Baraka Nayo: Lucky Kenyans whose weddings President Uhuru attended

Not every body gets the chance of having a President attend their wedding, after all he is a busy man but for some, it was their lucky day.

We look as Kenyans whose wedding was graced by the most powerful man in Kenya

1. Irungu Kangata

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata solemnised his marriage to his wife Mary Wambui, in a colourful wedding graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The wedding was held at Gathinja Catholic Church in Kahuhia constituency, Murang’a county.


2. Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami 

They got married in June,26 2015 in a colorful ceremony attended by the creme dela creme of the Kenyan society.


Isaac Mwaura and Mukami Mwaura

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3. Naisula Lesuuda

Naisula Lesuuda the member of parliament for Samburu West married the love of her life Robert Kiplagat in a colourful wedding.

When she announced her engagement on January 1st this year, Lesuuda posted on her social media:

“Here’s to new beginning….All said and done ,I thank God for the growth that I have experienced both politically and in my personal life…Here’s to love and light in 2018.”


Naisula Lesuuda during her wedding day.

The  wedding took place on November 17th this year at ACK St. Phillips Lesirai church.

4. Chemeli Chumo

Kenya Power Chief Executive’s daughter, Chemeli Chumo and her boyfriend Kevin Oduor walked down the aisle at a wedding that was attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.


5. Naeem Balala

President Uhuru Kenyatta  joined hundreds of invited guests at the wedding of Naeem Balala, son of Mining Secretary Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

The colourful wedding between Naeem and Safiya Omar Sherman, daughter of prominent lawyer Omar Sherman, was held at the exclusive Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi County and officiated by Ustadh Sharif Abdulqadir Hyder.


‘The loss of my husband’s political seat drove me to depression,’ – Isaac Mwaura’s wife reveals

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife Mukami Mwaura has had it rough since losing two thirds of her triplets.

“I have been fighting depression since last year in April, immediately after I left the hospital,” Mukami told Word Is.

Mukami’s two other children, unfortunately, died after three months in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and her husband losing his political seat was another blow to the family.

“Depression went on for a while, and later came the loss of my husband’s political seat, which also drove me to depression again. I mean, most of April 2017 to December, I was in and out of depression,” she said.

How has she managed to pull herself out of that?

“It was the support that was around me and acknowledging that I was there to support my child. At the same time, I realised my weight was a bit of an issue, and so I focused on losing it. I changed my wardrobe at least to make sure I fit in my space and I was comfortable with everything that I was doing,” she said.

“After losing some weight, I started gaining my self-esteem, although it was not a big issue; it was just a way to make myself happy.”

Children born prematurely come with complications, including protracted development, among others, which require a lot of patience from their parents.

That notwithstanding, motherhood has been a nice experience for Mukami, who terms it “so beautiful but also challenging”.

“Do not compare your child with others but instead, allow them to grow at their own pace and time,” she said.

“Otherwise, you will deprive yourself of happiness and become worried about the next milestone they are taking. My baby is not talking as at now but it is okay to me because he does other things that make me happy, like climbing up the stairs alone, and he walks around the house, so he is grown in his own ways.”

Her surviving son, Njiru, will be turning two years soon.

The worst troll was when people linked the death of her children to the political life of her husband.

“I just handle the trolls with silence because I know they are coming from bitter people who use a pseudo account. No one hits a dead dog, and therefore, so long as you are alive, people will always find something to talk about you, either positive or negative,” Mukami said.