My Ex left me with a scarred face after dumping her – Confesses Kenyan man

Have you ever found yourself entangled in a tricky and relatively violent situation with your ex lover? If so how did you deal with it?

In what is becoming a worrying trend, some lovers don’t take no for an answer while some don’t really know how to deal with rejection.

According to one Kenyan man going by the name, Ochi, he was left with a scarred face, a mark he’ll leave with forever after dumping his violent ex.

‘Nilivuta bangi nikamtandika bwanangu,’ Kenyan woman confesses

Ochi narrates how he ended his relationship after he came to learn of some stuff her ex had been hiding since the two started dating, but little did he know things would get worse.

His ex-girlfriend traced him to a worship gathering and pulled him by his tie while holding a huge stone on the other hand, which she used to hit his head.

To make matters worse, Ochi’s ex -girlfriend poured cold water on him and his mattresses, embarrassing him in front of his neighbors.

Embu men sleeping under matrimonial beds – MP confesses

Read his confession below.

Nilikuwa kwa uhusiano kwa mwaka mmoja lakini kuna vitu alinificha na nikagundua baadaye na nikamwambie hatuwezi endelea na uhusiano, lakini alikataa.

Sasa kuna siku nilikuwa kwa crusade karibu na mtaani na unajua jinsi crusade ina watu wengi na pia ni mahali najulikana.

Alikuja na akanishika tai huku mkono mwingine akiwa amebeba mawe ambayo alinigonga nayo usoni kwani hakutaka kuwachwa.

Niliona aibu lakini sikufanya lolote kwani siamini mambo ya kupiga mwanamke na nilipomwambia anirudishie funguo zangu alikataa.

Siku ifuatayo nilipotoka kazini nilipata amefungua mlango na akanimwagia maji hadi kwa mattress saitan! It is really painful.

Kuna watu ambao hawajui kukubali kitu ambacho hakiwezekani na aliniletea aibu kubwa sana kwa ploti, na ile alama bado ninayo kichwani kwani hadi nilishonwa.

‘I was made to breastfeed my husband’s snakes,’ Confesses Kenyan Woman

Niliwacha kuhanya, mke wangu naye akaanza na akaniambukiza ugonjwa – Kenyan man

Maybe by now you have heard of the now popular phrase ‘The game is the game’.

It is normally used when there is a form of revenge or retaliation especially in relationships. For example if a hubby cheats, the wife finds out and cheats in return then the game is the game!

My hubby used to sneak out of bed to smash the mboch – Narrates Kenyan woman (AUDIO)

This happened to one mzee Mogaka from Langas, Eldoret who had a mpango wa kando till his wife found out.

Upon finding out, the two agreed that they won’t engage in unprotected sex till Mogaka changes his ways. While mzee was busy reforming, his wife was busy scheming on how to get back at him.

She got a mpango wa kando and infected her husband with a sexually transmitted infection in the process.

Hurt by the events, he decided to chase the wife away and he is now a single man reaping the fruits of his infidelity.

Jambo Massawe: Rafiki ya mume wangu alinitoa kwangu na kunioa

Read his narration below.

Mjadala wa leo ni mzuri na una mafunzo maanake mimi nilikuwa na bibi tuliyekuwa naye kwa miaka miwili.

Sasa akaniambia amaeona mienendo yango sio mizuri so wacha tuanze kutumia kinga hadi wakati ataona mienendo yangu iko sawa, na nikakubali.

Lakini maajabu ni kwamba sote tulitii umri lakini baadaye akaenda akakosea. Makosa ni kuwa nilipowacha hiyo tabia kumbe yeye ndiye anaamka ndio hivo alivyopata ugonjwa na akaniambukiza.

Sasa nikaenda hospitalini lakini sikupona hadi wakati nilipoanza dawa za kienyeji na nikapona baada ya siku saba, hapo nikampeleka hospitalini.

Baadaye nikamwambia kuwa hawezi badilika na nikamtuma nyumbani kwao. Cha kushangaza ni kuwa hajawahi nipigia simu wala kunijulia hali wala kusema amebadilika.

Jambo Massawe: Bwanangu alinipea notice nihame

Listen to his narration below.





Woman beaten by husband exposes him on Facebook

Cases of domestic violence have been rampant of late. Everyday, many report cases of women who have been abused by their husbands, relatives or even the public (matatu crew) but not all of them get justice.

Human rights activists and gender-based violence organizations have always been on the forefront working towards eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls in Kenya, but it seems violence against women is not going to end anytime soon.

A Kenyan woman, identified as Leah Wambui, is a victim of domestic violence and she has finally spoken out about it for the first time.

Leah Wambui

The young mother took to social media to share her story of how she was thoroughly battered by her husband, disfiguring her lips. According to Leah, this is not the first time she has been beaten by her husband. He is used to it.

“Domestic violence at its worst, some of us still suffer in silence but not anymore nimeamua kutoa sauti. Ongea usikike,” she wrote on her Facebook account

Wambui went ahead to reveal that her husband had heard some rumour that’s why he battered her. He then begged for forgiveness later on after confirming that there was nothing serious about the rumour he had heard. Wambui has fled her home and she is currently being housed by her friend and she is calling upon well-wishers to help her.

“Ladies, may this never happen to you in the name of love. I have learned it the hard way. Some men are evil and will never change. Don’t waste your time hoping its gonna get better ruuuuuun because it only gets worse. The guy tore my clothes before my kids after hitting me hard over a rumour he heard. Continue reading “Woman beaten by husband exposes him on Facebook”

‘I Can’t Promise Not To Cheat On You Because Even If I Don’t Want To, These Delilahs Will Tempt me to,’ Man Pens Down Heartwarming Message To His Wife

They say men egos are delicate like children, so you have to handle them with care. Some men are abusive but there’s nothing their women can do.

Some stick on to those relationships because they have nowhere to go.

They stay for the sake of children.

Anyway, there are a few men out here who admit to their mistakes and apologize to their wives. But ladies, would you stick with a man who cheats on you?

A man has shocked many after he admitted to being a wife batterer and cheating on his wife. The bold man revealed that his wife is the most loyal woman he has ever met and despite him having a roving eye, he would never trade her for any other woman.

Read his letter to his wife

“I love my wife.
Baby I love you and I will marry you over and over. I married my wife because she is very loyal and patient with me. I can’t count how many times I have cheated on her, countless times and she will still receive me in open arms once I go on my knees.

In her soft tone, she says baby play safe. She prays for me like her life depends on me. I love her so much . Even the day I got drunk and hit her by mistake, all she did was hold me as I was boxing her, she was just screaming ‘I am sorry’, ‘I am sorry’, even for doing nothing . I was drunk but I could hear her in my head before I slept off on the ground I did not forgive myself in the morning when I saw her swollen eyes. My wife is the best and I will not trade her for any side

My wife is the best and I will not trade her for any side chic. She will remain my number 1. As a fine successful man, every girl wants me but only my wife can keep me and love me like a baby. Love you baby, I will never hit you in my life again. I can’t promise not to cheat on you because even if I don’t want to, these Delilahs Will tempt me to.”

Crazy World! Kenyan Man DUMPS Wife-To-Be At A Guest Room Because She Didn’t Allow Him To Bed Her Without Protection

Ladies, how would you feel if a man dumped you because you refused to get intimate with him yet he had promised to marry you?

A Kenyan man has allegedly dumped a woman from Tanzania after she refused to have sex with him at a guest house in Eldoret.

The unidentified man abandoned 22-year-old Violet Johnhanson and her friend Nyangole from Kahama, Tanzania, after Violet refused to bed him without protection.

According to Nation, the two went to get help at Baharini Police station, where they confessed to having left their home country after the said man promised to marry Violet.

The girl revealed that they met at a hotel in Sirare, on the Kenya-Tanzania border where he expressed his interest in making her his wife.

Violet said that she was fascinated by the man after she found out that they were both suffering from broken hearts, after past failed relationships.


“He told me that his ex-wife stole 1 Million from him and felt I should give him a chance since I was fed up with being single.”

She promised to accept to marry him as long as he visits her parents and introduces himself.

But the man insisted that he wanted her to visit his family first, and she agreed. Her friend Nyangole decided to accompany them to make sure she’s safe.

Sadly, the man didn’t take his wife-to-be to his parents but instead, he took her to a guest house, a few kilometers from Eldoret.

The chemistry and love were put to test after he insisted that they should have unprotected sex, a request she refused on grounds they get tested for HIV first.

“First, he wanted the three of us to share a room, but I resisted so he was forced to get another room.

He was disappointed and annoyed with me that he got out of the room and later came back to pick up his briefcase claiming that ht was going to collect some money from a nearby ATM. That was the last time I saw him, ” she exclaimed.

Speaking to Nation, Eldoret police boss said that officers were currently investigating the matter and looking for the man, who registered using the fake name Livondo.