Gidi amkosoa rapa Khaligraph Jones

Rapa mkubwa Afrika mashariki Khaligraph Jones almaarufu kama Papa Jones ni kati ya wasanii wanaofanya muziki wa kuchana hapa nchini.

Mkali huyu wa nyimbo inayofanya vyema katika mitandao na katika vyombo vya habari ya Superman mapema mwakani alionekana kukerwa na kuona redio na runinga hazichezi nyimbo za wasanii hapa nchini na kuapa kuwapeleka nchini Nigeria ili wajifunze kutoka nchi hiyo ya Afrika magharibi.

Khaligraph Jones

Soma hapa:

“Simama wakuone kijana mfupi round” – Mbusii amuita Uche

Katika mahojiano ya kipekee na kituo cha Jambo, Gidi amezungumzia maswala yanayogusia muziki wa hapa nchini na jinsi wasanii wanavyojituma katika tasnia hii.

Gidi ameonekana sana kumkosoa msanii huyu kwa kutofahamu utaalamu unaotumika katika redio na runinga.

“Khaligraph jones ni msanii mzuri. Lakini huenda kidogo hana ufahamu wa jinsi redio zinafanya kazi. Mtangazaji wa redio hana mamlaka ya kuchagua muziki gani anafaa aucheze. Kila redio ina mtindo inayofuatilia. Miziki tunayocheza redio Jambo huwezi kuicheza Classic Fm kwa sababu wasikilizaji wao wanataka vitu tofauti.”

Soma hapa;

“Nikiingia Mombasani nione Fatuma sitambania” – Mbusii


 Huku akionekana kuwakashifu wasanii wanaofanya nyimbo kujulikana tu na kuwa na sifa bila kuzingatia kutengeneza hela, Gidi alisema kuwa wasanii nchini wanatakiwa waige mfano wa kundi la wasanii la Sauti Sol.

“Kila msanii anajitahidi sana. Sauti Sol naweza nikasema wanaufanya muziki kitaalam sana.Wasanii chini nawaomba sana waweze kuiga kikundi hiki.”

Soma hapa:

King Kaka afunguka kuhusu kufanya collabo na mzazi mwenzake Sage

Gidi anawahimiza wasanii waache mtindo wa kuimba nyimbo kujulikana tu bali watengeneze pesa.

“Wafanye muziki kama biashara na sio kuufanya ujulikane na watu. Ni biashara. Ni kazi.”

Akiwalenga wasanii wanaoipa nguvu hashtegi ya #PlaykenyanMusic, mtangazaji huyu wa kipindi kinachoruka kupitia masafa ya Redio Jambo cha Patanisho, alidokeza kuwa redio nyingi hapa nchini ni biashara za watu binafsi.

“Tusije tukaanza kushurutisha nyimbo kuchezwa katika redio. Redio zingine ni biashara za watu binafsi. Labda serikali inaweza kuwa na sheria zinazohakikisha tunacheza miziki ya hapa nchini kwa kiwango kikubwa.”


‘I can’t support crap if it’s dirty, I won’t play it’ Massawe explains why she attacked Khaligraph

Radio Jambo mid-morning host Massawe Japanni has been a topic of discussion since Thursday afternoon.

This is after she posted a video on her Instagram page, of rapper Khaligraph Jones serenading TV presenter, Betty Kyallo, with one of his sexually explicit songs, which the TV siren seemed to enjoy as she fought so hard to control blushing.

Video of the day: Kidum serenades Massawe Japanni with ‘Telenovela’

The video which was originally posted on Khaligraph’s social media, got Massawe cringing and she couldn’t hide her disappointed in both the song’s content as well as Betty Kyallo’s reaction on her caption.

She posted.

How do I even back announce this song on-air???? Support Kenyan music activists leteni opinions na mawe.. @bettymuteikyallo what’s there to dance to?

Her post which has since garnered 20,000 views and more than 900 comments, attracted criticizers and supporters alike as many made their opinions known regarding the song which is full of vulgar language and Betty’s reaction.

This comes at a time when Khaligraph bashed Kenyan presenters for not playing Kenyan music and even offered to pay for 10 Kenyan radio presenters to go and visit the lovely land of Nigeria ‘to see if they will be recognized by their Nigerian fans.’

We caught up with the Bustani la Massawe host and she did not mince her words regarding the whole issue and she came guns blazing blasting Khaligraph for his act which she termed as ‘demeaning’ towards miss Kyallo.

Asked about the music and the whole debate revolving playing Kenyan music, the mother of three said; I am sorry I cannot support crap if it’s bad it’s bad, it’s dirty I won’t play it.

The video which was posted by Khaligraph hurt me as a woman and a mother of daughters, honestly it demeans a woman. Said Massawe.

Then when I saw Betty Kyallo standing next to Khaligraph, to be honest the entire thing was belittling Betty Kyallo and it got me wondering, what sort of lyrics are these?

“I am back bigger and better!” Massawe Japanni announces her comeback

She added;

I can’t deny the fact that Khaligraph is one of the biggest hip hop rappers in this country, he’s good but on this one I don’t agree with him.

Many people criticized me saying that we play a lot of Bongo music which also contain vulgar language but their songs have hidden meanings.

Someone asked me about Kwa Ngwaru, am sorry I don’t know what Kwa Ngwaru means but it has a hidden meaning and it’s a song that I would listen with my child and a grown up, because it’s not too obvious that it’s vulgar. I am sorry I cannot support crap if it’s bad it’s bad, it’s dirty I won’t play it!

The mother of three also went ahead to remind these artists of her zeal and drive to support and play Kenyan music by naming a few up coming artists she has hosted in her show, a segment she has every Friday afternoon.

Listen to her fiery comment below.


Gidi Ogidi responds to musicians complaining presenters don’t play local music

Musician Khaligraph Jones is having a hard time with fans after he said Kenyans seem to prefer Nigerian and Tanzanian music, over local music.

Is it true? Many fans told them that it’s because Kenyan musicians produce terrible music.

Nyashinski also also has some comments about this, after Mzazi Willy tuva shared a video of a politician saying he likes Tanzanian music.

There were also other accusations that Kenyan DJ’s and Radio presenters don’t play local music.

It is this point that got Radio Jambo Gidi’s attention.

He responded to the accusations saying;

Radio presenters do not decide what to play on their sessions this sis  decision  made by a team at a radio station that collect listens and analyze the music then schedule it on the radio station playlists.

They consider alot of stuff eg quality of production suitability of th emusic to the radio station , target audience, genre, content etc.

As an artiste who has been in the industry for a long time and currently a radio presenter my humble advice to local artiste would be 

Stop whining about radio presenters or airplay produce quality music with appropriate content that will resonate with the audience. if its good the listeners will demand radio stations to play it and it will be played.

Use different channels to popularize your music and get breakthrough eg digital platforms. there are artistes who have been discovered from their social media postings . get innovative and if your music is good it will blow up.

Personally I sympathize with Kenyan artistes on this issue and i always try my best to host different Kenyan artiste and play their music within the guidelines of the radio station music policy.

He also added by encouraging them that music is business and to go out there and compete to conquer the world.


Tusker FC Players’ Hilarious ‘Toa Tint’ Video Will Leave You In Stitches (VIDEO)

With the Sportpesa premier league currently on a two-week break after a successful first leg, it is then obvious that we will be  seeing more of the players social life and antics off the pitch, thanks to social media.

Less than a week in and we are already enjoying that.

Defending champions, Tusker FC players are the first to set the trend after four of them including; Danson Kago, Humphrey Mieno and Eugene Asike recorded a short clip of themselves rapping to a song recently released by Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones. The song dubbed ‘Toa Tint’ has been trending last month.

The Khaligraph Jones’ jam is all about addressing rumours that he had bleached his skin, after a picture of him looking visibly light skinned emerged on social media.

The four footballers can be seen having fun while applying white lotion on their faces, probably in a bid to ‘Toa Tint’.

The video will simply leave you in stitches.



Sakata Ya Ngono! Top 12 Kenyan Male Celebrities Who Look Like They Are a Good In Bed

Every woman wants a man who will drive her crazy when it comes to intimacy, and please don’t act like what I’m saying is a big deal, lungula is something that happens in relationships and marriages.

Kenya has some really hot male celebrities from all corners of the industry, from artistes, to models, sportsmen, and even media personalities and truth be told, there are some who make ladies go bananas with their cuteness and good looks.

In no particular order, check out my list of these Kenyan male celebrities;

1. Willy Paul
Sorry that I had to start with a gospel artiste, but come on this is one of the gospel’s bad boy and trust me, a man can’t hook up with so many women if his game was boring. Willy Paul hooks up with very beautiful women and with all the scandals you can be sure there’s something spectacular ladies get. Plus he has a hot, masculine body and his dance moves can give you a hint of what he can do behind closed doors.


2. Rapper Kristoff
He’s one of Kenya’s top rappers and is always bragging about being a “Mluhya Wa Busia”, and as we know, Luhyas are said to be very good because of their stamina. The rapper has been linked to several female celebrities, with some even fighting over him in public. What does that mean? The D must be very good!


3. Bien-Aime Baraza Of Sauti Sol
He’s one of the most loved and popular singers from Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol, and not just because of his amazing voice but his good looks and hot boy. The vocalist has a body to die for and when he dances on stage, his moves drive women crazy and yes, he looks like he’s a beast you know where. The hunk is dating trainer and dancer Chiki and the two make a lovely couple. Sorry ladies!


4. Delvin Mudigi aka Savara
This Sauti Sol member is also a lady’s favorite and it’s obvious why. He has the looks to die for, a masculine and toned body and likes showing off his six cubes, and not forgetting his handsome Luhya face. His vocals are also spectacular and you can bet he’s used to women throwing themselves at him on stage.


5. Octopizzo
This Kibera-born rapper is the real deal. He has 4 baby mamas and is not married to any of them. No wonder all these baby mama’s want this Dholuo man even having his babies. Oztopizzo has that bad boy demeanor but it seems to work for him just fine.


6. Biko Adema
Other than just being one of the hottest Rugby players in Kenya, Biko Adema is so alluring he can’t help himself. He’s a great pick because he’s soft-spoken, has a mummys boy look that’s very deceiving.

Biko Adema

7. Prezzo
He’s one of the most controversial rappers in the Kenyan music industry and is known for having a trail of women. Prezzo has been linked to a number of women most of whom are celebrities and models, around East Africa, and you can’t have all those women if your skills are non existent. Actually, he has severally declared that his game is on point in interviews and social media.


8. Wilson Munene
He’s one of the most celebrated male models in Kenya, and oh my, his abs are insane. Munene has been in several commercial adverts and magazines. His dark, hot complexion and his energetic look make him part of the list.


9. John Allan Namu
Though he’s no longer on TV, John Allan Namu’s is still a heartthrob and honestly, stamina should just be his first name. The celebrated media personality has a body to die for and any sane woman would literally drool for him. Should I even mention his voice?


10. McDonald Mariga
I know he has this innocent looking face but he comes off as the kind of men who walk the talk and to him. Keep in mind the stamina from the workouts and running on the field lands him on this list.

MIL08 MILÁN (ITALIA) 24/4/2010.- Mariga McDonald del Inter de Milán celebra tras marcar un gol al Atalanta durante el partido de la Serie A italiana que disputan en el estadio Giuseppe Meazza de Milán, (Italia), hoy, sábado, 24 de abril de 2010. EFE/Matteo Bazzi

11. Rapper Khaligraph
You know they say about Luos, they are not just romantic but can talk you into anything. This Luopean has a hot body, and that aura he carries around we think proves alot.khlaigrah-jones-3

12. Redsan
Top ragga/ reggae artiste Redsan is definitely a heartthrob and can get it anytime. His masculine body, neat dreadlocks and his lips just earn him 10 points in that department.