My hubby used to sneak out of bed to smash the mboch – Narrates Kenyan woman (AUDIO)

An angry Kenyan woman is still fuming weeks after she discovered that she had been housing and actually feeding a ‘tick’ without her knowledge.

According to the lady, she discovered that her husband was sneaking out of their matrimonial bed just to smash their house help in the next room.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, all along, she thought her husband was going for a short call in the middle of the night with an erected p*nis, only to discover he was going for a quicky session.

Jambo Massawe: Bwanangu alinipea notice nihame

She says she came to realize that the househelp would always sleep naked in the next room every night and that kept her husband going for more.

To make matters worse, the househelp had become hard headed towards her since she knew she was getting ‘favors’ from the man of the house.

However, her joy ride did not last for long as the lady kicked her out of her house one morning after her husband left for work. She also quit her job so as to look after their children.

Jambo Massawe: Rafiki ya mume wangu alinitoa kwangu na kunioa

Read her ordeal below.

Bwanangu naye ana tabia mbaya mbaya zile hata hazieleweki, imagine mimi nimetoka na mtu anabaki na dem wa kazi.

Imagine usiku kama tumelala jamaa hawezi lala, ana lala aki roll usiku mzimu. Time to time anaenda choo na akienda choo bendera imesimama haitaki kuanguka.

Nashangaa huyu mtu kwani kunaendaje, kumbe madam naye huko amelala hana nguo.

Walikuwa wamezoea kufanya hivyo kwani ilifika mahali huyu jamaa kwa nyumba amenidharau na hata msichana haniskii, nikimuongelesha haniskizi kumbe anajua kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.

Kitu nilifanya nilimfukuza msichana saa kumi na mbili asubuhi, kama kazi ndio inaweza vunja ndoa yangu nalea watoto wangu sahii.

Bwanangu alirudi nyumbani jioni akaniuliza hawa watoto watakaa na nani. Nikamuuliza kwani huyo ndio mama yao?

Jambo Massawe: Nafikiria kumnunulia dada ya mke wangu shamba

Wakenya mnachoma picha! Kenyan woman jailed for a decade for running brothels in UK

Yes Kenya was not represented at the ongoing World Cup finals but Kenyans have made up to that by attracting headlines all over the world – for all the wrong reasons.

According to Dailymail, a Kenyan woman who ran two brothels and enslaved a Romanian woman to fund lavish home improvements was jailed for 10 years in the UK.

Ann O’Brien, 44, and husband Martin Carroll, 47, splashed out on a loft conversion, ground floor extension, designer kitchen several giant flat screen TVs and even £10,000 curtains.

O’Brien opened her first three-girl escort agency in 1997 after leaving a small village in Kenya and heading to Ireland where she married her first husband Patrick O’Brien.

She was eventually managing 40 prostitutes and paying thousands of pounds into 27 bank accounts each week.

She paid a £400,000 deposit to buy a £1.27m Georgian townhouse in Upper Berkeley Street, Mayfair, to run as a brothel offering a choice of women from around the world.

O’Brien was also running two websites dubbed ‘brothels on wheels’ which sent girls to homes and hotel rooms.

Her sex menu offered services for between £40-£150 depending on the degree of sexual contact with girls from as far afield as Thailand, Brazil and Sweden.

O’Brien was convicted of three counts of controlling prostitution in 2005 but let off with a 180-community punishment order and ordered to pay back £600,000 of her fortune.

Officers from the Met’s financial investigations unit seized assets including the madam’s Kilburn High Road hairdressing salon, her car and what remained in her bank accounts.

But soon O’Brien had started business again, running two bordellos with her husband and sister.

She was convicted of charges including conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, facilitating travel of another person with a view to exploitation after her latest Southwark Crown Court trial.

O’Brien’s sister, Elizabeth Muya, 48 and her husband Martin Carroll, 47assisted the madam in running her prostitution network.

Muya was jailed for 21 months while Carroll, received a suspended sentence.

Carroll and O’Brien’s sister Elizabeth Muya, 48, were found guilty of conspiracy to convert criminal property and two counts of keeping a brothel for prostitution.

Judge Simon Russel-Flint, QC, said: ‘This was serious criminality that exploited many people of considerable vulnerability.

‘In Ms O’Brien’s case this is the fourth time that she has been before a court for similar offending in respect of prostitution or management of brothels and I am satisfied that they do present as an escalation and added diversity.

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‘Bwanangu Hunipea Lipunda Hadi Natorokea Kwa Jirani,’ Says city woman

One Kenyan woman left listeners in stitches when she confessed to running to her neighbors house thanks to her husband’s sexual appetite.

According to the lady who called in one afternoon, she has been married for four years and not a single day has passed without her husband asking for his marital right.

She claims that she has tried to talk the hubby about coming up with a sex calendar but all her efforts have so far bore no fruits.

Read her confession below.

Mimi nimeolewa kwa miaka minne na sisi hushiriki mapenzi kila siku ya wiki. Hata nikijaribu kupanga kalenda nikimwambia jinsi ya kujipanga yeye hukubali kwanza lakini usiku naskia ashafanya mambo. Mimi huchoka sana na nafinyika hadi siku zingine mimi hutorokea kwa jirani. She said.

After listening to her hilarious confession, other listeners called in to weigh in on the issue as they opened up on sex calendar with their partners.

Bibi yangu ameniweka na masharti eti twende Mombasa raha Monday, Wednesday na Friday pekee yake. Na unajua mimi vile nina nguvu siwezi vumilia. Na tukienda raundi mbili anaamka kupika ugali eti akule. One male caller said.

Another chimed in: Mimi time table yangu ni ya kila siku ya wiki na kile iko ni mimi huenda raundi mbili pekee kila siku.

Listen to the audio below.

Woman beaten by husband exposes him on Facebook

Cases of domestic violence have been rampant of late. Everyday, many report cases of women who have been abused by their husbands, relatives or even the public (matatu crew) but not all of them get justice.

Human rights activists and gender-based violence organizations have always been on the forefront working towards eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls in Kenya, but it seems violence against women is not going to end anytime soon.

A Kenyan woman, identified as Leah Wambui, is a victim of domestic violence and she has finally spoken out about it for the first time.

Leah Wambui

The young mother took to social media to share her story of how she was thoroughly battered by her husband, disfiguring her lips. According to Leah, this is not the first time she has been beaten by her husband. He is used to it.

“Domestic violence at its worst, some of us still suffer in silence but not anymore nimeamua kutoa sauti. Ongea usikike,” she wrote on her Facebook account

Wambui went ahead to reveal that her husband had heard some rumour that’s why he battered her. He then begged for forgiveness later on after confirming that there was nothing serious about the rumour he had heard. Wambui has fled her home and she is currently being housed by her friend and she is calling upon well-wishers to help her.

“Ladies, may this never happen to you in the name of love. I have learned it the hard way. Some men are evil and will never change. Don’t waste your time hoping its gonna get better ruuuuuun because it only gets worse. The guy tore my clothes before my kids after hitting me hard over a rumour he heard. Continue reading “Woman beaten by husband exposes him on Facebook”

‘My Boyfriend Of 8 Months Blocked Me Everywhere After I Asked Him For Money,’ Says City Woman

A relationship is not all about sex. It’s more of helping each other and bonding with your better half.

A disgruntled city woman is cursing herself for falling in love with a stingy man. She narrated how assuming he would help her, she tried to borrow some cash from her boyfriend to inject into her business, but shock on her as he disappointed her.

In return, her boyfriend insulted her and told her never to show up at his house again. He went ahead to block her everywhere and since then, she has never communicated with him.


“I’ve been dating this guy for 8months. All through these 8 months I never asked this guy for a dime not even for once. Whenever I visited, all I ever got was the fare to go back home. I’m running a small scale business which I use to support myself and my siblings. My Kid sister fell ill recently and I took some money from my business to take care of her. Continue reading “‘My Boyfriend Of 8 Months Blocked Me Everywhere After I Asked Him For Money,’ Says City Woman”

Kenyan woman sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Malaysia

A Kenyan woman was sentenced to death by a Malaysian court Sunday after she was found guilty of trafficking in methamphetamine four years ago.

According to Malaysian Daily Express, Rose Achieng Ojala had stuffed three capsules of the drug into her private parts and swallowed another 68 capsules, all weighing about 400gm.

She was arrested on November 30, 2013 at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport after arriving from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The mother of three, who allegedly suffered from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), had fainted before the proceedings and had to be taken into the court room in a wheelchair.

On the day she was arrested, an Immigration officer noticed that she was behaving suspiciously during the regular luggage inspection.

Upon searching her, three capsules of methamphetamine weighing more than 20g were found in her underwear.

She admitted that her boyfriend had stuffed the capsules into her private parts before she boarded the flight.

The woman, who claimed she was pregnant, was later taken to the Serdang Hospital, where an x-ray examination revealed that she had swallowed 68 capsules of the drug weighing more than 380gm.

In convicting Ojala, the judge said the prosecution had proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

“You are found guilty and there is no other punishment under Section 39(B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1962 except the death sentence,” he said.

Ojala was also sentenced to three years’ jail for possessing 20.7g of methamphetamine in her underwear.

She was a single mother of children aged between 4 and 15.

Lipa Kama Tender: Kenyan woman ordered to payback bride price

A woman has been ordered to pay back dowry, and college fees paid by her husband. This is after an appeal court delivered a landmark ruling granting her estranged husband a divorce and refund of monies paid as bride price.

The man and his wife had been embroiled in a legal battle for a while now, according to an article published on the Nation.

The man, a 45-year-old school administrator, will also receive a refund of college fees he had paid for his wife, Ms Everline Kerubo Makini. James Mayaka paid the money for her to attend the Narok Teacher’s college between 2002 and 2004.

According to the Nation, Ms Makini had appealed against an earlier ruling by the High Court in Kisii in February 2015 but judges Wanjiru Karanja, Festus Azangalala and Gatembu Kairu ruled last week that the appeal case had no merit and upheld the finding of the lower court.

The Nation continues to report that the High Court had ordered Ms Makini to refund Sh205,000, being part payment for bride price and the fees paid for her college education, plus interest.

Mr Mayaka had petitioned the court to order Ms Makini to pay back the Sh209,000 he paid for her at the college and that she also be ordered to refund the Sh120,000 bride price.

But the court ordered Ms Makini to refund part of the amount for each category; Sh104,000 for college fees and Sh60,000 for dowry, amounting to Sh164,000.

The figure, however, rises to Sh205,000 after factoring in the interest.

Speaking to the Nation on phone, Mr Mayaka who is from Mosebeti village in Nyamira County welcomed the ruling saying: “I am happy that there is justice for the oppressed.”

He said he will now concentrate on fighting for the custody of their two children aged 11 and 13 in a court in Nyamira.

“She took our children and I would want to legally have them back because I know they are suffering,” he said, adding that his estranged wife deserted their matrimonial home in 2009. They were married under Kisii customary law in 2000 and solemnised their wedding in 2004 at the Nyamira District Commissioner’s office.

He encouraged men facing similar circumstances to seek justice, adding: “Many are just ignorant and do not know that they can seek and get justice from courts.”