HILARIOUS: Boniface Mwangi Went To Chill With Monkeys And Kenyans Did This! (Photos)

Politician and human rights activist Boniface Mwangi posted a number of photos of him casually chilling and enjoying the beautiful nature with a few monkeys in one of the parks in Nairobi, and as expected, the internet went berserk!

Boniface Mwangi who unsuccessfully contested for the Starehe Constituency seat, posted, ‘My new friend doesn’t judge me😃 ‘ and Kenyans on Twitter popularly referred to as KOT did what they do best. Turn the photos into a sea of hilarious memes which lit up the internet for the better part of Thursday night.

Below are a number of the hilarious memes which will crack your ribs.





BANGI SI SUKUMA! Best Jokes and Tweets About This Phrase

The Kenyan blogospehere is a very interesting and lively place to exist, as there is never a dull moment.

Kenyans are a creative lot when it comes to passing information or entertaining each other through generating funny memes and coming up catchy phrases about day-to-day Kenyan life.

Examples of such catchy phrases include Mwanaume ni … , Ujaluo ni gharama… , Kidogo kidogo … among others.

Now a new phrase has been created and is taking over our online conversations among Kenyans.

The phrase is bangi si sukuma (loosely translates bhang is not kales) and through it Kenyans aim to sensitize others not to underestimate the harmful effects of bhang and therefore they should not abuse it.

The phrase is also used to encourage others to think reasonably at all times.

The phrase is usually accompanied by a story of something outrageous that someone did while under influence of the drug.

Those who are not good with words use funny photos to pass their messages across.

The following as some of the best jokes and stories shared by Kenyans on Facebook, Twiiter and Instagram using that phrase.

Bangi 1

Bangi 2

Bangi 3

Bangi 4

Bangi 5


The Best Memes Of Obama Coming To Kenya

US President Barack Obama during his last visit to Kenya in 2006. | image source: nytimes.com

US President Barack Obama’s confirmed visit to Kenya in July this year has without doubt thrown the country into a state of excitement going by posts and comments of Kenyans over the news on social media.

Kenyans are a very creative lot and therefore it was not surprising that Obama has already received treatment and only God knows what other kind of memes will be generated was photos of him in Kenya surface on the internet.

Most of the memes circulating on social media tend to depict the US President as some who has been in touch with what has been happening in the country as well as someone who knows his way round Nairobi pretty well.

Below are some of the most funny and interesting memes that have caught the eye.

Obama is no Mututho but trust President Uhuru to pull all stops in making his stay comfortable.

Obama must be still be dreading the traffic jam at the Globe Roundabout.

Ja Kogelo really misses Nyama Choma.

The US President has clearly no plans of opening his wallet while in Kenya.