cases were attended to by KRCS and evacuated to the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

An additional 12 cases were reported in Migori County, five cases in Homa Bay County and one in Busia County. Due to the intense protests and safety concerns, more than 2,000 KRCS personnel experienced difficulties accessing in parts of Nairobi and Nyanza, and were initially unable to respond promptly.

The personnel managed to access these areas in the early hours of the morning and responded to multiple emergency cases. In some areas, the KRCS personnel encountered youth manning various road blocks, but were later guaranteed access upon realising it was the Kenya Red Cross Society.

We call upon the general public to support the KRCS emergency responses to affected areas so as to enable the smooth execution of our mandate of alleviating human suffering.

At the same time, continuous assessments in areas affected by protests is ongoing with a view to establishing the extent of the humanitarian needs.

We further reiterate, as per our previous Statement posted online, that KRCS did not supply any body bags to the Kenya police, any person or institution. The KRCS emergency lines are open both day and night.

Kenyans can report any emergencies from any part of the country by calling the following Hotlines: 1199 or +254-700-395-395 / 254 738-395-395.

Emergencies may also be reported using the Twitter #ivolunteer and our official handle @KenyaRedCross. We urge all Kenyans to uphold peace across the country.

The writer is Secretary General, Kenya Red Cross Society

After The ‘Githeri Man’ Went Viral, Kenyans Want To Make His Life Better!

Do you remember the ‘Githeri Man’? Kenya’s newest celebrity?

Well if the train left you, he is the man who has won many Kenyans hearts after a photo of him in a queue during the elections, holding a paper bag full of githeri went viral on social media.

As always, Kenyans on social media did what they do best. Make hilarious memes of the man, photoshoping the middle aged man in almost every iconic picture around the world, much to everyone’s amusement.

The memes which have been doing rounds for the past 48-hours have just but united Kenyans from all walks of life especially at a time when everyone is talking about elections.

The memes saw the Githeri Man, photo shopped alighting from a helicopter with President Kenyatta, celebrating Kenya 7’s historic first sevens world series win, chilling with popular rappers, Kanye West and Drake among many others.

With all said and done, one Chris Kirwa, a prominent events planner was touched by the memes and more so the iconic photo of the man and he has urged Kenyans to help locate the man and make his life better!

Calling him an uncelebrated hero, Chris Kirwa’s goal is to see if he and his friends ‘can make a difference by celebrating him and his family.’

Dear Kenyans – Now that #GitheriMan is trending … thanks to all of us posting him …. can we locate him and find out his life situation and see if we can make a difference by celebrating him and his family ? He is uncelebrated Hero Right now. Read Chris Kirwa’s Facebook status in part.

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i is looking for him to feature him on Churchill Show
Thomas BigTed Kwaka can we find a way to make his life even better 😀. I am ready to contribute. Him carrying his Githeri (Snack) meant he had planned to survive and vote no matter what for a better Kenya
Simon Kabu can we organize a holiday for him ? Who else is ready to make him smile too they way he has made us smile ?
He has united Kenyans across political divide and brought a sense of humor during the tense Election Period, Can we celebrate him …
#PleaseShare if in agreement. 🙏🏿

Let us all celebrate the Githeri Man!.

Below are some of the popular memes.

githeri1 githeri2 githeri4 githeri5 githeri6 githeri7


PHOTOS: First Lady, Governors, Senators And Various Leaders Turn Up To Cast Their Votes

Kenyans from all walks of life woke up as early as 2am, braving the chilly conditions across the nation so as to make it in time to cast their votes in this year’s general elections.

With the presidential battle being regarded as one of the hotly contested races in Kenya’s history, Kenyans took the chance to vote in their preferred candidate.

The historic day also saw a number of Cabinet secretaries, governors as well as the First Lady Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta join the long queues in a bid to exercise their democratic right.

IN PICTURES: Kenya 2017 Elections Kick Off In Style (PHOTOS)

In the photos below, Tourism CS Najib Balala is pictured shortly after casting his vote at Mwembe Tatari PHD,Mvita Mombasa county.

Honourable Ken Okoth Kibra MP voted at Ayany Primary School Polling Station, while Siaya senator James Orengo did cast his vote at Urenga in Ugenya Siaya county.

Busia county governor Sospeter Ojaamong and his wife Judy Onamu Ojaamong were pictured arriving at  Busia township primary, Busia town at around 8:30am.

Nairobi governor Evans Kidero is seen casting his vote at the Pumwani Social Hall in Kamukunji Constituency.

See photos below.


passaris vote

kidero.vote ruto (1) ken.okoth.vote orengo.000.vote bonny.vote maggy vote

vote rutto vote sultan